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  9/21/2023: The Dungeon of Rot, QoL, more!
Posted by: Ene - 09-21-2023, 09:21 PM - Forum: Server Updates - No Replies

Hey Etherealians,
Today's update brings a brand-new dungeon geared towards early-mid game players with some benefits to endgame players as well! I've also brought some bugfixes and QoL with this patch, and I'll mention the others that I've only posted on the Discord that I made over the past few weeks as well.

The Dungeon of Rot

In the dim and eerie depths of the world, a sinister revelation awaits the bravest of adventurers. As you traverse the treacherous terrain of the newly unveiled "Dungeon of Rot" the unmistakable stench of decay fills the air, while grotesque monstrosities shrouded in putrid, decaying flesh lurk in every shadow.

The heart of this nightmarish underworld conceals a dreadful secret: the Night-gazer Khighorahk, a monstrous behemoth that embodies the very essence of corruption. At the end of your harrowing journey through the festering labyrinth, you will confront this abomination, a massive eyeball that looms ominously in the depths. Its malevolent gaze pierces through the darkness, and it hungers for the souls of those foolish enough to enter its domain.

The Dungeon of Rot is a new dungeon aimed towards early-mid game players hoping to get their hands on some upgrades from t60-t70 gear but don't wish to go for the elite GWD grind just yet. You can access this new dungeon by going to the teleport interface -> Dungeon of Rot in the dungeons section.

[Image: wn2Aust.png]

The Dungeon of Rot is filled with 3 new creatures and a boss - however, the boss is a bit complicated to access. You have to kill all 3 of the new monsters - Rot crawlers, Rot brawlers, and Rot prowlers - and receive each of their eyeballs to combine into the key to access the new boss, the Night-gazer Khighorahk. Once obtained, you can access the boss freely at any time. All these monsters are very easy to kill however, as long as you pray melee.

[Image: Gz5mil5.png]

Upon clicking the gate you'll see that very much like Xamphur, this new boss has invocations! You can utilize these invocations to make the fight harder but in turn get more loot - in fact, with a raid level of 100 you'll get one additional roll at its drop table!

[Image: rL9CUCh.png]

[Image: HS78XtR.png]

Unique rewards include:

Rot weaponry - upgrades to existing mid-tier weapons by increasing its accuracy.

Abyssal rotwhip - An upgrade to the abyssal whip, it gains a slight boost to strength but a massive boost to slash accuracy. Obtained as a recipe from the Night-gazer.

[Image: 1djgDEs.png]

Master rotwand - An upgrade to the master wand, it gains a massive boost to magic accuracy and magic defence. Obtained as a recipe from the Night-gazer.

[Image: oqYfhNw.png]

Karil's rotbow - An upgrade to Karil's crossbow, it gains a massive boost to ranged accuracy. Obtained as a recipe from the Night-gazer.

[Image: I1yZl8n.png]

Trident of rotseas - An upgrade to the Trident of the seas, it gains a massive boost to magic accuracy. Obtained by completing the Night-gazer Khighorahk collection log.

[Image: Y2iiZaA.png]

Crippling rot (perk) - A perk that provides a 5% chance per hit to drain the NPC target's combat stats (attack, strength, defence, ranged, and magic) by 5%, stacking up to 4 times. Obtained by Night-gazer Khighorahk at a loot tier of high.

Baby prowler - A new pet from the Night-gazer boss. The pet increases damage and accuracy by 10% per pet level against rot-based monsters.

[Image: G62gRBK.png]

Rot essence - A new stackable material that can be used with a Super combat potion(3) to make an Extreme combat potion - a new potion that provides stronger-than-overload stats but don't provide the refreshing effect. This requires 90 Herblore to make! Obtained as a drop from the Night-gazer or the regular rot NPCs.

[Image: j5OxjL2.png]

QoL Changes

The toolbelt has been expanded to include a golden bow string and glassblowing pipe slot!

[Image: CNmpZ6U.png]

The pest control shop has been expanded slightly, adding deathtouched darts for 100 points and gilded void patches for 1500 points.

[Image: LsIltRh.png]

The vote shop has been slightly changed to add enchantment stones for 75 vote tickets, ecumenical keys for 10 vote tickets, and uncut onyxes for 25 vote tickets.

[Image: fKcJcZp.png]

Ultimate ironmen will now no longer keep untradeables automatically in their inventory upon death - they will go to the death storage as normal.

In other news:
Fixed a bug with the examine info of the ring of resources.
- The duck ring now should correctly grant DDR.
- Fixed a bug where a baby black dragon would be unattackable.
- The cryptic pharaoh should now drop noted redwood logs.
- Fixed a bug where the Kourend achievements would have several achievements of the same name.
- Fixed a bug where ornamental scythe of viturs would uncharge into its normal variant.
- Fixed an issue where entering/exiting building mode or removing/adding rooms in a POH would cause a player to have to teleport out.
- Fixed an issue where the crystal harpoon would not work if equipped.
- Fixed an issue where mahogany logs in its noted form would not be accepted by the gilded fountain.
- Fixed an issue where the Risky Hunter relic would not activate when the player would reset a trap.
- Fixed an issue where Edward would dig for clue scrolls when training non-Hunter skills.

Previous undocumented changes that were only posted on Discord:

Hotfixes 8/30/2023:

You can now make a holy ghrazi rapier with a holy ornament kit and ghrazi rapier.
You can now dismantle a sanguine scythe of vitur.
Added some checks to prevent nulling when entering house.
Disabled the ability to pickup pets within the Gauntlet.
Nerfed the amount of crab tokens you get within the beach event.
You can now access the boat for 3 minutes after killing the king beach crab.
Farming timers have now been halved.

Hotfixes 9/7/2023:
Removed defence requirement from bracers.
Max hit dummy has been changed to the undead combat dummy.
You can now cancel your active relic by paying a 5M gp fee. Just click the timer button once a relic set is activated.
Hopefully fixed the bug that caused Chronozon to null?
Bank pins are now required upon login to trade a player.
The scythe of vitur should now cleave in a 1x3 arc.
Added teleports for the houses in Great Kourend.
Jad slayer helms should now protect in the smoke devil dungeon.
The duck ring should now provide infinite water runes.
It is now a risk to bring recipe items into the Wilderness.

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  Remington's Relic Rundown
Posted by: Remington - 08-30-2023, 11:56 PM - Forum: Guides - No Replies

Greetings Etherealians, today I'm going to break down the various relics to help you decide what will suite your needs.

SPP = Stat Per Point, exclusively a metric to determine your damage and/or accuracy increase per point. This is not necessarily a metric to determine what is best, aside from purely how "cost effective" a Relic is. Also does not account for damage reductions as 99% of the time in Runescape DPS is the name of the game, tankiness is a very niche requirement.
PM = Perk Metric, a completely subjective 1-10 scoring on how good its perk effect is. If there is no effect aside from modifying the Relic's stats, it is given a zero.

