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12/12/2023: Slayer diary, Mutated slayer creatures, more!
Hey Etherealians,
Today's update brings a new achievement diary - the Slayer diary! Completing this diary will provide some much-needed benefits and QoL to the Slayer skill!

Slayer Achievement Diary

The Slayer achievement diary can be accessed with all the other achievement diaries in the achievement interface. Completing each tier grants the following rewards:

Easy: Slayer tasks will award 5 more slayer points per task.
Medium: Coin pouches upon completing slayer tasks will be doubled.
Hard: A new type of superior - mutated slayer creatures (shown below) - will have a 1/100 chance of spawning upon a successful slayer task kill.
Elite: Slayer supply drops from slayer task monsters will be doubled.

Finally, upon completing the entire diary you'll be rewarded with a Slayer master's bracelet recipe, allowing you to create the new BiS slayer bracelet! This bracelet will provide great all-around stats, provide the benefits of both the Bracelet of slaughter and Expeditious bracelet when toggled, as well as a 5% damage and accuracy increase to your Slayer target.

[Image: FizQRCV.png]

Other rewards from completing the diary include:

Golden mask and Golden slayer helmet (i) - Cosmetic recolors of their originals. The slayer helmet (i) can be obtained by combining the Golden mask with an imbued slayer helmet.

[Image: FNHd647.png]

[Image: s4swAwI.png]

Slayer equalizer (perk) - Increases the minimum damage against your Slayer target by 3% of your max hit per perk level as long as the hit was successful.
Mutated slayer creatures

[Image: Qycb1ug.png]

Upon completing the hard tasks of the Slayer diary, there will be a 1/100 chance to spawn a Mutated slayer superior. These creatures are pushovers to kill, but boast a pretty decent amount of health and provide great Slayer experience, as well as 3 rolls in a nice supply drop table! There is also a 1/150 chance per kill to receive a Berserker icon (from mutated jellies), Archers icon (from mutated slimes), and Seers icon (from mutated killerwatts), which can be combined with 3 berserker rings, 3 archer rings, and 3 seers rings respectively to create 3 new rings - the Ultor ring, venator ring, and magus ring! These rings are buffed compared to their OSRS counterparts.

[Image: 5ntTjCD.png]

[Image: kMRGAAV.png]

[Image: maQIYrq.png]

In addition, there is a 1/100 chance per kill to receive a perk scroll for the new Engorged hearts perk, which increases the stat boosts from imbued hearts and its variants by +3 and reduces its cooldown by 2 minutes.

Elite GWD Improvements

The elite godwars bosses have gained some supplies from their normal counterparts, and will now drop items from their original bosses! This means you can now receive bandos pieces, armadyl pieces, etc. from their elite counterparts!

Additionally, the drop rate of godsword hilts have been increased to help y'all fill up your logs faster.
In other news:
- The KQ head drop rate has been increased.
- Fixed a bug where using a donator rank transfer scroll would freeze a character if they transferred all of their rank.
- Changed the delay between eating the bottomless pile of candy to be treated as a potion instead.
- You can now combine the max cape and an extreme cape (t5) to create an extreme max cape.
Checking a seed pack now gives you an option to bank all of the seeds in the pack.
- Increased the grace time between successfully claimed votes to 36 hours rather than 24 to extend your vote streak.
- Fixed a text bug when handing in marks of grace as an Extreme player.
- Extreme players now have a 50% DDR cap instead of 40% at t3 and above.

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