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remnant of iban, a mid level boss :)
another boss idea and uniques
remnant of iban would be an osrs inspired solo only, repeatable boss. the main unique reward would be iban's shadow, an attachable upgrade to iban's staff.
iban would reside in a cave, and during the encounter falling rocks would mark tiles for danger.
iban himself would be a ghost, and at the beginning of the battle he will resurrect one of holthion (melee), doomion (magic),, or othainian (ranged) to assist him in taking down the player.
while his minion is alive, it will attack the player. and iban will be invulnerable while also launching attacks at the player.
his primary attack would be a modified version of iban's blast, maxing a 30 off prayer and 15 against protect from magic.
after every three attacks, iban will instead use one of his special attacks:
- skeleton dog: ressurects a typeless skeleton dog to follow the player.
- flames: iban will light tiles on the ground on fire.
- channel: for the next 12 ticks, iban channels, instead causing his minion to attack twice as fast.
when iban's minion falls below 50% hp, it will become immune to damage and need to be lured on top of the correct platform, after which it will be paralyzed/frozen, and iban will become susceptible to damage.
at this point the player will simply try to avoid damage from the falling rocks/special attacks while attacking iban.
once iban's hp reaches zero his spirit will be banished, and the demon will break free from the chains, becoming permanently enraged.
each demon will have a special attack pertaining to its combat style.
melee: functions like the dreamland mango
range: roots the player in place by spawning a skeleton hand next to the player, which must be attacked for 1 damage before they can move again.
mage: big fireball pewpewpew
after both iban and his familiar have been slain, the player will be able to enter the second part of the lair, where they'll see their loot in a pile of ashes that glows white or red depending on if a unique is there.
iban himself would drop a unique, iban's shadow.
iban's shadow would be combined with iban's staff to turn it into iban's accursed staff.
the staff would have a built in 4 tick spell, an upgraded version of iban's blast, with properties similar to the osrs colossal blade (increased damage scaling with mob size, up to a max hit of 34 against 5x5 targets.)
i'm also going to suggest uniques for each of the three demons, the amulet of holthion/doomion/othainian,
the amulets would function as either an undead buff or demonic buff, percentage-wise stronger than that of the salve ei, but restricted to one type.\

i will probably revise this because this is currently my first draft, but i figured i'd just keep writing content ideas. numbers are tentative, feedback is appreciated.

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