Cost: 150
Accuracy: +25%
Damage: +25%
SPP: 0.333
PM: 0

Unholy Ranger:
Cost: 75
Accuracy: +100%
Damage: +0%
SPP: 1.333
PM = 0

Quick Spitter:
Cost: 75
Accuracy: +0%
Damage: +0%
SPP: 0
PM = 1

Arrow Shredding:
Cost: 100
Accuracy: +0%
Damage: +1%
SPP: 0.01
PM = 0

Armadylean Decree:
Cost: 75
Accuracy: +25%
Damage: +25%
SPP: 0.666
PM = 0

Spiked Shield:
Cost: 150
Accuracy: +20%
Damage: +20%
SPP: 0.266
PM = 0

Wild Magic:
Cost: 150
Accuracy: +0%
Damage: +5%
SPP: 0.033
PM = 0

Unholy Wizard:
Cost: 75
Accuracy: +100%
Damage: +0%
SPP: 1.333
PM = 0

Hyper Vengeance:
Cost: 50
Accuracy: +0%
Damage: +0%
SPP: 0
PM = 5

Pest Tamer:
Cost: 75
Accuracy: +5% (Melee/Range)
Damage: +5/6.25% (Melee/Range/Elite)
Accuracy: +22.5% (Magic)
Damage: +0/1.25% (Magic/Elite)
SPP: 0.133 (Melee/Range)
SPP: 0.15 (Melee/Range/Elite)
SPP: 0.3 (Magic)
SPP: 0.316 (Magic/Elite)
PM = 2

The Reaper:
Cost: 100
Accuracy: +10%
Damage: +10%
SPP: 0.2
PM = 0

Power of the Gods:
Cost: 100
Accuracy: +0%
Damage: +0%
SPP: 0
PM = 4

Bandosian Might:
Cost: 75
Accuracy: +0%
Damage: +10%
SPP: 0.133
PM = 0

Unholy Berserker:
Cost: 75
Accuracy: +0%
Damage: +100%
SPP: 1.333
PM = 0

Cost: 150
Accuracy: +0%
Damage: +0%
SPP: 0
PM = 10

Cost: 100
Accuracy: +0%
Damage: +0%
SPP: 0
PM = 1

Tank Role:
Cost: 150
Accuracy: +0%
Damage: +0%
Damage Taken: -75%
SPP: 0
PM = 0

Tank Mastery:
Cost: 100
Accuracy: +0%
Damage: -25%
Damage Taken: -50%
SPP: -0.25
PM = 0

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  Relics Guide
Posted by: Remington - 08-30-2023, 10:43 PM - Forum: Guides - No Replies

Greetings Etherealians, today we're going to be covering some of the basics and some ins and outs of Ethereal's Relic system.

To begin, you'll want to find "Two-pints" at home. You'll find her swaying back and forth right next to the training dummy and Occult Altar.

[Image: xy4DrPp.png]

The relics interface is pretty simple but can feel intimidating at first if you're not sure what's going on.

[Image: odi0Mw5.png]

To start off, we have 7 empty slots we can fill with relics. To choose relics to add, we must use our Achievement Points obtained from completing various tasks around the world of Ethereal.

[Image: pZPZRzN.png]

Relics have varying costs, depending on what you're trying to do, picking more cheap relics may be more worthwhile than choosing a few expensive ones.

You, probably Wrote:But Remington, I don't want to waste my points on something I don't need later!

Well calm the hell down, I'm getting to it. Relics reset EVERY 24 HOURS. Once you activate your relic set, they will be active for 24 hours. After 24 hours, your relics will be de-activated and you must return to activate it again. While your relic set is ACTIVE, you are unable to change out your relics. Once your relic set is NOT ACTIVE, you can change out your relics as you see fit. You can have either a total of 7 relics active, or as many as you can afford.

You should activate as many relics in the respective sections as possible.

You again, probably Wrote:But Remington I'm only going to be mining at MLM, why would I activate the Arsonist perk also?

Stop interrupting me. We're going to cover the wonderful world of [Image: zbqDlFz.png].
If you click on a perk and scroll down, you might notice there's a MAIN EFFECT as well as the SET EFFECT. You'll see the "category" that the Relic's set effect covers.

[Image: ekwM9Qp.png]

As you can see, the more perks you have that cover a specific set effect, the more rewards you'll earn. So even if you're only using the Arsonist Relic to double your XP/h in Firemaking, if you can afford to equip all 7 skilling specialist relics, you'll be earning an extra 25% xp ontop of that!

You still, probably Wrote:Okay but I'm confused, I click on them and they aren't working.

Well you gotta actually add that relic to be equipped!

[Image: zrTgK12.png]

Just hit add to relics and it'll be equipped!

You still, probably Wrote:I still don't think it's working

Either you don't have enough achievement points to add the relic, or you have to activate the relic set dude! After you have all the relics you want activated, click ACTIVATE. You'll get a popup making sure you're positive you're ready, it's a very common action that someone will click "ACTIVATE" to add a relic to their equipment and not have added all the relics they want.

[Image: cEdnfeQ.png]

Now, please for the love of christ, when you get to the confirmation screen, if you're ready ONLY CLICK YES. Do not tell it to never ask you again so you don't screw it up and lock yourself into the wrong relic set in the future. If you're not ready then just click no or walk away to close the dialogue box.

[Image: HkFFS8D.png]

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  Elite Kril Guide
Posted by: Remington - 08-11-2023, 01:23 AM - Forum: Guides - No Replies

Thanks to @Veng for creating this guide!

Once you get the mechanics down, it is doable in pretty budget gear. For the sake of this guide, I will be using void.
[Image: y9xjn8U.png]
And my inventory setup, you want to be sure to be on ancients, have runes for all 4 styles of barrages, and a melee weapon (will touch on this later)
[Image: r3m3Jjj.png][Image: J9bWZMZ.png][Image: 7p5RSqy.png]
To get in to the boss room, you will need 10 zamorak minion killcount, an ecumancial key, or an infinite GWD key. (edited)Upon entering, you will notice crystals on the East side of the room. These can only be damaged by their respective Ancient magicks spell. I've marked which ones are which. Once you begin attacking the boss (I like to freeze him to start, so you can stay out of melee range) he will choose between Blood, Shadow, or Smoke. What style he chooses will pop up in your chat box in game. K'ril has 3 different phases during the fight, but 4 overall. The phases will proc at 70% health, 50%, and 25%. At the end of each phase it will show which crystal to attack, lighting up as its respective color to match the spell, and have a yellow arrow pointing to it.
[Image: y4EpeEo.png]  [Image: 9UyQbU5.png]
Lets start with the Shadow phase: The spawn order of the minions is what you need to pay attention to. For my example, the spawn order was Green (range), Blue (mage), and lastly Red (melee). These are just like the ghost spawns from Cerberus, where you need to pray against the respective style to avoid damage, but you will lose 15 prayer points when the minions attack and you pray correctly, so be sure to stay high prayer. During this phase your screen will be completely black, so you will need to remember the spawn order. If you miss prayers, you will take damage, but you can eat your way out of dying. Red text will pop up in the chatbox letting you know if you prayed correctly/incorrectly. Once you get done with this, you will attack the Shadow crystal with Shadow spells. Once the crystal is destroyed, you go back to damaging K'ril until the next phase.
[Image: PfDqohS.png][Image: hrZgZBE.png]

