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  Server support by Top G
Posted by: Top G - 03-13-2023, 08:42 AM - Forum: Staff Applications - No Replies


My name is Andris, but ingame you know me as Top G

Im applying for server support position.

Time zone: GMT (UK)

Atm im available most of the time - every day.
But when my new work project starts I will be available 3PM to late evening most of the week days.

Language: English

I've been here for a while now and I know the server quite well. I like and I always try to help new players in cc and dm's (i got them allot from new players) Also I think I could be considered for my time zone as most of the time im online there is few or none staff members online.

Looking forward to become member of Ethereal team <3

Thank you, Andris.

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  remnant of iban, a mid level boss :)
Posted by: Zoe - 03-13-2023, 01:48 AM - Forum: Suggestions - No Replies

another boss idea and uniques
remnant of iban would be an osrs inspired solo only, repeatable boss. the main unique reward would be iban's shadow, an attachable upgrade to iban's staff.
iban would reside in a cave, and during the encounter falling rocks would mark tiles for danger.
iban himself would be a ghost, and at the beginning of the battle he will resurrect one of holthion (melee), doomion (magic),, or othainian (ranged) to assist him in taking down the player.
while his minion is alive, it will attack the player. and iban will be invulnerable while also launching attacks at the player.
his primary attack would be a modified version of iban's blast, maxing a 30 off prayer and 15 against protect from magic.
after every three attacks, iban will instead use one of his special attacks:
- skeleton dog: ressurects a typeless skeleton dog to follow the player.
- flames: iban will light tiles on the ground on fire.
- channel: for the next 12 ticks, iban channels, instead causing his minion to attack twice as fast.
when iban's minion falls below 50% hp, it will become immune to damage and need to be lured on top of the correct platform, after which it will be paralyzed/frozen, and iban will become susceptible to damage.
at this point the player will simply try to avoid damage from the falling rocks/special attacks while attacking iban.
once iban's hp reaches zero his spirit will be banished, and the demon will break free from the chains, becoming permanently enraged.
each demon will have a special attack pertaining to its combat style.
melee: functions like the dreamland mango
range: roots the player in place by spawning a skeleton hand next to the player, which must be attacked for 1 damage before they can move again.
mage: big fireball pewpewpew
after both iban and his familiar have been slain, the player will be able to enter the second part of the lair, where they'll see their loot in a pile of ashes that glows white or red depending on if a unique is there.
iban himself would drop a unique, iban's shadow.
iban's shadow would be combined with iban's staff to turn it into iban's accursed staff.
the staff would have a built in 4 tick spell, an upgraded version of iban's blast, with properties similar to the osrs colossal blade (increased damage scaling with mob size, up to a max hit of 34 against 5x5 targets.)
i'm also going to suggest uniques for each of the three demons, the amulet of holthion/doomion/othainian,
the amulets would function as either an undead buff or demonic buff, percentage-wise stronger than that of the salve ei, but restricted to one type.\

i will probably revise this because this is currently my first draft, but i figured i'd just keep writing content ideas. numbers are tentative, feedback is appreciated.

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  luminor, the lightning mage
Posted by: Zoe - 03-12-2023, 12:29 AM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (1)

hi everyone i keep getting an error on discord saying "This can't be sent because it contains content blocked by this server." so it's getting copy pasted here because idk what's causing the block.
luminor boss re-typed:
luminor would be a high level, solo only boss. primarily weak to ranged attacks, he attacks with magic and will spawn lightning clouds that launch range projectiles at the player throughout the encounter.

his max hit off prayer is 60+, hitting a max of 25~ against protect from magic
lightning clouds would max a 12, with protect from missiles providing 100% resistance.

when luminor falls below 70% hp he spawns an additional storm cloud, and the clouds begin to periodically mark tiles for lightning storms. being hit by lightning would stun the player, cause them to take damage, and disable their prayers.

when luminor is below 40% hp he will spawn a third storm and enrage all of them. the enraged storms would spawn lightning bolts twice as fast, and have 50% increased accuracy.

below 10% hp, luminor begins his final phase.  he begins to channel, causing his lightning storms to deal double damage, and marks a large portion of the tiles for a powerful attack (similar to hunllef's floor pattern), causing the player to have to keep moving.

the two proposed uniques are the lightning wand & ring.
lightning wand would be a a rare drop, 1h t80 mage wand, with a built in lightning spell - meant to be a slight upgrade to the toxic trident, with a chance to shock your target, dealing 25-50% bonus damage on the following tick.

