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4/8/2023: Rasolo's Weekly Tasks, Spring Event, and more!
Hey Etherealians,

There was certainly a large delay in bringing this update as everytime I felt like I finished something there was something else that ended up being needed to add, haha... I also deeply apologize for the issues regarding donating at the moment and I can assure that we are working hard to resolve these current issues. Now, without further ado, here's the update post!

Rasolo's Weekly Tasks

Rasolo now has a bunch of weekly tasks to give! You can ask these weeklies either by using the command ::weeklies or by talking to Rasolo and selecting the corresponding option. Weekly tasks are given differently for each player - there is no rush for a player to complete weekly tasks as they are given to each player on their own weekly basis, starting on the first login when this update is released. 

[Image: h3uFGGr.png]

Rasolo's task board allows players to select up to 5 tasks per week to complete - remember that you can only finish 5 tasks per week, and once you choose the tasks you cannot deselect them so only choose tasks you wish to finish for maximum points!

Rasolo's weekly task shop has a few new goodies:

[Image: N8XQ2oI.png]

[Image: SQ7etVV.png]

[Image: AjdoTFz.png]

[Image: w8Qh6Ch.png]

[Image: kKZFu9F.png]

[Image: tsqJozR.png]

Cup o' overload: Can store an infinite amount of overload doses, but will need to be filled with overload potions. Comes with 100 overload doses to start!

Spring Event

Here comes Ethereal's next seasonal event - the Spring event! This will combine elements of OSRS's easter event and RS3's spring events together to create something fun to do!

[Image: uorz5WJ.png]

The Freaky Forester has arrived in home island and needs your help! Talk to him to enter his forest enclosure and help him eliminate the engorged rabbits that have been eating his pheasants! 

[Image: FrqB091.png]

Kill these for some guaranteed carrot tokens, which can be used to buy things in the Freaky Forester's shop, or you can also get some bunny ears as a rare drop! Killing these engorged rabbits also will eventually cause an even larger rabbit to spawn in the southern part - the evil engorged rabbit. Take it down for some large token rewards and some other uniques!

[Image: K37Aylr.png]

The Freaky Forester shop also includes some new items!

[Image: ZrxtcSU.png]

Evil bunny ears - a cosmetic item that can be purchased in the token shop or as a rare drop from the evil engorged rabbit.

[Image: vY8bFZW.png]

Eggshell outfit - sometimes I question the designs that are in the game. Obtained from the token shop.

[Image: jtgV4B1.png]

Spring amulet - a new amulet that provides tribrid stats made to bridge the gap between the amulet of fury and zenyte jewelry! 

[Image: GSEelPy.png]

Spring cape - a new cape that provides defensive-focused stats as well as a passive effect that gives the wielder a 10% chance to heal for half of the damage inflicted.

[Image: Apw7jx5.png]

Easter scythe - a new scythe that provides worse stats than the scythe of vitur but retains its effect and does not require charges! Created by the Easter scythe recipe in the carrot token shop.

[Image: ALur5FZ.png]

[Image: BrP1l8g.png]

Pet evil rabbit - a pet that grants 3% bonus experience (max level 1). Obtained via a rare drop from the evil engorged rabbit.

[Image: 2rQ4gK6.png]

This event will last until the next main event, so take advantage of this! Voting will also grant 25 carrot tokens as an extra reward!

Golden Ticket Event

A new event has been added, the Golden Ticket event! This event will occur every 6 hours or if spawned by an admin, will usually include an extra reward!

This event will announce a particular object (mining a mithril rock, woodcutting a redwood tree, fishing a monkfish, pickpocketing a hero, etc.) and give a small chance for a random player doing the particular action to win a Golden ticket. These golden tickets will be able to be exchanged in the near future for rewards, or exchanged to an admin during spawned events to receive their prize! This event will also be updated in the near future to include NPC kills as well.
In other news:
Lava scale shards have been added to the Herblore shop.
- Dragon arrows have been added to the Ranging shop for both normal players and ironmen.
- Vorkath should now be affected by the dragon hunter lance and dragon hunter crossbow as intended.
- Fixed an issue that would cause large rollbacks to players who had not logged out in the case of a server crash.
- Added some more tips to the recurring news broadcasts ingame.
- Fixed an issue that would reward wild pies instead of luck enhancers for the revenant agility task.
- Fixed an issue that would cause rare drops from Kraken tentacles to spawn on the water.
- Fixed an issue that would allow players to infinite chop dead ents.
- Added dagannoths from the Kourend Catacombs to the daily tasks.
- Fixed an issue where Vorkath would do more damage than intended through dragonfire protection.
- Added a free cosmetic override key to users using the referral command.
- Verzik's heart and the imbued heart no longer share a cooldown and can be both used simultaneously.
- The max cape can now be used to teleport to an active crystal herbiboar event.
- Fixed an issue where leveling up a hydra pet with a levelup certificate would not level up its variants.
- Increased the amount of gold received by enhanced crystal keys.
- Fixed an issue that allowed skipping of the Pollnivneach course.
- Having a golden knife in your inventory will now automatically cut caught fish from aerial fishing.
Fixed an issue where shiny pets would not increase experience 
- Fixed an issue where the last player to join an odd numbered tournament would get the tournament bye.

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