Blood Phase: This one is pretty self explanatory. He will spawn 5 blood waves starting at the north side of the room, and you will need to stand in the gaps in the waves to avoid damage. If hit by the wave, you will take 50 damage, so any misclicks can stack you out pretty quickly. Again, once the waves are done, you will use Blood spells to destroy the blood crystal. [Image: 1qkW4GR.png]
Smoke Phase: He will tell you to find him in his Smoke, and teleport you to the door, on either the west, east, or right in front of the door. When you get teleported, there will be bombs between you and the smoke, but they are easily avoidable. The highlighted tiles I have marked are the East/West teleports, but he can tele you right in the middle. If you run to either side, you can safely click on the smoke and take zero damage, but be sure to click towards the middle of the smoke, or you will get hit with 75s. Once you reach the smoke, he will show back up, and you can then damage the crystal with Smoke spells.
[Image: eDNCRrz.png][/size]
Ice Phase: Ice will always be the 3rd and final phase of the fight, proccing when his health hits 25%. During this phase, he says his Ice Minion will completely freeze you, and the minion will be dropped on your location. You need the minion to spawn on you on the far west side of the room, directly across from a previously destroyed crystal. You will then need to position yourself to where the minion is looking at you, towards the previously destroyed crystal. The minion has some dialogue "Boss told me to avoid hitting the crystals...focus..." This is when you should have him aimed. His next piece of dialogue is "Ready to fire, boss!" Once he says this, he is locked in whichever way he is facing, and will let out an ice attack. If done correctly, it will create a bridge to the other side, so you can destroy the uncharged crystal. The uncharged crystal can only be damaged with melee weapons, so that is why I have the whip in my inventory. Once you destroy the uncharged crystal with melee, switch back to your mage weapon and finish the Ice crystal with Ice spells. Once the Ice crystal is destroyed, K'ril will say "I... am... weakened...", and you can finish him off. If you are unsuccessful at aiming the ice minion, and can only kill the Ice crystal, he will become enraged and deal heaps of damage in a short span of time, and take less damage. If it gets to this points, your best bet is to tele out and restart
[Image: 3i2tCOH.png]
[Image: LsalJmA.png]
[Image: Eg955lt.png]

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  8/8/2023: Skippy's Beach Party!
Posted by: Ene - 08-08-2023, 10:24 PM - Forum: Server Updates - Replies (1)

Hey Etherealians,

The spring event has finally come to a close and a new event has come in its place - Skippy's Beach Party!

Skippy's Beach Party

Skippy's Beach Party can be accessed by speaking to Skippy in the location where you normally find events, which is right east of the bank. He'll tell you that he tried to have a bangin' party with fun booths setup and lots of drinking, until some color-changing crabs started coming along! He'll take you to the island where he had his party setup.

[Image: CwnEEsS.jpg]

He'll give you a quick tour of the amenities he had setup: you'll find a Hook-a-duck booth for some AFK fishing and hunter experience, a beach table for some AFK crafting and fletching experience, and a beach range for some AFK cooking experience! All actions here also grant a chance at some new crab tokens, which are the main currency for this event.

Crab tokens are also received by killing the crabs around the area, but there's a catch with these crabs; they can only be damaged by their respective color combat style!

Red crabs are weak to melee.
Green crabs are weak to ranged.
Blue crabs are weak to magic.

All crabs will periodically shift colors (every 15 minutes), so make sure you come prepared with different combat styles for long-term grinding here! They'll have a guaranteed chance at dropping some crab tokens for Skippy's shop and a chance at some cosmetic items - the Crab helmet and Crab claw.

With that being said, let's take a look at Skippy's crab token shop!

[Image: Zsdmkg6.png]

We'll see the usual suspects of enhanced crystal keys and xp scrolls, but there's a few new things to see here!

Summer sq'irk - 100 tokens - Can be used with an overload (4) at level 98 Herblore to create a Sq'irk overload, granting slightly better stats than a normal overload!

Banana hat - 250 tokens - cosmetic hat item.

Hand fan - 250 tokens - cosmetic weapon that gives you a fanning motion when equipped.

Gnome child backpack - 500 tokens - cosmetic cape item.

Bob the cat slippers - 500 tokens - cosmetic boots item.

Jad slippers - 500 tokens - cosmetic boots item.

Beach sandy maul recipe - 2500 tokens - Can be used to create the new Beach sandy maul, a new maul that has a longsword attack speed and some strong stats! It also has a passive effect - giving it a 10% chance to deal a hit with 50% increased accuracy and draining the opponent's attack by 10%, stacking up to 5 times.

[Image: JUgwzGD.png]

Duck ring - 1500 tokens - A ring slot item that provides decent all-around stats, a 5% double drop rate bonus, and 2 passive effects: provides an infinite source of water runes, and water spells (not ice) will be twice as accurate and deal 50% more damage against NPCs.

[Image: tbVyORD.png]

Every 250 beach crab kills cumulative by the server will spawn the King beach crab as well - just simply pray Magic against it and you'll be fine; but make sure you bring multiple combat styles to take it down! Just like other event bosses, any contribution (at least 1 damage) will award you with a drop. Notable loot includes loads of crab tokens, the new exclusive cosmetic Gilded crab helmet, and a new pet, the pet beach crab! The pet beach crab has a pet perk of granting 30% increased experience in any of the beach AFK stalls.

[Image: BGcjd7Z.png]

Fossil Island Wyverns
Honestly, I didn't know that these didn't have a drop table or have a teleport associated with it. So I've added them! This will be a way to get granite longswords for the new beach sandy maul recipe as well as the wyvern visage for the Ancient wyvern shield!
[Image: u9LuzDi.png]
QoL and Other Content Changes
- You are now guaranteed a TOB ornament kit every 500 kills in the Theatre of Blood.
- The Cornelius pet perk and the Devotee perk will now stack together.
- Rocky's pet perk has been changed to also double thieving loot from pickpocketing and from stalls.
- You can now dye graceful black by using thick dye.
- Added cryptic pharaoh and elite GWD bosses to hiscores.
- The group ironman storage button has been moved a little bit.
[Image: BKim0tL.png]
In other news:
Fixed the protect values of osmumten's fang and sanguinesti staff.
- Slightly buffed the drop rate of occult necklaces from Smoke Devils.
- Rewrote some double drop rate code to account for bosses that drop multiple loot at a time.
- Group ironmen can now use each other's PvM instances.
- You can now use baker's stalls from outside home for the daily task.
- Fixed a text issue when incrementing KBD killcount.
- Your autocast with the wand of hearts should now save properly.
- Fixed a bug when using quick prayers with Zamorakian intervention.
- An armadyl stole has been added to the hard treasure trails exchange.

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  Recommended Gilded Tools
Posted by: Remington - 08-02-2023, 10:59 PM - Forum: Guides - No Replies

Remington's Skilling Points Shop Guide

[Image: 5Y3VXAL.png]
Greetings Etherealians, I get so many questions about what tools to purchase. I will be giving you my personal ranking chart on what tools you should focus on and choose first. Click here if you need a reminder on what the tools do.

S++ Tier:
Golden Tinderbox (non-donors): AFK Firemaking. Extremely cheap as well puts this at #1.
Golden Hammer: Wildly increase XP and items per hour when smelting, smithing or creating cannonballs.
Golden Needle: Significantly faster XP/h and save items per action when processing leather.
Golden Knife: Significantly increase XP/h and items processed when Fletching.
Golden Chisel: Significantly increase XP/h and items processed when Crafting. You may decide to delay this purchase until you have a large stockpile of uncut gems.
Barrel of Fish: Double AFK time at fishing.
Golden Glassblowing Pipe: Blowing glass is essentially free, extremely consistent with access to supplies in the store and solid XP/h
Essence Pouches: Increase your XP rates SIGNIFICANTLY when training Runecrafting.

A Tier:
Cooking Gloves: Save food by burning less food and increase XP/h.
Bottomless Compost Bucket: Save bank and inventory space when Farming.
Large Water Container: Save bank and inventory space when Farming.
Karambwan Vessel: Unlock Karambwan fishing.

B Tier:
Goldsmith Gauntlets: Smelting gold bars is significantly more XP/h but I recommend grinding the higher level ores instead.
Golden Pestle and Mortar: Significantly faster to access some Herblore secondaries.

C Tier:
Gloves of Silence: Chance reduction at failing thieving is mediocre and stalls are more recommended for AFKing.
Barbarian Fishing Rod: Barbarian fishing is not very AFK and XP rates are mediocre.