the lightning ring would be a mega rare drop, work with all combat styles, having stats similar to a brimstone ring (i), and minor strength bonuses. when worn, it would give your attacks a chance for lightning to arc to three additional targets, dealing 75-50-25% reduced damage.

first time writing a detailed boss fight like this. let me know what you think

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  3/10/23: Hunter and Agility achievements, achievement QoL, more!
Posted by: Ene - 03-11-2023, 08:59 AM - Forum: Server Updates - Replies (19)

Hey Etherealians,

Hunter and Agility achievement diaries have been released, granting some nice benefits to two of the most tedious skills to train! I've also brought along some other needed QoL features to make achievements easier to track, so read below to see what's new!

Agility Achievement Diary

First up is the Agility achievement diary, bringing a whole host of new achievements to tackle. Unfortunately due to the simple nature of agility, most achievements will be your typical "Run x laps" but I've added some more fun ones to make it more engaging! Notable rewards from this diary include:

Two new perks:

[Image: OG6U2Zl.png]

[Image: 4ZGfVs7.png]

And a new pet, Sparky! Sparky will grant a 25% chance per Agility action to double experience for that particular action.

Hunter Achievement Diary and Other Hunter Additions

Next up is the Hunter achievement diary - with some new additions to make Hunter more fun! Notable rewards from this diary include:

Strung rabbit foot - a new amulet slot item that grants a 5% DDR bonus!

Two new perks:

[Image: krKEw2R.png]

[Image: hvcAVfe.png]

And a new reward for completing the diary, a Shiny charm! More details on what this does is next.

Catching birds, salamanders, and chinchompas will now have a 1/8192 chance (1/4096 chance with the shiny charm) to spawn a Taillow (for birds), Salandit (for salamanders), or Cinccino (for chinchompas)! There will be no ingame message alerting you of this but there will be a sparkling sound - this spawned NPC will stay for 5 minutes and you can catch it by clicking on it! Successfully catching this will let you keep it as a pet, each with its own benefit!

[Image: XgyJNlg.png]

Each pet will grant 50% bonus experience when catching their respective animal.

Achievement Diary Tracking

It is now possible to have an overlay in your screen that tracks a certain achievement that you may be doing! To do this, simply open the achievement diary interface, right click the achievement you wish to track, and select "Track".

[Image: nTUOuSG.png]

If you wish to clear the overlay from your screen, simply click on the overlay to untrack it.

[Image: EFWU6vy.png]

Happy achievement diary completing, and I really really hope to bring you achievement point rewards very very soon!

Well of Goodwill Changes

To further incentivize adding to the Well of Goodwill, I've adjusted the values for boosts. All costs have been reduced in half - which means level 1 will only require 50m gold, level 2 will require 100m, and level 2 will require 150m for the same boosts. Furthermore, each boost will now last 3 hours per completed boost rather than 2! The well will also now announce contributors who contribute at least 5m coins rather than the previous 50m.

Golden Bow String

A golden bow string has been added to Leenz's Skilling Point shop for 500 skilling points - this acts as an infinite bow string!

[Image: HUwYtTg.png]
In other news:
Hydra claws and leather from the Alchemical Hydra and gilded 3rd age equipment will now be properly announced when they are dropped.
- Fixed an issue where some double hit perks would not properly proc against Olm.
- Fixed an issue where a Vesta's longsword drop would give the wrong ID.
- Fixed an oversight where buying a custom title scroll in the new interface will not give the player any title changes.
- Changed the bonfire animation to the cooking animation because it looks better.
- Fixed some issues with the costume storage chest not taking Zamorak d'hide boots, Dragon scimitar (or) and Swampbark armour.
- Added a dragon pickaxe to Kalphite Queen's drop table.
- Added several point values to the quest tab for ease of  viewing.

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  2/26/23: Legendary clue scrolls, treasure trails exchange, more!
Posted by: Ene - 02-27-2023, 08:11 AM - Forum: Server Updates - Replies (1)

Hey Etherealians,

Today's update brings a new tier of clue scroll - the legendary clue scroll. These clues can only be obtained in the new Treasure Trails Exchange, which can be accessed via talking to Watson at home. 

