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12/25/2023: Winter event 2023, drop rate adjustments, more!
Hey Etherealians,

Today's update brings the 2023 Winter event to the game, with some new toys to play with - as well as some drop rate adjustments to help speed up the mid/late game grinding!

Winter Event 2023

The first of the major updates today is the new 2023 Winter event! You'll notice that our home area has been revamped to give a winter-y feel!

[Image: E8bzX5g.jpg]

Interacting with the Christmas tree at home opens the new Advent calendar - which should give rewards to players for simply logging in for an hour and voting for the server! Try to collect all 12 rewards, which includes a brand new cosmetic, the Icy santa hat, some other useful rewards, and more!

[Image: RQ0uga7.png]

Diango at home is the host of the new event - teleporting players to the new event area when his snow globe needs filling! You'll notice run energy drains here as well - make sure you try to be lightweight for reasons below - for the new event!

[Image: 1Tij5Tn.png]

When the globe needs filling, you can grab snowy knights from the patches here:

[Image: oVPHHtB.png]

The catch is that each patch gives a different color of snowy knight, and the snow globe likes a particular one at a time! So make sure you try to deposit the correct color as much as possible!

[Image: 12EmNYZ.png]

Now for the rewards:

The top 5 players in the event are given more candy cane tokens - the new event currency - than others, with the first place getting the most! They also have a higher chance to get a snow globe specific reward!

Santa's mini-sack - exclusive to participating in the snow globe event, with a higher chance depending on your participation.
[Image: SwidF1X.png]

Icy imp pet - a potential reward from the snow globe event as well, grants a 5% per level accuracy and damage boost when casting ice spells, up to level 3.
[Image: QQNlgw8.png]

Candy cane tokens can also be used to purchase items in the new event shop! 
[Image: cNlfmX2.png]

Candy cane tokens can also be obtained via skilling, PvM, voting, and pest control if you don't want to mainly do the main snow globe! The main unique reward is a recipe for the new Santa's gift-wrapper, a new BiS ballista that has a special effect of guaranteeing your max hit for the first hit against a monster!

[Image: Vy24Jag.png]

Boss Drop Rate Adjustments

I've adjusted some drop rates for some less-desirable bosses due to their high drop rates.

Elite kree'arra and Elite general graardor now drop 3 items at a time instead of 2.
Dagannoth supreme, rex, and prime now drop pets at a 1/250 chance instead of 1/1000.
Cryptic pharaoh has had its unique drop rate increased by 2x.
Xamphur has had its unique drop rates increased by 2x across all invocations.
Night-gazer Khighorahk has had its unique drop rates increased by 1.5x in high invo, and 2x in med/low invos.
In other news:
Pearl fishing rods should now work correctly for anglerfish and kyren fish.

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