D Tier:
Dragon Pickaxe (or): Only good use is to complete the Mining Achievement diary.
Bonecrusher: XP is halved at burying rates, much better to utilize magic notepaper on the bones that matter. Unlocking the pet makes this virtually useless.
Smoldering Stone: Upgrade dragon tools to infernal tools.

F Tier:
Enhanced Crystal Key: You can get the keys anywhere else and by the time you're ready to purchase F Tier items, you probably already have full Crystal and Dragonstone. Drops are relatively good but you'd be much better off spending the points elsewhere.
Bag of Gems: Only good to spend points on after purchasing everything else.
Ice Gauntlets: Lava Eels suck.
Herb Box: Herbs are mostly low-mid level.

Seed Pack: Seeds are plentiful as is.
Cave Worms: Kyren fish (non-Diamond donators) are very difficult to access and current heal boost (+1 over Anglers) makes this not worth farming. Donors have access to purchase these for GP.
Spottier Cape: Worthless outside of wilderness and usefulness in wilderness is mediocre.
Boots of Lightness: Worthless outside of wilderness and usefulness in wilderness is mediocre.
Golden Tinderbox (donors): You already have access to the Bonfire in the middle of the island. Completely worthless.
Pet Rabbit: XP boost is so low it's not worth using almost ever.
Coal Bag: Purchase this from Motherlode Mine.
Crystal Saw: Construction levels come relatively fast and cheap, you seldom will run into a time that you need the level boost.
Dragon Harpoon (or): Only good if you can't access the normal dragon harpoon.
Dragon Axe (or): Only good if you can't access the normal dragon axe.
Magic Butterfly Net: Chinchompas are much more XP/h and useful and I've never personally failed a catch with a normal net.

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Information Ethereal Beginner Guide
Posted by: Cpfuzzyz - 08-01-2023, 09:04 PM - Forum: Guides - Replies (3)

[Image: banner.png]
Welcome to the Ethereal Beginner Guide!

Feel free to hit "Ctrl + F"

Ethereal's Home Tour
Early-Game Progression
Early-Game Gear Setups
Mid-Tier Progression
Mid-Game Gear Setups
Useful Ethereal Guides

Starting off you'll be brought to the "Starter Tutorial" and once talking to "Willow" you will be asked what Experience Rates you would like to play.  This is completely up to preference depending on what pace you would enjoy the most, however for the people who would like to go with harder rates you can get some Bonuses known as "Double Drop Rate" or "DDR".  Easy is capped at "10%" and the other 2 rates are capped at "40%".
[Image: 6ACR0OD.png]
After Choosing your "Experience Rate" you'll be prompted if you wish to play an Ironman Mode.  Ethereal has a range of Ironman Modes and even Group Ironman!
[Image: BQ8Mg08.png]
Once you've decided on your mode you can then choose to skip the tutorial or go through it.  I highly suggest you do it, it's unique and fun and will give you some special rewards for doing so, and will teach you a bit about the "Recipe" System.
Upon finishing the Tutorial you'll be granted 3 days of free Sapphire Donator, this grants you donator island get there by typing ::dz it also gives you some other "New Player Perks" that are going to help you for those 3 days, keep in mind this is 3 Days play-time so it will only tick down when you're logged in.
[Image: Jr05Vp5.png]


Ethereal's Home Tour:
Ethereal has a Custom Home area with a lot of stuff around it.
[Image: 85dZz3O.png]
Just to the East of Home, you got yourself the 2 Slayer Masters "Turael" and "Nieve", and the Brimstone Chest.  This is where you'll start your Slayer off!
[Image: hutdZoT.png]
South from the Slayer Masters, you've got a Mining Area and a Home Portal for your House, as well as the Skill Cape Seller.
[Image: iB7iBL0.png]
A little South-West from here we got Thieving Activities/Ironman Tutor/Real-Estate Agent/Butler.
[Image: 82ad1Sq.png]
Now a bit North-West from here we got the Fishing/Shops Area (You can also teleport to shops by typing :: shops) I won't go over everything in the shops but a little note Ironman has a special section when you right-click the shops and hit "Ironman"
[Image: l1lsMHE.png]


Early-Game Progression:
Before we get started you should've gotten a "Barronite Ring" and a "Starter Lockbox" Down below is the "Barronite Ring".  The "Starter Lockbox" lets you choose 1 item/per-day until you got them all, they come as the "Lucky" variant which means they can't be traded or used for recipes.  For my Suggestion you should probably pick "Abyssal Whip" or "Amulet of Fury" however if you see "Cpfuzzyz" online in-game I will give you a free Abyssal Whip.  Before you get started with other things type ::refer you'll get some Ethereal Keys/Drop-Rate Potion/50% Bonus Exp Scroll/Cosmetic Keepsake Key.
[Image: 59infUq.png][Image: NJSTv71.png][Image: npLJNRm.png]
Upon picking your item out of the lockbox before we get into Training you should head shortly east and talk to "Rasolo".  I can't stress this enough do AS MUCH Dailies and Weekly Tasks as you possibly can.  Daily Tasks give you really good raw gold, and Weeklies can give you VERY good perks so starting this right away is important.  Dailies will also give you Daily Task Points which can be spent on Skilling Items.
[Image: iRf15zU.png]
Since I've mentioned you have free Donator for 3-days you can take advantage of the Sq'irk Tree which can be picked every 12 hours should always be doing this every 12 hours as you can get some essential supplies and Ethereal Keys which can be very useful for cash and other supplies.
[Image: SCKuqGU.png]
Another thing you should be doing every 12 hours is voting, I suggest buying Dragon Defender/Fighter Torso/Barrows Gloves which will cost 35 Vote Tickets, there is a vote boss that spawns make sure to look for that in the chat as you can get some very nice rewards as well as more Vote Tickets and if your very lucky Bonds!
[Image: mKI7LTW.png]
So now we got all the Daily-like things out of the way it's time to train your stats! head over to ::train here you can train your combat skills on the "Sand Crabs" I suggest depending on your EXP Rate to stay around here until you can equip the whip or around 60 in all combat styles.  If you are on 100x I suggest at least killing 25 of them for the Achievement.
[Image: gvXnZfP.png]
Normally I would suggest doing a bunch of Slayer now but before that, you should do your "Starter Achievements" You can access the Achievements by following the picture below.  I suggest at least doing 7 as you will get a "Pet Certificate" but you should really be doing all of them because Achievement points can be used for "Relics" which are game-changing and very powerful if you are familiar with "Leagues" on OSRS basically like that.  For the "Pet Certificate" once you click on it you can redeem 1 of the 3 combat pets, I feel like picking the Melee one is the way to go as Melee is just really good for starting Slayer.  Pets on Ethereal have Perks and most of them can even level up amping up their benefits, I'll put a link for the Pet Perks below.
[Image: H4Qj9vU.png]
There is a quick neat thing you can do to get another "Pet Certificate" You will need 37 Construction however which shouldn't be too difficult your going to want to make a Menagerie in your House and put your Combat pet in the Menagerie and you will get another "Pet Certificate" to use on whatever you want.
Now the final step before Slayer is to get a few Prayer levels most likely 70+ the best way to do this is either buy a few bones off Trading Post.  But if you have an iron you can kill something for 1 Bone and go offer it to the Wilderness Altar (Bring 50k GP!) which you can get to by Teleporting to King Black Dragon and running West.  Keep in mind this is in the WILDERNESS so you can and be killed for your loot so don't bring anything you don't want to lose, upon offering your 1 bone you will finish the achievement I will show below which will give you 50 Superior Dragon Bones you can use those noted bones on the "Elder Chaos Druid" nearby and convert them to un-noted which will cost a little GP which is why I mentioned bringing 50k GP Earlier.
[Image: bm09L48.png]
Now it's time to grind Slayer which will get you a good chunk of cash you should at least be 60 or higher str/def/atk go ahead and talk to Nieve for the assignment you will be able to do most Hard tasks.  However, if you do so happen to get a Hard task you can't do go ahead and talk to Turael and ask for an Easy task this won't reset ur streak and it's free and you'll get a really easy task.
[Image: HR1Th6D.png]
Early-Game Gear Setups:

