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3/22/2024: A new boss - TzekHaar-Jad!
Hey Etherealians,

Today's update brings a new group boss in the style similar to Corporeal Beast - TzekHaar-Jad!


TzekHaar-Jad can be found in its lair (very similar looking to the Inferno...I wonder why...). It has some familiar but also new, unique mechanics to watch out for! I won't spoil much about it right now, but it does have the typical Jad stomp and magic attacks - so make sure you get your Prayer ready!
[Image: klOIN5a.png]
You'll probably be looking mostly for the rewards the looting system has largely been borrowed from OSRS's Nex fight - that is, every participating player will receive loot! However, if a rare loot is rolled (1/75), only one can be pooled across all players participating; the MVP of the fight (the killer that does the most damage) will have a 10% extra chance at receiving the rare drop than others. Rare drops include:
TzekHaar stone - Can be used on a piece of Obsidian armour to imbue it, granting it extra strength, defence, and strength - as well as a new magic attack stack to make it hybrid! The passive bonus of dealing 10% extra damage and accuracy to your target, as long as the set is equipped is retained; but you don't need to use obsidian weaponry for it!
[Image: pwFYgr5.png]
Ek-ZekKil - A new 2 handed melee weapon that has a new passive - Inferno - which totally isn't the soulreaper axe btw but each hit gives one Inferno stack by dealing 8 damage to yourself and increases your damage by 6% against your target per Inferno stack. This can stack up to 5 times, and will persist as long as the soulreap-I mean Ek-ZekKil is equipped and you are in combat within 10 ticks of receiving your last stack.
[Image: hFy0xxw.png]
Event Updates
Spring is coming soon, and something seems to be coming to Ethereal - you have until April 1st, 2024 to finish any leftover Halloween and Christmas event stuff!
In other news:
- Zulrah's been mostly fixed and should now drop scales, not always be jad form if the invocation is not enabled, and should be a LOT closer to OSRS now. A balance change with this also includes the fact that if the invocation "Bulkier Snake" is enabled, Slayer task related effects will not work.
- Clue scrolls from Goblins and H.A.M. members have dramatically had their drop rates increased.
The Corporeal beast damage cap has been removed.
- Fixed an issue where The Nightmare dropped the wrong ID of Dragon javelins.
- The chance to spawn a mimic from clue scrolls have been adjusted. Easy is now: 1/500 -> 1/150, Medium: 1/250 -> 1/100, Hard: 1/100 -> 1/50, Elite: 1/50 -> 1/30, Master and Legendary remains unchanged at 1/15 and 1/5 respectively.
- GWD killcount is no longer required during an ongoing GWD mass.
- Fixed a bug where players would get Defence experience when completing a daily task.
- The Dinh's bulwark special attack has been added.
- Added some missing placeholders for the Dragonfire shield and its variants.
- Added full functionality for adding individual bank fillers.
- Fixed a bug that caused the Monkey archer pet to be stronger than intended.
- Double-hit perks will no longer proc off the Santa's gift-wrapper.
- Fixed a bug where the battle pass would award the player with title changes but not the physical item.
- The golden bowstring should now properly string bows faster than normal.
- Fixed an issue where effects regarding ice spells would not properly apply.

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