Treasure Trails Exchange

[Image: ASqWSbx.png]

Watson now has a treasure trails exchange available, allowing you to trade unwanted clue items in exchange for ones you may want! All clue items will have a flat value of 30 treasure points, and they will all sell for 1/3rd of their buy value. Some items such as Ranger boots, 3rd age equipment, Gilded equipment, and legendary clue scrolls will cost more though! You can also sell clue scrolls that you're too lazy to complete for flat amounts! This will be the only way to get legendary clue scrolls for the time being.

Legendary Clue Scrolls

A new tier of clue scroll has been added, the legendary clue scroll! These can be obtained via purchase in Watson's shop, for 250 treasure points per scroll. These clues have a completely new set of riddles to solve, and I'm not going to give the answers yet! Expect new clues you haven't seen before from people like Sherlock and Falo the Bard!

[Image: G6kLrpc.jpg]

With a new tier of clue comes new rewards:

Second-age weaponry - A set of new weaponry that focuses almost entirely on an extremely strong special attack!

[Image: ZChWg6I.png]

Second-age blade - Has a special attack which consumes 100% of your special energy bar, increasing melee damage by 50% but also increasing damage taken by 50% for 30 seconds, with a 5 minute cooldown. Does not work in PvP situations.

[Image: X8sUqyO.png]

Second-age bow - Has a special attack which consumes 100% of your special energy bar, firing rapid-fire shots for 20 ticks with increased damage and accuracy but leaves you unable to move or perform actions until the special attack is finished. Does not work in PvP situations.

[Image: enRJnee.png]

Second-age staff - Has a special attack which consumes 100% of your special energy bar, creating a 3x3 field of lightning on target enemy which deals 15 damage every few ticks to enemies inside the lightning field. Does not work in PvP situations.

[Image: 7d3DRo2.png]

Master excavator (perk) - Grants a 50% chance to instantly complete your clue scroll (easy-master tier only!) after finishing a clue step.

Costume-skipping ticket - Removes the requirement of wearing a particular costume for certain clues, but will be consumed.

The Mimic

[Image: 2EBlSF6.png]

Your casket will now also have a chance to be a mimic casket - which can happen from any clue! The fight is dumbed down drastically from OSRS for now however due to time constraints, but I'm sure people won't complain about this for now. The Mimic will have a guaranteed chance to drop two random clue items as well as a gilded piece, a legendary casket, and then 3 new unique items shown in the next section!

[Image: Wxn4xtC.png]

There is also a pet as a potential drop from the Mimic, which will grant a 33% increased chance to receive a mimic casket than normal.

Gilded Scraps and Crest

One unique reward from the new legendary clue scroll is the Gilded crest recipe - requiring 25m coins and 10 gilded scraps per attempt to create!

[Image: HLR5QJT.png]

Gilded scraps can now be obtained by using a hammer on any gilded armour piece, granting a random number of scraps between 2-5 per attempt. Once a gilded crest is made, you can attach it to a piece of 3rd age armour to gold trim it (yes, gold trimming is real!)! This will greatly increase its stats and give it a new effect - when at least 3 pieces of gilded 3rd age is equipped, your double drop rate will be uncapped.

[Image: 1IqzJha.png]

Third age melee (g) - Grants stats between Bandos and Justiciar, with the shield granting great offensive bonuses while also great defensive bonuses (the shield can only be obtained from a rare drop from the Mimic)

[Image: xOOfMhS.png]

Third age ranged (g) - Grants stats between Armadyl and Masori, with greater defensive bonuses, with the vambraces granting great offensive bonuses (the vambraces can only be obtained from a rare drop from the Mimic)

[Image: Cl1KZoG.png]

Third age mage (g) - Grants offensive stats greater than that of Ancestral, but with no defensive bonuses - the amulet grants offensive bonuses greater than the Shadow necklace (but the amulet can only be obtained from a rare drop from the Mimic)

Regular third-age pieces have also been buffed to grant 4% DDR per piece, with a maximum of 3 pieces to get the full 12% benefit.

The explorer backpack from Rasolo's daily task store will now be able to teleport you directly to Sherlock and Falo the Bard!

[Image: kJi7EMx.png]

Wilderness Slayer Drop Table and Other Slayer Changes

A wilderness slayer drop table has been added, which includes items such as supplies, blood money, blighted sacks, and the new imbuing paper - which you can use on rings to imbue them without the need of prior recipes! Other changes include the addition of Revenants to the Wilderness Slayer task list as well as the addition of the Bracelet of slaughter, giving you a chance to have a kill not count towards your Slayer task remaining for longer tasks.