Melee Setup:

Order Best to Worst
Helmet: Helm of Neitiznot (Melee Armour Shop)
Amulet: Lucky Amulet of Fury (Starter Lockbox) > Amulet of Glory (In Bank From Starting)
Cape: Veteran Cape (Picking Veteran EXP Mode) > Cape of Legends (Melee Armour Shop)
Weapon: Lucky Abyssal Whip (Starter Lockbox) > Dragon Scimitar (In Bank From Starting) > Barronite Mace (From Finishing Tutorial)
Chest: Fighter Torso (Vote Shop) > Proselyte Hauberk  (Melee Armour Shop) > Rune Platebody (Melee Armour Shop)
Off-Hand: Dragon Defender (Vote Shop/Warriors Guild) > Rune Defender (Warriors Guild) > Rune Kiteshield  (Melee Armour Shop)
Pants: Proselyte Pants  (Melee Armour Shop) > Rune Platelegs  (Melee Armour Shop)
Gloves: Barrows Gloves (Vote Shop) > Rune Gloves  (Melee Armour Shop)
  Boots: Dragon Boots (Ethereal Key Chest) > Rune Boots  (Melee Armour Shop)
Ring: Barronite Ring (From Finishing Tutorial)
[Image: 65s5rPu.png]

Range Setup:

Order Best to Worst
Helmet: Archer Helmet (1/344 from Dagannoths) > Rune Full helm (Melee Armour Shop)
Amulet: Lucky Amulet of Fury > Amulet of Glory
Cape: Veteran CapeAva's Accumulator > Ava's Attractor
Weapon: Magic Shortbow/RuneCrossbow (Ranged Weapon Shop)
Chest: Black D'hide Body  (Ranged Armour Shop) > Red D'hide Body  (Ranged Armour Shop) > Blue D'hide Body  (Ranged Armour Shop)
Off-Hand (Only if using Rune Crossbow): Black D'hide Shield  (Ranged Armour Shop)
Pants: Black D'hide Chaps  (Ranged Armour Shop) > Red D'hide Chaps  (Ranged Armour Shop) > Blue D'hide Chaps  (Ranged Armour Shop)
Gloves: Barrows Gloves (Vote Shop)
Boots: Snakeskin Boots (Ranged Armour Shop) > Dragon Boots (Ethereal Key Chest)
Ring: Barronite Ring  (From Finishing Tutorial)
[Image: TfqRUgS.png]

Magic Setup:

Order Best to Worst
Helmet: Farseer Helm (Magic Armour Shop)  > Mystic Hat  (Magic Armour Shop) 
Amulet: Lucky Amulet of Fury  (Magic Armour Shop)  > Amulet of Glory  (Magic Armour Shop) 
Cape: Veteran Cape  (Veteran EXP Mode)  > God Cape's  (Magic Armour Shop) 
Weapon: Iban's Staff  (Magic Weapon Shop)  (Cast Iban's Blast*)
Chest: Mystic Top  (Magic Armour Shop)  > Enchanted Top  (Magic Armour Shop) 
Off-Hand: Damaged Book  (Magic Armour Shop)  > Mind Shield  (Magic Armour Shop)  > Elemental Shield  (Magic Armour Shop) 
Pants: Mystic Robe Bottoms  (Magic Armour Shop)  > Enchanted Robe  (Magic Armour Shop) 
Gloves: Barrows Gloves (Vote Shop) > Mystic Gloves  (Magic Armour Shop) 
Boots: Mystic Boots  (Magic Armour Shop)  > Dragon Boots (Ethereal Key Chest)
Ring: Baronite Ring  (From Finishing Tutorial)
 [Image: tO7ofAi.png]


Mid-Tier Progression:

Now that you've done some Slayer you should have some Slayer Points if you right-click on "Nieve" and hit "Rewards" you will be brought to a store where you can use your Slayer Points on different stuff that will help you especially while doing slayer.  What I suggest you buy yourself first would be the "Malevolent Masquerade" unlock for 400 Slayer Points.  This will give you the ability to make a Slayer Helm which is what you want to be using 100% of the time when doing Slayer.  This is how you make a Slayer Helmet by combining all these items together "Black Mask, Facemask, Earmuffs, Nose Peg, Spiny Helmet, and Enchanted Gem".  All of these can be bought from the Slayer Masters except for "Black Mask" Either You can buy one off a player or kill "Cave Horrors" in "Mos Le Harmless Dungeon".  Slayer Helm gives an Accuracy/Damage Boost to Melee.
[Image: 2mCCYQw.png]
So I mentioned at the end Slayer Helm gives an Accuracy/Damage boost to Melee, however, you can make it work for Ranged/Mage if you Imbue it which you can purchase for 250 "Slayer Points" in the "Buy" tab in the Rewards.  After you bought the Recipe you can click on it and it will tell you what it requires and everything else.  For this Helm, you will need the normal Slayer Helm, 2.5m Cash, and 60 Crafting.  This Recipe is a 100% success rate so nothing to worry about there.
[Image: yTExRtC.png][Image: N40a2Ap.png]

So now, I am going to start covering getting into easier bosses and where and how to upgrade your gear further from the Early-Progression Section.  I will not mention more about Slayer unless I'm talking about a specific boss that requires a particular Slayer Level.

So now that you've done a bit of Slayer, done some dailies, and maybe some skilling if you wish you can now upgrade your gear or do some beginner bossing/progression.

First I'm going to mention trying to pay attention to the chat, your going to want to do Void Pest every 4-hours it gives you Pest Control points and can drop a Gilded Void Patch which you can upgrade your Elite Void into Gilded Void.  You can earn Elite Void by either doing Pest Drone, Pest Control, and Donator Store.  Gilded Void is really good Hybrid armor and will require less switching if you're not good at that and is very good armor off-task as you need to use the full set for the full effect.

The First Boss/Area I'm going to mention is the "Cryptic Lair" This is a custom area that features the "Cryptic Bearer" and the "Cryptic Pharaoh" Each requires 74 Slayer to attempt these monsters have a slight chance to hit through your Prayer as-well can only be damaged by "Ice Spells" which can be found by switching your Spellbook to Ancients.  "Cryptic Bearer" can drop a Melee Set called "Cryptic" as shown below.  This set offers some good melee stats while losing a bit of defensive stats on the gear.  While wearing the complete set of gear it boosts melee damage by 15% and accuracy by 20%.

