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2/26/23: Legendary clue scrolls, treasure trails exchange, more!
Hey Etherealians,

Today's update brings a new tier of clue scroll - the legendary clue scroll. These clues can only be obtained in the new Treasure Trails Exchange, which can be accessed via talking to Watson at home. 

Treasure Trails Exchange

[Image: ASqWSbx.png]

Watson now has a treasure trails exchange available, allowing you to trade unwanted clue items in exchange for ones you may want! All clue items will have a flat value of 30 treasure points, and they will all sell for 1/3rd of their buy value. Some items such as Ranger boots, 3rd age equipment, Gilded equipment, and legendary clue scrolls will cost more though! You can also sell clue scrolls that you're too lazy to complete for flat amounts! This will be the only way to get legendary clue scrolls for the time being.

Legendary Clue Scrolls

A new tier of clue scroll has been added, the legendary clue scroll! These can be obtained via purchase in Watson's shop, for 250 treasure points per scroll. These clues have a completely new set of riddles to solve, and I'm not going to give the answers yet! Expect new clues you haven't seen before from people like Sherlock and Falo the Bard!

[Image: G6kLrpc.jpg]

With a new tier of clue comes new rewards:

Second-age weaponry - A set of new weaponry that focuses almost entirely on an extremely strong special attack!

[Image: ZChWg6I.png]

Second-age blade - Has a special attack which consumes 100% of your special energy bar, increasing melee damage by 50% but also increasing damage taken by 50% for 30 seconds, with a 5 minute cooldown. Does not work in PvP situations.

[Image: X8sUqyO.png]

Second-age bow - Has a special attack which consumes 100% of your special energy bar, firing rapid-fire shots for 20 ticks with increased damage and accuracy but leaves you unable to move or perform actions until the special attack is finished. Does not work in PvP situations.

[Image: enRJnee.png]

Second-age staff - Has a special attack which consumes 100% of your special energy bar, creating a 3x3 field of lightning on target enemy which deals 15 damage every few ticks to enemies inside the lightning field. Does not work in PvP situations.

[Image: 7d3DRo2.png]

Master excavator (perk) - Grants a 50% chance to instantly complete your clue scroll (easy-master tier only!) after finishing a clue step.

Costume-skipping ticket - Removes the requirement of wearing a particular costume for certain clues, but will be consumed.

The Mimic

[Image: 2EBlSF6.png]

Your casket will now also have a chance to be a mimic casket - which can happen from any clue! The fight is dumbed down drastically from OSRS for now however due to time constraints, but I'm sure people won't complain about this for now. The Mimic will have a guaranteed chance to drop two random clue items as well as a gilded piece, a legendary casket, and then 3 new unique items shown in the next section!

[Image: Wxn4xtC.png]

There is also a pet as a potential drop from the Mimic, which will grant a 33% increased chance to receive a mimic casket than normal.

Gilded Scraps and Crest

One unique reward from the new legendary clue scroll is the Gilded crest recipe - requiring 25m coins and 10 gilded scraps per attempt to create!

[Image: HLR5QJT.png]

Gilded scraps can now be obtained by using a hammer on any gilded armour piece, granting a random number of scraps between 2-5 per attempt. Once a gilded crest is made, you can attach it to a piece of 3rd age armour to gold trim it (yes, gold trimming is real!)! This will greatly increase its stats and give it a new effect - when at least 3 pieces of gilded 3rd age is equipped, your double drop rate will be uncapped.

[Image: 1IqzJha.png]

Third age melee (g) - Grants stats between Bandos and Justiciar, with the shield granting great offensive bonuses while also great defensive bonuses (the shield can only be obtained from a rare drop from the Mimic)

[Image: xOOfMhS.png]

Third age ranged (g) - Grants stats between Armadyl and Masori, with greater defensive bonuses, with the vambraces granting great offensive bonuses (the vambraces can only be obtained from a rare drop from the Mimic)

[Image: Cl1KZoG.png]

Third age mage (g) - Grants offensive stats greater than that of Ancestral, but with no defensive bonuses - the amulet grants offensive bonuses greater than the Shadow necklace (but the amulet can only be obtained from a rare drop from the Mimic)

Regular third-age pieces have also been buffed to grant 4% DDR per piece, with a maximum of 3 pieces to get the full 12% benefit.