Store Changes

- Pest Control prices have been adjusted, which should make void a lot faster to obtain.

- The donator store has been revamped to use the new shop interface, with additions such as the pet levelup certificate which when used on a pet that can be leveled up, will grant it a free level. The master excavator perk has also been added to the perks section.

Bank Spaces

You now have the option to purchase up to 250 additional bank spaces by talking to a banker, albeit at a cost. You can only purchase each once per account.

[Image: LosQrpQ.png]

Skillcape Perk Changes

Some skillcape perks have been reworked - more to come as I become more lenient on what can be added for more AFKness since it seems like a lot of players want it.

- Farming cape will now grant a 3-5 increased yield, up from 1-2. The master cape will now give a 5-10 increased yield, up from 3-5.
- The Firemaking cape will now reduce the damage from Wintertodt by half.
- The herblore cape will now grant a 5% chance to create an additional potion, stacking with the Pharmacist perk.
- The attack cape will now grant +15 to all melee offensive stats, but no defensive stats. The master cape will now give +20 to all melee offensive stats, but no defensive stats.
- The ranged cape will now grant +12 ranged attack bonus, but no defensive stats. The master cape will now give +15 ranged attack bonus but no defensive stats. (no ranged strength either)
- The magic cape will now grant +15 magic attack bonus, but no defensive stats. The master cape will now give +20 magic attack bonus but no defensive stats. (no magic strength either)
- The slayer cape will now grant 5% increased damage and accuracy against your slayer target.
- The master agility cape will now grant +3 marks of grace at a time.

CoX Raid Scaling

There will now be an option to scale your CoX raid by yourself, up to a raid scale of 20! This will be in addition to how many party members you have, so scale accordingly. This option will be given when the party leader presses the button to start the raid when everyone is inside. However I did find a bug that happened before that wasn't actually scaling the HP, so now boss HP for Olm will be scaled accordingly.

[Image: bAI42pQ.png]

Prifddinas Agility Course

The Prifddinas agility course has been added, requiring level 75 agility to attempt.

[Image: UIiDmIy.png]
In other news:
- Added a basic combat script to Dad.
- Added missing collection log drops for the Alchemical Hydra and 
- Cryptic pharaoh will now drop 2 drops at a time.
- There is now a right-click option on the trading post and bank chests in home island to load your favorite preset.
- Fixed a text bug in the HP bar HUD when fighting Zulrah.
- The ruby bolt spec cap has been increased to 150 when using a Zaryte crossbow.
- Buying a smouldering stone from the skilling point shop will now count towards your Cerberus collection log.
- The ferocious gloves will no longer revert to hydra leather on death.
- Fixed an issue where some pets would announce that a player has reached the max level of it too early, or never at all.
- Reworked some skilling pet formulas for the ones that felt rarer than others (Rock golem, Rocky, Beaver, Heron)
- The donator fountain will now scale its time based on level, starting at 60 minutes for Sapphires up to 120 for Arzinian rank donators. The cooldown has also been reduced to every 12 hours instead of 24.
Fixed some typos.
- Nechryarchs are now possible as a potential slayer superior.

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  2/11/23: Our first ninja strike - tons of miscellaneous stuff!
Posted by: Ene - 02-12-2023, 05:18 AM - Forum: Server Updates - Replies (3)

Hey Etherealians,

Today's update is our first ninja strike -  basically a term used to point that there'll be a lot of miscellaneous changes to the game but not a huge content update or anything.
Boss HP Bars
Boss HP bars have been implemented for certain bosses! This includes:

- Cryptic Pharaoh
- Elite GWD bosses
- Runebound behemoth
- Vorkath
- Zulrah

[Image: XNpfE6S.png]

Masori assembler max cape
The Masori assembler max cape has been added, allowing you to combine your max cape with the masori assembler.
Kruk's Dungeon
Kruk's dungeon has been added to Training teleports!

[Image: DUbERVJ.png]

Voting Incentives

Additional voting incentives have been added! Voting on at least 3 sites now gives you a choice between a PvM or skilling buff for 30 minutes. The random buffs are as follows:

- All previous donator fountain buffs
- Crossbow buff - Halves the attack ticks when using a crossbow.
Air/Water/Earth/Fire spells buff - Increases damage and accuracy by 50% when using the respective spell against NPCs.
- Double gold buff - All NPC coin drops will be doubled.

In addition to one of these random buffs, you'll also get 5% triple drop rate and 10% increased experience during the buff duration.