[Image: jhYnncG.png][Image: 3jav8zq.png]
Now talking about the boss the "Cryptic Pharaoh" he can drop 2 very nice items called the "Cryptic Mace Recipe" and the "Lightbearer".  Lightbearer has no stats but has a bonus "doubles special attack energy gain while equipped".  The Cryptic Mace on its own is already pretty good! however, if you manage to get the full Cryptic set as-well it also comes with a special bonus "10% chance at dealing a second hit".
[Image: cUjUeBN.png][Image: nHUn45R.png]
Another area that is kinda the same idea, is "Xamphur's Laboratory", in this area are "Phantom Hands" and north past the gate is the boss "Xamphur".  The Phantom Hands have a 1/1011 chance to drop the "Osmumten's Fang".  Not only is this weapon got some very nice stats it also has a special effect "Each attack will roll the accuracy check twice before dealing damage" which is very good and can be a weapon you use for a VERY long time.
[Image: ZMG3TeM.png][Image: 3Rlpgb6.png]
About the boss itself  "Xamphur" technically Xamphur can be a starting boss and an End-Game boss, this boss is unique as you can make it Easier or Harder on yourself and it's your choice on what you wish to do.  The boss has "Invocations" Special things to buff the boss and make it a lot harder.  However, making it harder means you unlock new items it can drop while also making it easier to get said items.  Ene has posted a Formula and listed all the Invocations you can activate and I'll go ahead and post them down below.

The Invocations:

Divine intervention - Xamphur will gain access to protection prayers as well as periodically swap them throughout the fight.
Don't Give Me a Hand - Xamphur's falling hand attack will deal significantly more damage.
Keep On Running - Xamphur will no longer give a heads-up before he uses his falling hand attack.
Deadly Prayers - Your prayer will be drained by 20% of the damage taken.
Overloaded - Xamphur's potion spawns will have 3 times as many hitpoints as normal.
Learning New Tricks - Xamphur's normal attacks will deal either magic or ranged damage.
Watch Out - Xamphur's normal attacks will cause a hand to fall from the ceiling.

Each invocation will increase your fight level from 0 to up to 100 - this will scale both the boss's hit points, max hit, and drops! The formulas are as follows:

Boss HP: 500 * (1 + (0.01 * fight level))
Boss max hit: 25 * (1 + (0.01 * fight level))
[Image: 280px-Xamphur_%28monster%2C_phantom_hands%29.png?de61a][Image: Hk5DCVe.png]
As this is a Mid-Game Progression I suggest only turning it to Loot Tier: Medium, never do it on Loot Tier: Low, try to go as high as you can but if you can manage at least Medium you can get these items listed below.  

[Image: GnWKrIN.png][Image: 5zmUENn.png][Image: UZOoO4y.png]
Going over the weapon and the robes, the weapon drops as a Recipe which will require you to get the "Osmumten's Fang".  It's a better version of the normal fang so it's defiantly something you can work towards for a even better weapon than it already is.  As for the robes if you can manage to get them you'd be using them until End-Game Raiding they're in between Ahrim's Robes from Barrows which I will cover after this, and Ancestral Robes which is from "Chambers of Xeric" raids.
[Image: 9pc1R3O.png]
Now it can be considered a boss but, doing Barrows is also a nice idea and probably the easier bosses out of these two.  Assuming most people know how to do Barrows as it's one of the most basic things but if you don't you can easily find an OSRS guide on it.  You mostly just want Karil's and Ahrim Robes from Barrows, and if you got lucky by now or someone helped you out, Crystal Armour for range would be better if you've picked the "Herbiboar" for the "Crystal Efficiency" perk.
[Image: iprzgqg.png]
This is the Barrows area, however, you can see I highlighted a special ladder, this is a Barrows World Boss, that can be spawned in 3 different instances "50 Barrows chests are opened, a random chance from spawning from a chest, or from an admin spawn."
Another simple boss you can do is kill the Daggonoth Kings, these will get you BiS rings and can be Imbued to be even better if you get the Recipe from the Brimstone Chest.  If you don't know how to kill them you can check out any OSRS guide as it's basically the same fight.  
[Image: sGlqAzI.png]

Mid-Game Gear Setups:

Melee Setup:

(* Means Use as a Set)
Order Best to Worst
Helmet: Cryptic Helmet* > Void Melee Helm*
Amulet: Lucky Amulet of Fury > Amulet of Glory
Cape: Fire Cape/Veteran Cape > Obsidian Cape > Cape of Legends
Weapon:  Osmumten's Fang (I)  > Osmumten's Fang > Cryptic Mace* > Lucky Abyssal Whip
Chest:  Cryptic Chestplate* >  Elite Void Top* > Fighter Torso
Off-Hand: Dragon Defender
Pants:  Cryptic Legguards* >  Elite Void Robe* > Verac's Plateskirt > Dragon Platelegs
Gloves: Void Gloves* > Barrows Gloves
  Boots: Dragon Boots > Rune Boots
Ring: Berserker Ring (i) > Berserker Ring > Barronite Ring (Use if you want DDR Bonus)

Range Setup:

(* Means Use as a Set)
Order Best to Worst
Helmet: Void Ranger Helm* > Crystal Helmet* > Archer HelmetKarils Coif
Amulet: Lucky Amulet of Fury > Amulet of Glory
Cape: Veteran Cape/Ava's Accumulator > Ava's Attractor
Weapon: Lucky Crystal Bow > Karil's Crossbow > Magic Shortbow/RuneCrossbow
Chest: Elite Void Top* > Crystal Body* > Karil's Leathertop
Pants: Elite Void Robe* > Crystal Legs* > Karil's Leatherskirt
Gloves: Void Gloves*Barrows Gloves
Boots: Ranger Boots > Snakeskin Boots
Ring: Archer Ring (I) > Archer Ring > Barronite Ring (Use if you want DDR Bonus)

Magic Setup:

(* Means Use as a Set)
Order Best to Worst
Helmet: Void Mage Helm* > Ahrim's Hood > Farseer
Amulet: Lucky Amulet of Fury > Amulet of Glory
Cape: Imbued God Capes > God Capes > Veteran Cape
Weapon: Master Wand > Iban's Staff/Ancient Staff (Ancient staff for auto-cast Ancient Magicks)
Chest: Elite Void Top* > Phantom Robe Top > Ahrim's Robetop
Off-Hand: Mages Book > Tome of Fire > Book of Darkness
Pants: Elite Void Robe* > Phantom Skirt > Ahrim's Robeskirt
Gloves: Void Gloves* > Barrows Gloves > Infinity Gloves
Boots: Infinity Boots > Wizard Boots
Ring: Seer's Ring (I) > Seer's Ring > Barronite Ring (Use if you want DDR Bonus)


Useful Ethereal Guides:
This section is for other guides that are very good and will help you on your journey on Ethereal
(I highly suggest checking out this handbook it has so much information and helpful stuff in it and is put together insanely well by Speane)

(Basically a tier-list of the "Skilling Point Shop" by Remington) 

(A very nice guide on how to AFK and not waste EXP by Remington)

(How to turn off the annoying "Pick Up" pet when Left Clicking by Cpfuzzyz)

(How to defeat Elite Bandos by RoyalRain)

(How to defeat Elite Armadyl by RoyalRain)

(Showing all the stuff in the shops at the Ethereal Home by Jay)

(Goes over Dreamland mechanics by Christopher)
Placeholder for future updates

Placeholder for future updates

Placeholder for future updates

Placeholder for future updates

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  7/17/2023: K'ril Tsutsaroth (elite), Kourend achievement diary, more!
Posted by: Ene - 07-17-2023, 07:49 PM - Forum: Server Updates - No Replies

Hey Etherealians,

Big content update out today for yall, with a whole new boss and achievement diary to tackle! Let's get onto the details, shall we?

K'ril Tsutsaroth (Elite)

The first of the updates is the long awaited magic-oriented elite GWD boss, K'ril Tsutsaroth (Elite).

Within the depths of the Zamorak zoo lies the elite version of the fabled Zamorak general, boasting powerful magic attacks that utilize all the strengths of Ancient magicks that reigned prevalent during the God Wars. Tackle different kinds of mechanics using your knowledge of ancients as well to take down this formidable foe!

