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6/8/2024: Return of the beach event, Summer battle pass, more!
Hey Etherealians,

Today's update brings back Skippy's Beach Party, along with a new battle pass and a new weapon to the summer event!

Summer Battle Pass

The new Summer battle pass contains some new goodies for y'all to play with - this time magic oriented!

Sunscreen (perk): Grants resistance to dragonfire when activated. Obtained from the premium Summer battle pass.

Elemental circlet: Grants a 10% increase to damage and accuracy when casting elemental spells, as well as granting decent stats in the helmet slot for magic. Obtained from completing the normal Summer battle pass.

[Image: npkyGXV.png]

Beach umbrella: A fairy low-hitting magic mainhand, with a built-in spell. Grants faster attacks when paired with the Beach ball in the off-hand slot.

[Image: jfa1cfI.png]

Beach ball: A magic offhand that grants decent offensive magic stats as well as granting the passive bonus of the beach umbrella when conjoined. Both are obtained from the premium Summer battle pass.

[Image: WprvYSy.png]

Alchecrab: A new pet from the battle pass, allows you to submit up to 1k of one item into it - in which it will auto-alch them over the next 12 hours. Upon reaching 12 hours, you will receive gold equal to its high alchemy value with some modifiers; 5%/15%/25% increased gold based on your pet level, as well as stacking with Alchemaniac if activated. Obtained from both the normal and the premium Summer battle pass.

[Image: 6HKfh2t.png]

Skippy's Beach Party

Skippy's beach party is back, and with a new reward to boot! You can read the full details here:

The new weapon from Skippy's shop is the new Beach sandy 2h sword, which is a longsword-speed hitting weapon that has a unique special attack - Pocket sand - consuming 25% of your max hitpoints to deal a hit with 50% increased damage and accuracy with a slight delay - perfect for comboing hits!

[Image: s4M5Jts.png]

Important Balance Change

Due to recent feedback on the extremely powerful Berserker's frenzy perk, we have decided to try this adjustment to tone down the power level it brings to the game:

Berserker's frenzy will have a 1 minute 15 second cooldown when procced.

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