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7/6/2022: Mining achievements, bugfixes, more!
Hey Etherealians,

Not quite a big update this time - but definitely a needed one as we've gotten reports of a lot of larger bugs recently, so I've tackled quite a few of them and hopefully can finish the rest of them soon with more content updates, as I don't like pushing out an update without adding something new to the table.

Mining achievements are here as the first wave of our skilling achievements - we'll do a lot more than one at a time in the future, just needed to push this out to test them out. Skilling achievements will be able to be access by clicking the skill tab, and then choosing to View Achievements.

[Image: r6goYJf.png]

You'll see that there's two new perks that comes with these achievements!

Golden Touch - Grants a 5% chance per level to automatically smelt the mined ore into a bar. Each level is obtained by completing certain achievements in the mining category.

Ecosystem savior - Grants a 10% chance to not use coal while smelting bars (upon writing this I realized I forgot to implement the actual part for this...haha...will come w/ a hotfix or next update.)

Next is a big nerf that a lot of players may not like but is a needed one - Double drop rate will now be capped at a hard 25%. To remedy this a little bit for people that are way over 25%, I've added an additional stat called RDT (DDR Overcap). This leftover chance gives you a percent to hit a brand new, rare drop table - which contains items that may help prolong trips, add future supplies, and give you a small chance at receiving a Ring of wealth (i).

I've also added another donator benefit to help add on to this because of the reduced value of DDR; cannons will have a small chance at firing a "charged shot" that will deal extra damage - the rates will be posted in the donator benefits post in the Knowledge Base.

Finally, I've also posted a poll above to the many complaints I've gotten about the scarcity of limestone bricks, gold leaves, and marble bricks - so please voice your opinions above!

In other news:
- Dwarf cannon should work properly now.
- Cerberus crystal drops should now all properly announce.
- Desert sentinels and desert basilisks have had their max hits slightly lowered.
- Zombies should now be attackable in the Stronghold of Security.
- There is now a tanner at home.
- Added impling jars to the General store.
- Added Fighter torso to the Tournament store.
- Tournament winners should now properly announce.
- The Ardougne teleport task in the medium Ardougne diary should now work properly.
- The starter tutorial has been adjusted to include the new achievements for new players.
- Cerberus ghosts have had their animations adjusted.
- The Celestial ring will now give you a chance to mine an additional pay-dirt.
- Chambers of Xeric raids should no longer remove farming supplies and tools from participating players' banks and inventories.
- The white/purple glow from a Chambers of Xeric raid loot should now properly show.
- Pure essence from the Chambers of Xeric should no longer appear as frequently.
- The chance at a rare loot has been reduced from 1% per 8675 points to 1% per 6000.
- Rune dragons, lesser demons, and greater demons should now be adjusted for most of their spawns to account for daily tasks.
- You can now examine the Larran's chest to see loot and drop rates.
- Revenant kills are now tracked in the collection log, and Demonic gorilla kills should now show up properly in the collection log.
- Added functionality for the Keris partisan recipe.
- Anti-venom and Anti-venom+ should make the player immune to poison for the intended time.
- Added bow strings and crystal shards to the skilling drop tables.
- Purchasing certain collection log gear from the Daily task shop should properly update your collection log.
- You can now deposit multiple amounts of compost/supercompost/ultracompost to the Tool Leprechaun AND in noted form now too.
- Fixed an issue where the donator benefit of having a chance at noting a cut log did not work properly for Teak trees.
- Added the commands "hiscores" and "market" to link the user to the respective website pages.
Huge update!
Mining achievements? Just for mee? Aww thanks!

Amazing update!
hell ya! HUGE update and good fixes. That cannon one was driving me nuts! hahah Thanks ene for the amazing work!

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