You can access this boss like the other GWD elite bosses, right outside the chamber and selecting the instance option. Note that this requires 150 K'ril Tsutsaroth KC to be allowed to access this boss!

[Image: ayxnmZI.png]

Defeating this elite boss grants 3 rolls on its drop table, which include a few new unique items!

Virtus recipe cache - Contains a recipe for the new BiS magic armour, Virtus armour. It grants slightly better stats than Ancestral robes, empowering magic even further!

[Image: 0YUnlqZ.png]

Fractured staff of Zamorak - A new ancient magick-oriented staff that boasts extremely powerful stats as well as some passive effects: it increases magic accuracy and damage by 25% when casting ancient magic spells, triples the stat-lowering effect from shadow spells, triples the smoke spell poison damage, increases blood spell healing by 25%, and acts as an infinite source of blood runes!

[Image: 51LGdsB.png]

Zamorakian intervention (perk) - A new perk that acts as the protect from melee prayer passively - does not work in PvP situations.

[Image: ZXcRCiI.png]

Kourend & Kebos Diary and Achievement Interface Rework

The Kourend & Kebos diary has been added! This provides some extra content to do in the usually-forgotten area of Zeah and provides some neat rewards with it! To coincide with this update, the achievement interface has been reworked! You can now access the achievement interface under the Journal tab and by clicking Achievements. Note that the "Achievements completed" section will be reworked soon to a different tab!

[Image: a7ggPkW.png]

This will provide a more convenient way to navigate across achievements, showing this screen! You can return to this screen by clicking the button on the top left.

[Image: MIwC8uq.png]

After selecting an achievement, you can still track the achievement like before by clicking the progress bar!

[Image: Eqf1Sgv.png]

And finally, you can now view rewards for diaries that have completion rewards for completing an individual tier or the entire diary!

[Image: jsRkQPl.png]

Now onto the rewards for completing the Great Kourend & Kebos Diary:

Each tier will grant a Rada's blessing of that tier, giving some nice Prayer stats and some convenient teleports to Mount Karuulm and the Kourend woodland.

Completing all easy achievements will make it so you will gain 20% bonus thieving experience when thieving from stalls in the Great Kourend plaza.
Completing all medium achievements will make it so you have a 10% chance to mine two dense essence blocks at once, stacking with the celestial ring.
Completing all hard achievements will grant you access to Resurrect spells in the Arceuus spellbook and make it so boots of stone are no longer required at Mount Karuulm.
Completing all elite achievements will give you a 20% boost to Farming experience within the Farming guild.

Certain achievements will grant levels to a new perk, Catacombs slayer, which boosts damage and accuracy within the Catacombs of Kourend by 5% per perk level.

[Image: WiSOaGk.png]

Certain achievements will grant pieces to the Farmer's outfit, granting boosted experience to Farming when pieces of the set are worn.
Completing the entire diary will grant you a recipe to create the Slayer's blessing (rada), which combines both slayer blessing effects into one as well as grants it some extra stats!

Resurrect Spells

Resurrect spells are now accessible in the Arceuus spellbook after completing the hard tier of the Kourend & Kebos diary! These summon temporary thralls to aid you in battle, and they ignore defence and accuracy checks - meaning they will hit very frequently! Utilize these familiars to your advantage to help tackle some tough bosses or speed up kills in Slayer!

[Image: Xyypo1j.png]

QoL Changes

A few QoL changes have been added - here are the notable ones!

Several shops and NPCs around home have had their names adjusted to be more easier to know what they sell.

[Image: qs80LmU.png]

The Thammaron's sceptre can now be swapped between it and an (a) variant which removes the use of its powered staff abilities but lets it autocast spells.
[Image: AltYor4.png]
[Image: GudRScI.png]

Added functionality to the Degrime spell to quickly clean herbs and gain experience while you're at it.

[Image: rmbdxOc.png]

Added an unholy overload to the weekly task shop that instantly drains your Prayer points to 0 when used.

Added a new AFK farming spot in Hosidius - click the Plough to gain passive Farming experience!

[Image: 7Gh3fDf.png]

The olmlet pet has a new pet perk - it increases damage and accuracy by 5% per pet level while in a CoX raid.

You can now make an imbued zaros max cape by combining the two capes together.

[Image: vTvx9hq.png]

In other news:
- Overload potions from the daily point shop have been reduced to 7 points per potion.
- Abyssal ashes are now tradeable.
- Adjusted the drop rate of the Jar of dirt from Krakens.
- Increased the spawn speed of the Thermonuclear smoke devil from 50 ticks to 15.
- Added some missing shop functionality.
- Spiritual creatures should now have a teleport in the Slayer ring.
- Skotizo is now a multiway combat area.
- Added functionality to create Shayzien armour packs as an alternative smithing training method.
- Halved the prayer drain of the spectral ghosts in Cerberus.
- Fixed the amount of AFK shards received from the afk tree for donators.
- Reduced the amount required for the superheat adamant achievement to 250 as well as added functionality of the coal bag when superheating.
- Added some extra text to the mimic warning message to show that a fight is coming.
- Made ghosts from cerberus appear less often.
- Fixed some incorrect weekly task text.
- Added luck enhancer (CoX) to the donator store, which increases the purple cap when soloing a CoX raid and eliminates some unwanted items like prayer scrolls
The Twisted buckler should now give +10 ranged strength and work as a shield for the spiked shield relic.
- Fixed a bug with the wild magic relic that didn't make it hit twice.
- Ahrim's staff and its lucky variant should now be able to autocast ancients.
- Added functionality to the Expeditious bracelet to count as 2 kills during a Slayer task.
- Taylor in the Farming Guild should now be able to look after your growing Celastrus tree.
- Added Celastrus seeds to the Brimstone chest.
- Fixed a bug with the Cloaked in Darkness achievement where it didn't account for the word "dark" as mentioned in the text.
- Fixed a bug with the no coal voting perk.
- Added functionality to the forge in the middle of Lovakengj.
- Fixed a bug where the Bar Alchemiser perk didn't account for its bar reducing capabilities when making multiple items at once.
- The bonecrusher will now take precedent over the noted bones donator perk in the Wilderness.
- Fixed a bug with an Agility achievement that awarded too much of an item.
- Reduced all the killcounts required to get into Elite GWD bosses from 250 to 150.
- Increased the drop rate of Elite scrolls from 1/250 to 1/150.
- Fixed some great olm bugs that were causing imbalance.
- Fixed a text issue in the Salve amulet (ei) examine.
- Fixed a bug when favoriting Sand crabs would give the wrong favorite.
- Pets unlocked from the vote cache will now increment your pet level accordingly.
- Fixed a bug that caused ranged attacks to path the player towards a Pest Control portal.
Ninja implings should now only require 84 hunter instead of 85 hunter to barehand catch.

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  6/20/2023: Pest Drone, Wilderness achievements, more!
Posted by: Ene - 06-21-2023, 02:43 AM - Forum: Server Updates - No Replies

Hey Etherealians,

Today's update brings a new boss - The Pest Drone - as well as a new achievement diary geared towards the Wilderness! These bring some nice upgrades for players hitting the midgame to upgrade their void equipment to become even stronger; increasing its damage output and tankiness. The achievement diary also has some nice rewards for players who complete it!

