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Dreamland Guide
Basic Guide To Dreamland Mechanics.

How to get there: Every 4 hours, watch for it in the general chatbox as a server notification. Use the fairy ring at home bank to get to most of the locations, like the piscatoris one and legends guild one. (Legendfs Guild one is BLR, btw) and also use the teleport tab on your minimap to teleport around Ethereal to get to the Dreamland event. It only stays open for 3 minutes, so you have to gear up quick (can bring anything) and get in fast!

Things to Note:
-Safe for everyone (Irons and Hardcores Included
-Gives Construction Supplies (Marble Blocks for example), Herb Supplies (Red Spiders Eggs for example), Prayer Supplies (Superior D Bones for example)
-Gives cash (100k for example)

The Cabbage Man:
He comes to help open the doors to enter the next area/lair of dreamland.

Monster Mechanics:
Skeletal Mage (Uses Mage)
Dungeoneering Warrior (Wears Primal and Uses Melee)
Mango Orange(Uses All Combat Styles)
Hydra: Uses Mage
Etc etc, all combat styles are used, and the boss has mechanics also.

Boss Mechanics:
Makes you switch combat styles when turned into a frog. You will say ''Ribbit'' and know to change combat styles.
It is a lengthy boss as a solo, and is hard to take down but it is beatable and at the end it gives you a chance at 3x the loot reward of a perk from ingame. It is truly a good event.
The boss from what I understand barely hits through melee, here is a picture of me soloing it and getting through to the final boss. 
Double or Nothing: 
This is where you get to double your loot you gain after every obstacle you complete. You either double your new loot that is about to be given to you or you lose it. 
You usually have to answer questions that are mathematical or server/runescape oriented. 

Example: What is the name of the event? (Dreamland)

Example: Is 8 Higher or Lower out of 9? (Answer here)

Choosing the Doors to enter next pathway lair:
The Doors are 50/50. You can choose one, and it be right, and choose one, and it be wrong. No matter the case, you must choose to get it right or wrong and pass through to the next level. (If you get it wrong you will be sent out the event)

Here is a short video of some mechanics. I hope you enjoy!
`Nice guide, I learned a little bit from this.


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