The explorer backpack from Rasolo's daily task store will now be able to teleport you directly to Sherlock and Falo the Bard!

[Image: kJi7EMx.png]

Wilderness Slayer Drop Table and Other Slayer Changes

A wilderness slayer drop table has been added, which includes items such as supplies, blood money, blighted sacks, and the new imbuing paper - which you can use on rings to imbue them without the need of prior recipes! Other changes include the addition of Revenants to the Wilderness Slayer task list as well as the addition of the Bracelet of slaughter, giving you a chance to have a kill not count towards your Slayer task remaining for longer tasks.

Store Changes

- Pest Control prices have been adjusted, which should make void a lot faster to obtain.

- The donator store has been revamped to use the new shop interface, with additions such as the pet levelup certificate which when used on a pet that can be leveled up, will grant it a free level. The master excavator perk has also been added to the perks section.

Bank Spaces

You now have the option to purchase up to 250 additional bank spaces by talking to a banker, albeit at a cost. You can only purchase each once per account.

[Image: LosQrpQ.png]

Skillcape Perk Changes

Some skillcape perks have been reworked - more to come as I become more lenient on what can be added for more AFKness since it seems like a lot of players want it.

- Farming cape will now grant a 3-5 increased yield, up from 1-2. The master cape will now give a 5-10 increased yield, up from 3-5.
- The Firemaking cape will now reduce the damage from Wintertodt by half.
- The herblore cape will now grant a 5% chance to create an additional potion, stacking with the Pharmacist perk.
- The attack cape will now grant +15 to all melee offensive stats, but no defensive stats. The master cape will now give +20 to all melee offensive stats, but no defensive stats.
- The ranged cape will now grant +12 ranged attack bonus, but no defensive stats. The master cape will now give +15 ranged attack bonus but no defensive stats. (no ranged strength either)
- The magic cape will now grant +15 magic attack bonus, but no defensive stats. The master cape will now give +20 magic attack bonus but no defensive stats. (no magic strength either)
- The slayer cape will now grant 5% increased damage and accuracy against your slayer target.
- The master agility cape will now grant +3 marks of grace at a time.

CoX Raid Scaling

There will now be an option to scale your CoX raid by yourself, up to a raid scale of 20! This will be in addition to how many party members you have, so scale accordingly. This option will be given when the party leader presses the button to start the raid when everyone is inside. However I did find a bug that happened before that wasn't actually scaling the HP, so now boss HP for Olm will be scaled accordingly.

[Image: bAI42pQ.png]

Prifddinas Agility Course

The Prifddinas agility course has been added, requiring level 75 agility to attempt.

[Image: UIiDmIy.png]
In other news:
- Added a basic combat script to Dad.
- Added missing collection log drops for the Alchemical Hydra and 
- Cryptic pharaoh will now drop 2 drops at a time.
- There is now a right-click option on the trading post and bank chests in home island to load your favorite preset.
- Fixed a text bug in the HP bar HUD when fighting Zulrah.
- The ruby bolt spec cap has been increased to 150 when using a Zaryte crossbow.
- Buying a smouldering stone from the skilling point shop will now count towards your Cerberus collection log.
- The ferocious gloves will no longer revert to hydra leather on death.
- Fixed an issue where some pets would announce that a player has reached the max level of it too early, or never at all.
- Reworked some skilling pet formulas for the ones that felt rarer than others (Rock golem, Rocky, Beaver, Heron)
- The donator fountain will now scale its time based on level, starting at 60 minutes for Sapphires up to 120 for Arzinian rank donators. The cooldown has also been reduced to every 12 hours instead of 24.
Fixed some typos.
- Nechryarchs are now possible as a potential slayer superior.
10/10 Update. Just spent like 400m on bank space and will start working on my 300+ clue horde. I really appreciate the preset option on more banks!

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