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Elite Kril Guide
Thanks to @Veng for creating this guide!

Once you get the mechanics down, it is doable in pretty budget gear. For the sake of this guide, I will be using void.
[Image: y9xjn8U.png]
And my inventory setup, you want to be sure to be on ancients, have runes for all 4 styles of barrages, and a melee weapon (will touch on this later)
[Image: r3m3Jjj.png][Image: J9bWZMZ.png][Image: 7p5RSqy.png]
To get in to the boss room, you will need 10 zamorak minion killcount, an ecumancial key, or an infinite GWD key. (edited)Upon entering, you will notice crystals on the East side of the room. These can only be damaged by their respective Ancient magicks spell. I've marked which ones are which. Once you begin attacking the boss (I like to freeze him to start, so you can stay out of melee range) he will choose between Blood, Shadow, or Smoke. What style he chooses will pop up in your chat box in game. K'ril has 3 different phases during the fight, but 4 overall. The phases will proc at 70% health, 50%, and 25%. At the end of each phase it will show which crystal to attack, lighting up as its respective color to match the spell, and have a yellow arrow pointing to it.
[Image: y4EpeEo.png]  [Image: 9UyQbU5.png]
Lets start with the Shadow phase: The spawn order of the minions is what you need to pay attention to. For my example, the spawn order was Green (range), Blue (mage), and lastly Red (melee). These are just like the ghost spawns from Cerberus, where you need to pray against the respective style to avoid damage, but you will lose 15 prayer points when the minions attack and you pray correctly, so be sure to stay high prayer. During this phase your screen will be completely black, so you will need to remember the spawn order. If you miss prayers, you will take damage, but you can eat your way out of dying. Red text will pop up in the chatbox letting you know if you prayed correctly/incorrectly. Once you get done with this, you will attack the Shadow crystal with Shadow spells. Once the crystal is destroyed, you go back to damaging K'ril until the next phase.
[Image: PfDqohS.png][Image: hrZgZBE.png]

Blood Phase: This one is pretty self explanatory. He will spawn 5 blood waves starting at the north side of the room, and you will need to stand in the gaps in the waves to avoid damage. If hit by the wave, you will take 50 damage, so any misclicks can stack you out pretty quickly. Again, once the waves are done, you will use Blood spells to destroy the blood crystal. [Image: 1qkW4GR.png]
Smoke Phase: He will tell you to find him in his Smoke, and teleport you to the door, on either the west, east, or right in front of the door. When you get teleported, there will be bombs between you and the smoke, but they are easily avoidable. The highlighted tiles I have marked are the East/West teleports, but he can tele you right in the middle. If you run to either side, you can safely click on the smoke and take zero damage, but be sure to click towards the middle of the smoke, or you will get hit with 75s. Once you reach the smoke, he will show back up, and you can then damage the crystal with Smoke spells.
[Image: eDNCRrz.png][/size]
Ice Phase: Ice will always be the 3rd and final phase of the fight, proccing when his health hits 25%. During this phase, he says his Ice Minion will completely freeze you, and the minion will be dropped on your location. You need the minion to spawn on you on the far west side of the room, directly across from a previously destroyed crystal. You will then need to position yourself to where the minion is looking at you, towards the previously destroyed crystal. The minion has some dialogue "Boss told me to avoid hitting the crystals...focus..." This is when you should have him aimed. His next piece of dialogue is "Ready to fire, boss!" Once he says this, he is locked in whichever way he is facing, and will let out an ice attack. If done correctly, it will create a bridge to the other side, so you can destroy the uncharged crystal. The uncharged crystal can only be damaged with melee weapons, so that is why I have the whip in my inventory. Once you destroy the uncharged crystal with melee, switch back to your mage weapon and finish the Ice crystal with Ice spells. Once the Ice crystal is destroyed, K'ril will say "I... am... weakened...", and you can finish him off. If you are unsuccessful at aiming the ice minion, and can only kill the Ice crystal, he will become enraged and deal heaps of damage in a short span of time, and take less damage. If it gets to this points, your best bet is to tele out and restart
[Image: 3i2tCOH.png]
[Image: LsalJmA.png]
[Image: Eg955lt.png]

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