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luminor, the lightning mage
hi everyone i keep getting an error on discord saying "This can't be sent because it contains content blocked by this server." so it's getting copy pasted here because idk what's causing the block.
luminor boss re-typed:
luminor would be a high level, solo only boss. primarily weak to ranged attacks, he attacks with magic and will spawn lightning clouds that launch range projectiles at the player throughout the encounter.

his max hit off prayer is 60+, hitting a max of 25~ against protect from magic
lightning clouds would max a 12, with protect from missiles providing 100% resistance.

when luminor falls below 70% hp he spawns an additional storm cloud, and the clouds begin to periodically mark tiles for lightning storms. being hit by lightning would stun the player, cause them to take damage, and disable their prayers.

when luminor is below 40% hp he will spawn a third storm and enrage all of them. the enraged storms would spawn lightning bolts twice as fast, and have 50% increased accuracy.

below 10% hp, luminor begins his final phase.  he begins to channel, causing his lightning storms to deal double damage, and marks a large portion of the tiles for a powerful attack (similar to hunllef's floor pattern), causing the player to have to keep moving.

the two proposed uniques are the lightning wand & ring.
lightning wand would be a a rare drop, 1h t80 mage wand, with a built in lightning spell - meant to be a slight upgrade to the toxic trident, with a chance to shock your target, dealing 25-50% bonus damage on the following tick.

the lightning ring would be a mega rare drop, work with all combat styles, having stats similar to a brimstone ring (i), and minor strength bonuses. when worn, it would give your attacks a chance for lightning to arc to three additional targets, dealing 75-50-25% reduced damage.

first time writing a detailed boss fight like this. let me know what you think
i had an idea earlier! lightning wand could be a 2 or 3 tick magic weapon (with a max hit to make the dps fit within existing items)
there's no real rapid mage weapons and it'd be a fun change of pace
if the % to deal a second hit is kept as well it'd just be constant hitsplats which sounds amazing :3

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