Chronozon's drop table has also been slightly changed, offering $5 and $25 bonds (at a very rare chance) in the drop table!

Farming Additions

Snape grass, dragonfruit, mahogany, and teak trees are now all plantable! There has been a Fossil Island teleport added to the Tool Lep as well for this.

[Image: y2Rq2y2.jpg]

Rogue's Chest Revamp

The rogue's chest in the wilderness has been slightly revamped, offering new rewards such as increased coin amounts, other loot, and blighted sacks! You can now examine the rogue's chest to see all the new loot. 
In other news:

- Added the Nechryaels in the Catacombs of Kourend as a potential Slayer ring teleport.
- Server masses will now all follow the style of the Corporeal beast and drop to a random killer rather than the one that did the most damage, as well as grants an additional roll on the drop table.
- Fixed an issue where the smoke dungeon smoke would not fill up the entire screen on resizable.
- It is now possible to use a deathtouched dart on the Alchemical Hydra.
- Abyssal sire collection log loot will now be tracked properly when obtained from the Font of Consumption.
- Dusk mystic pieces will now be tracked properly.
- Fixed a bug where dragonfire shields could not be activated for their special attack.
- The shield of hearts can now be used for protection against wyverns.
- Increased the rate of receiving valentine's related items.
- The crystal pickaxe should now properly have a special attack.
- Arzinian avatars will now have their killcount tracked.
Fixed a bug where a perk would work against players when not intended.
- Fixed a bug where continuously spawning a pet would add it to your collection log.
- Wintertodt supply crates are now stackable.
Fixed a bug where the golden prospector outfit would not give the prospector experience bonus.
- Buffed the donator fountain experience buff to 10%, up from 5%.
- Fixed an issue where teleblock blighted sacks would not work.
- Made the Saradomin's light default to activated so you won't be annoyed by Kril's darkness.

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  2/3/2023: Mini-valentine's event, Korasi's sword, bugfixes!
Posted by: Ene - 02-04-2023, 04:40 AM - Forum: Server Updates - No Replies

Hey Etherealians,

With the winter event done I've decided to do a new smaller event for February! This event will only last two weeks - meaning it will end on 2/17! 

Valentine's Mini-Event

Performing skilling actions or killing monsters has a chance at spawning an Impling of hearts - but better be quick, as it despawns after a minute! Simply click on it to claim a Valentine's mystery cache, giving some small loot but a small chance at one of three new event-exclusive items!

[Image: GcBnOCJ.png]

The new items are as follows:

Shield of hearts - Combines the stats of the Dragonfire shields together, as well as acts as a Dragonfire shield.

[Image: vcLwDhC.png]

Wand of hearts - Gives stats between a Master wand and a Kodai wand, as well as is able to autocast ancients.

[Image: ZWRaHXL.png]

Bow of hearts - A reskinned version of the Batwing bow, and shoots hearts per shot!

[Image: igolrc8.png]

You can examine the Valentine's mystery cache to see what's inside. You can also receive Valentine's mystery caches from voting!

In addition to this, all the Valentine's themed items have temporarily been added to the Mystery cache for the event at a 1/20 chance! 

Korasi's Sword

Korasi's sword has been added to Justine's tournament point shop for 250 tournament points to incentivize more players doing tournaments! The item inherits the stats of the Voidwalker from OSRS, including its special attack, Disrupt - dealing magic damage between 50-150% of the user's maximum melee hit at the cost of 50% special attack energy.

[Image: PvKIUiI.png]

Revenant Cave Entry Fee

To combat some recent unrest about the potential abusability of the revenant caves as well as recent players wanting more of an incentive to PK, a 10m gold fee has been added to the Revenant Caves. Note that this fee will only be required once until you die inside the Revenant caves to a player, in which that player can loot that fee that you paid for. You also are not required to bring this fee with you - it will be removed from your bank upon confirmation that you can pay the fee.

[Image: DmXsAGk.png]

In other news:
- Added an additional examine to the left and right-tipped judgement perks that both cannot be activated at the same time.
- Added a check to make sure Kree'arra (Elite) is alive before it does the push/pull mechanic.
- The shadow behemoth will now only halve damage inflicted during its darkness phase.
- Kree'arra (elite) can now be deathtouched darted.
- The use-quickly option in bank booths can now be used to load your last selected preset. 
- The Woodcutting master cape will now automatically bank birds' nests.
- Fixed a bug where teleporting out of the tournament lobby will lock your account.
- Added some text clarity to show that entering a tournament requires no stats or items.

