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11/14/2023: A (late) Fall event, Vote interface, more!
Hey Etherealians,

Today's update brings a new event - that will hopefully run through Christmas as well! (We have an event stored for that too, so don't worry!)

A (pretty late) Fall Event

Y'all will notice a new area to the northeast of the home bank! Our beloved Killer, the main event host for the Halloween event has lost all of his bats again, and he knows it's due to the mysterious island that's popped up!

[Image: dDz8dsY.jpg]

You'll see a bunch of new amenities in this island, namely two new monsters: Halloweenies and Pumpkabats. These are very easy NPCs to kill as long as you have Prayer; they have guaranteed drops of our new event currency, Bat token (2023), as well as two new uniques!

Bat necklace: A new ranged necklace, offering more Ranged accuracy than the Necklace of anguish but a little bit less ranged strength.

[Image: 4d2RFwV.png]

Skeletal nunchaku: A new pair of nunchaku that has a unique effect of hitting twice! It's got great accuracy but low strength.
[Image: bYbT5V8.png]

These have a flat drop rate of 1/517 from the new monsters, so get to grindin'!

These monsters also have a chance of dropping the new Fall mystery cache, that has a load of Halloween-related cosmetics and the new exclusive Fall h'ween mask, which is only obtainable through this event! You'll also see a recipe as a result of the new chest, that creates the new Terrifying charm, a new pocket slot item that provides great all-around stats.

[Image: lL5p00k.png]

Over to the northeast section of the island has two new AFK skilling nodes, the Large pile of candy (Herblore, Agility, and Thieving nodes) and the Unusually colored tree (Woodcutting, Crafting, and Firemaking nodes). Killer also resides here to give you access to the old Halloween event shop as well as the new one! The new bat tokens can be spent on the new Witch set, providing great offensive Magic bonuses and has a passive effect of a 20% accuracy and damage increase when using powered staves!

The Bottomless pile of candy is obtainable from the Large pile of candy skilling node at a rate of 1/2500 actions. This functions as an unlimited supply of Purple Sweets, healing you for 1-3 HP per interaction and never depletes.
[Image: Oi9v8Sm.png]

[Image: ovnsYNs.png]

Finally, a new event can appear every 3 hours - the Pumpkin totem! This event works a bit differently from our past event bosses - a pumpkin totem will spawn in the middle of the event area and can only be damaged by a designated event weapon; for example, it may say it can only be damaged by shortbows, so make sure you only use weapons that work as shortbows (preferably one that has shortbow in its name because I can't account for all)! The top 5 damage dealers will receive a fall event chest in addition to guaranteed bat tokens, as well as the #1 dealer will receive two chests! All players have a chance to receive a new Jack-o-lantern pet as well for participating!

[Image: vmceNET.png]

Voting QoL

A new voting interface has been added, showing the player's current streak and potential streak rewards! It also shows when the player can next extend their streak so they don't happen to claim too early, as well as an option to claim their vote buff so the player can ensure they are out of any interface-closing activities before they claim their buff.

[Image: YgOIwfC.png]

In other news:
- Fixed an issue where the wrong text was displayed when completing a weekly/daily at the max Extreme cape rank.
- Fixed an issue with a Wilderness scroll placeholder.
- Added extreme capes to Mac's skillcape shop.
- Fixed a bug where ultimate ironmen would not receive a skillcape.
- Fixed a bug where the Veteran/Extreme title will be applied to a player on another game mode.
- The golden ticket event should automatically end after 2 hours.
- Fixed a bug where collection log kills would not show properly after the addition of Night-gazer.
Fixed a bug that was allowing people to have fun
[Image: tKUngFb.png]

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