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3/10/23: Hunter and Agility achievements, achievement QoL, more!
Hey Etherealians,

Hunter and Agility achievement diaries have been released, granting some nice benefits to two of the most tedious skills to train! I've also brought along some other needed QoL features to make achievements easier to track, so read below to see what's new!

Agility Achievement Diary

First up is the Agility achievement diary, bringing a whole host of new achievements to tackle. Unfortunately due to the simple nature of agility, most achievements will be your typical "Run x laps" but I've added some more fun ones to make it more engaging! Notable rewards from this diary include:

Two new perks:

[Image: OG6U2Zl.png]

[Image: 4ZGfVs7.png]

And a new pet, Sparky! Sparky will grant a 25% chance per Agility action to double experience for that particular action.

Hunter Achievement Diary and Other Hunter Additions

Next up is the Hunter achievement diary - with some new additions to make Hunter more fun! Notable rewards from this diary include:

Strung rabbit foot - a new amulet slot item that grants a 5% DDR bonus!

Two new perks:

[Image: krKEw2R.png]

[Image: hvcAVfe.png]

And a new reward for completing the diary, a Shiny charm! More details on what this does is next.

Catching birds, salamanders, and chinchompas will now have a 1/8192 chance (1/4096 chance with the shiny charm) to spawn a Taillow (for birds), Salandit (for salamanders), or Cinccino (for chinchompas)! There will be no ingame message alerting you of this but there will be a sparkling sound - this spawned NPC will stay for 5 minutes and you can catch it by clicking on it! Successfully catching this will let you keep it as a pet, each with its own benefit!

[Image: XgyJNlg.png]

Each pet will grant 50% bonus experience when catching their respective animal.

Achievement Diary Tracking

It is now possible to have an overlay in your screen that tracks a certain achievement that you may be doing! To do this, simply open the achievement diary interface, right click the achievement you wish to track, and select "Track".

[Image: nTUOuSG.png]

If you wish to clear the overlay from your screen, simply click on the overlay to untrack it.

[Image: EFWU6vy.png]

Happy achievement diary completing, and I really really hope to bring you achievement point rewards very very soon!

Well of Goodwill Changes

To further incentivize adding to the Well of Goodwill, I've adjusted the values for boosts. All costs have been reduced in half - which means level 1 will only require 50m gold, level 2 will require 100m, and level 2 will require 150m for the same boosts. Furthermore, each boost will now last 3 hours per completed boost rather than 2! The well will also now announce contributors who contribute at least 5m coins rather than the previous 50m.

Golden Bow String

A golden bow string has been added to Leenz's Skilling Point shop for 500 skilling points - this acts as an infinite bow string!

[Image: HUwYtTg.png]
In other news:
Hydra claws and leather from the Alchemical Hydra and gilded 3rd age equipment will now be properly announced when they are dropped.
- Fixed an issue where some double hit perks would not properly proc against Olm.
- Fixed an issue where a Vesta's longsword drop would give the wrong ID.
- Fixed an oversight where buying a custom title scroll in the new interface will not give the player any title changes.
- Changed the bonfire animation to the cooking animation because it looks better.
- Fixed some issues with the costume storage chest not taking Zamorak d'hide boots, Dragon scimitar (or) and Swampbark armour.
- Added a dragon pickaxe to Kalphite Queen's drop table.
- Added several point values to the quest tab for ease of  viewing.
Very cool as always, thanks!

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