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  Ourania RC Setup
Posted by: Remington - 01-31-2023, 12:53 AM - Forum: Guides - No Replies

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  1/27/2023: Collection log rewards, bugfixes, QoL!
Posted by: Ene - 01-28-2023, 06:37 AM - Forum: Server Updates - Replies (6)

Hey Etherealians,

Quite a massive content update today! I've noticed a lot of people haven't been bossing a lot lately, and I wanted to incentivize it a lot more. So with this, brings:

Collection Log Rewards

Collection logs for bosses now have rewards attached with them! You can see the rewards for each boss by clicking the Log Rewards button next to their respective killcount.

[Image: FpK5kW9.png]

This will bring up this interface, which shows what you get for completing the said log! Note that you can only claim these rewards once per account - to compensate, most of them are tradeable so you're free to collect logs on multiple accounts to get more! You can also examine the items in this interface to show what the recipe gives or what stats the item has.

[Image: oo7jpBV.png]

New rewards include:

Cryptic maul: An upgrade to the Elder maul, which gives stats equivalent to the Chaotic maul in pre-EoC RS! This is obtained via completing the Cryptic pharaoh log.

[Image: yYHCxqG.png]

Shadower sword: An upgrade to the Shadow sword, which gives stats equivalent to a stab version of an Abyssal tentacle, while retaining the former's magic and prayer-draining special attack as well as dealing an additional 5% damage and accuracy to shadow/demon monsters. Obtained via completing the Runebound behemoth log.

[Image: iv2sken.png]

Abyssal ward: A new best-in-slot ranged shield that gives great ranged attack and strength! This is obtained via completing the Abyssal sire log. Note that Unsired will list as unobtained in the collection log at the moment - however if you've actually received one before you should be able to claim the rewards still.

[Image: nuuocdb.png]

Smoke battlestaff (g): A new staff that provides an infinite source of air and fire runes, as well as increases damage and accuracy dealt with smoke spells by 15% as well as doubles the poison damage from them! This is obtained via completing the Thermonuclear Smoke Devil log. Note that the spellbook will not show you as having an infinite source of these runes but they will still work.

[Image: 8O0eZU6.png]

Corporeal thread: Can be used to imbue the amulet of torture and necklace of anguish into blood variants, each inheriting the amulet of blood fury effect with infinite charges as well as slightly increasing their stats! Obtained via completing the Corporeal beast collection log.

[Image: LXDCVru.png]

[Image: eMYfoPm.png]

Slayer helmet (serpentine): An upgrade to the enriched slayer helmet, will retain the boosts of the Slayer helmet with slightly increased stats and gains the Strength bonus and the venom-applying effect from the Serpentine helmet! Obtained via completing the Zulrah collection log.

[Image: fXgML0L.png]

Omnipotent boots: An upgrade to all 3 of the cerberus boots, combining the three boots and very slightly increasing their stats. Obtained via completing the Cerberus collection log.

[Image: Ex8joLG.png]

Auspicious ring: An upgrade to the Ring of wealth (i), granting 15% DDR and great all-around stats! Obtained via completing the Dagannoth Kings collection log.

[Image: DKLtpU2.png]

Vengeance-in-a-bottle: An inventory slot item that grants you free one-click access to the Vengeance spell without requiring runes. Obtained via completing the Skotizo collection log.

There are not only new items included with log rewards, but also new perks!

Fire and ice: Triples the damage dealt by dragonfire shields in non-PvP situations as well as removes the charge cost. Obtained via completing the Vorkath collection log.

[Image: emQeYc7.png]

Chitin-laced poison: Grants cannonballs a small chance to poison on hit. Obtained via completing the Kalphite Queen collection log.

[Image: ARA5iiI.png]

Three-pronged slayer: Gives Ranged attacks a 5% chance to strike an additional hit per attack on your Slayer target. Obtained via completing the Alchemical Hydra collection log.

[Image: FA3hwQs.png]

We've also added collection logs to all of our custom bosses in, so hope you have fun filling up those logs as well!

Seed Vault

By popular demand, a nice QoL object has been added for UIMs and full-bank-space players alike. The seed vault has been added, accessible in the Farming Guild. Placeholders and favorites has been omitted for the time being but I can assure you I will figure out how to add them in the near future.