The Pest Drone

Within the depths of the Void Knight's Outpost, where the battle against the malevolent void pests rages on, an ancient relic of immense power has been discovered. Hidden for eons beneath the Outpost's foundations, this relic was infused with an otherworldly energy, drawing upon the raw essence of pestilence itself.
Unbeknownst to the valiant defenders, this relic underwent a dark transformation. In a cataclysmic event, the relic fused with the shattered remains of countless void pests, absorbing their essence and knowledge. From this unholy union emerged the Pest Drone—a colossal, sentient abomination now seeking to assert its dominance over the Void Knight's Outpost.
Prepare yourselves, brave adventurers, for the Pest Drone is a threat that demands our utmost vigilance. Rally your allies, hone your skills, and stand united against this abomination born of pestilence and darkness. The fate of the Void Knight's Outpost—and indeed, all of Gielinor—hangs in the balance.

[Image: q1tnHRp.png]

The Pest drone will spawn every 4 hours, in which a portal to enter the arena will spawn at Void Knights' Outpost near the bank. Like other world bosses, contributing players only need to deal at least 1 damage to be eligible for full loot. The fight is geared to be easy, but players will still have to work together to kill it in a timely manner! 

In addition to guaranteed Pest Control points and a chance for Void Knight equipment, the notable drop from the Pest Drone is the new Gilded void patch - these can be attached to the Void knight gloves, Void helmets, and Elite void robes to increase their stats. Additionally, when the full gilded void set is equipped their damage and accuracy boosting effects are increased by 50% from their Elite version.

[Image: ajVSKvG.png]

[Image: iT5jVIp.png]

[Image: ZEPPjXB.png]

Wilderness Achievement Diary

[Image: YTEbuUp.png]

The Wilderness achievement diary has been added, bringing some new achievements to grind for some nice rewards! Notable rewards for completing each set of achievements include:

Easy: All webs will now be guaranteed to be successfully cut with a sharp weapon and the Wilderness resource area will be free to enter.

Medium: Ecumenical key drop rates will be twice as common and you can hold up to 5 instead of 3.

Hard: You will now have the ability to set your destination when using Wilderness obelisks and player kills will reward 25% more blood money.

Elite: Dark fishing bait is no longer required to fish dark crabs and unique Wilderness-based Slayer drops will be 20% more common.

Wilderness swords - specifically the 3rd and 4th tiers will have a teleport option to the Fountain of Rune.

Finishing all the achievements will grant an Imbued zaros cape recipe and Pet greater demon! The pet greater demon has a passive event of increasing damage and accuracy by 10% against demons.

[Image: ZJiV9e6.png]

[Image: RST5FgN.png]

There's also individual perks that can be awarded from certain achievements!

Wild Duplication - Grants a 5% chance per level to double loot from Larran's chest, the wilderness slayer drop table, and Wilderness reward caskets.

Wilderness Resourcefulness - You will receive 20% bonus experience within the Wilderness.

Revenant Relinquisher - Acts as a Bracelet of ethereum in terms of Revenant protection, and increases damage and accuracy by 10% against Revenants.

Theatre of Blood Additions

The Theatre of Blood now has a collection log reward associated with it! Unfortunately we are currently unable to provide rewards retroactively, so we've decided to make the reward from it more lucrative! Presenting the Ghrazi polearm - a mixture between the Sentinel polearm and Ghrazi rapier, craftable by the recipe received from completing the log. To get the Sinhaza shrouds required to finish the log, speak with the Mysterious stranger outside to receive a cape for the following killcounts: 10, 25, 50, 100, and 250.

[Image: 4JUY2S0.png]

[Image: 8H26rxB.png]

The Ghrazi polearm loses the benefits of increased damage against Desert monsters, but has added stats as well as a new passive effect: a 10% chance to drain 10% of your current hitpoints to deal 30% extra damage and accuracy for the hit.

QoL Features

Some QoL features have been added, such as some interfaces being revamped!

[Image: xAMYZOf.png]

You can also use Sanguine dust on Lil' Zik now to give it the ability to metamorphosis! These new pets retain her pet effect as well.

[Image: RiBqzpN.png]

You can now right click the home teleport in your spellbook to access the teleport interface.

[Image: cAR20hk.png]

Changed some healing effects to show a healing hitsplat, but note that this does not apply to everything yet!

[Image: sgnPiCv.png]
In other news:
- The Fountain of Rune now provides unlimited runes while in its vicinity. However, due to some client issues the spells will not light up - but you can still use them.
- It is now no longer possible to complete the Gauntlet with 0% reward efficiency - you will be given a minimum of 1%.
- Fixed an issue that prevented a player from creating Sinew in a range.
- Increased the speed in which you create orbs.
- Temporarily removed bonds from the Golden ticket store as we re-evaluate receiving bonds ingame.
- Added cosmetic override keys to Rasolo's Weekly Task store.
- Fixed a bug that prevented some double-hitting Achievement relics from working properly.
- Fixed a bug that awarded the wrong amount of Achievement points for the Revenant shortcut agility achievement.
- Fixed a text error that incorrectly showed how many golden tickets are left.
- Added dagon'hai equipment to Larran's chest.
- Significantly increased the amount of gold granted by exchanging Ancient relics with the emblem trader.
- Changed the free donator days from the first 3 days since making the account to 3 days of playtime instead.
- Removed the jailer random event because it was causing issues for new players.
- Increased the chance for Bandos equipment and Armadyl equipment from mystery caches from very rare to just rare.
- Added Ancestral equipment to the very rare drop table of mystery caches.
- Death chest is now free - the area where the death's coffer is will be reworked soon.
- Fixed an issue that would cause a Slayer task to null if a repeat task is chosen after the player had logged out since receiving their last task.
- Deathtouched darts will no longer count for a player's personal best. We will be working on removing dtd timed kills shortly.

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  6/1/2023: Achievement relics, Ring of resources, more!
Posted by: Ene - 06-02-2023, 03:55 AM - Forum: Server Updates - Replies (1)

Hey Etherealians,

Today's update brings a long awaited update - Achievement relics! These can be accessed by trading Two-Pints at home next to the max hit dummy - which will bring up the new interface!

Achievement Relics

The first part of the updates are the new achievement relics!

[Image: Hz3qdQg.png]

You can select between relics on the left, which clicking it will bring up the information about the perk, how many achievement points it costs to add to your relic set, and which set effects it applies to.

[Image: n5xtcDU.png]

Your relic set is displayed at the top - but first let me explain what a relic set is. A relic set can have up to 7 relics on it once, and you can only have as many perks as your achievement points can handle. Once you select the activate button on the bottom, all perks you have selected in your set will activate for 24 hours - during these 24 hours you cannot add or remove perks in your set! This will make it so the choices you make for your set for the day will matter a lot!

Each relic will be a part of a set effect as well. These are additional buffs that are activated depending on how many relics of that set are activated in your current relic set! Each set effect will be displayed on the bottom of each perk, and when they are activated the full effect will be shown when the "Set effects" button is clicked!

[Image: aKjwfA1.png]

Some relics are definitely more powerful than others, and thus cost more achievement points. We hope these are strong enough for yall and make PvM and skilling easier!

Ring of Resources

The ring of resources is a new ring that gives a 10% experience boost while worn, and also gives a 10% chance to automatically note a gathered resource! This ring can be obtained as a rare loot from the friendly tree spirit, obtainable through the relic set effect Happy Tree Friends.

In other news:
The golden ticket event has been reduced to every 3 hours instead of 6, but there are only 2 golden tickets maximum per event.
- Skotizo should be easier to kill now.
- Hopefully fixed an issue with Kalphite Queen that made it invincible after a successful kill.
- Scythe of vitur should now be tradeable when uncharged.
- Donators can now choose up to 80 monsters per boss task, scaling with rank.

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