[Image: Ld21kUE.png]

[Image: rO9iqXq.png]

Vyre and Elf pickpocketing

Vyres in Darkmeyer and Elves in Prifddinas can now be pickpocketed for experience and loot! Vyrewatch sentinels have been made non-aggressive to allow players to safely pickpocket these. You can get a blood shard as a rare chance from vyres as well as crystal shards from any pickpocketable elf in Priff!

Recipe viewing

You can now view all recipes to see what materials they require/what they make in a new interface!

[Image: gvCW0X1.png]

[Image: 3eqjWpK.png]
In other news:
The cryptic mace recipe has been made tradeable.
- Skotizo has had its health massively nerfed.
- Snakelings at Zulrah should be a little less accurate.
- Added some missing collection log items to boss drop tables.
- Added skilling pets and the elven crystal chest to the collection log.
- Fixed a wrong teleport destination for the Cryptic lair.
- The ring of slaying should instantly teleport the player to their destination if there is only one option.
- Removed some errant objects that were not intended.
- Kree'arra (elite) should now reset its attack count when re-appearing after orbs spawn.
- Fixed an issue where the wrong object was used to craft Ferocious gloves.
- The slayer staff should now be able to autocast magic dart.
- Fixed a wrong ID when crafting the divine spirit shield.
- It is now possible to withdraw coins from your death coffer.
- Fixed an issue that would cause slight lag when flipping through the collection log entries.
- Turning the winch at Cerberus will now give you an option to choose any of the three rooms.
- Runite rocks at the diamond donator mining area will now be permanent.
- Changing smith amounts in the smithing interface should no longer change it for everyone.
- Fixed an issue where smelting with a molten sphere pet with a full inventory would result in a lost bar.

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  1/19/2023: Well of Goodwill, QoL, bugfixes!
Posted by: Ene - 01-20-2023, 01:48 AM - Forum: Server Updates - Replies (4)

Hey Etherealians,

Today's update brings a nice gold sink to provide some server-wide boosts for every player - if you're feeling generous, contribute to the new Well of Goodwill!

Well of Goodwill

The well object at home now has a use! You can access the Well of Goodwill interface by clicking the well object at home, right to the east of the home bank.

[Image: vu7Wd4v.png]

This will bring up the new Well of Goodwill interface, which you can choose to donate to four different buffs! Each buff will cost a total of 100m per level to activate for 2 hours - for example, 100m for level 1, 200m for level 2, and 300m for level 3. At the max level, you just have to pay the same amount for it to add to the timer.

[Image: GLFpMcr.png]

The buffs are:

- Bonus experience: Grants 10% bonus experience per level, up to level 3.
- Double points: Grants 2x points at Pest Control, Wintertodt, Mage Arena, and skilling points.
- Superior spawn rate - Grants a 10% spawn rate increase to superior slayer monsters, up to level 3.
- DDR: Grants a 10% DDR boost per level, up to level 3 and removes the DDR cap for easy mode players while the buff is active.

Additionally, when 50m coins or more are donated at once, your name is broadcasted!

[Image: tW8TnnE.png]

All of these buffs also stack with current modifiers too!


After a lot of backporting to our client, lootbeams are now live! Thanks to the work of Advistane as well, ground item text will now have trading post integration - meaning it will display the average price of the item if it had been traded in the trading post! You can configure the lootbeam settings in the Ground Items plugin in the RuneLite client.

[Image: bzpdpQl.png]
In other news:
- The defence requirement for the enriched black mask has been removed.
- Desert scorpions should now be killable under a Scorpion slayer task.
- Greater nechryael spawns in the Kourend catacombs have been adjusted.
- The events page should now properly update when the server is restarted.
- Fixed some achievement name issues in the Construction achievement diary.
- The Alchemical hydra should now drop 2 items at once.
- It is no longer possible to use a multicannon at the Cryptic lair.
- Fixed an issue where Cave worms and Kyren fish were disappearing.
- Added placeholders for the Ancient godsword, Zaryte crossbow, Master skillcapes and hoods, Torva armour, and custom pets.
- The Serenity pet will now send overcap drop rate drops to the bank as well as ancient shards and dark totems.
- Arrows/bolts will no longer drop to the ground if an Ava's device is equipped.
- You can now correctly save the gnome agility course shortcut as a favorite teleport.
- Crystal tools now only require level 71 in their respective skill to use.
- Worked on a lot of networking on the backend to try to improve stability.

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