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2/11/23: Our first ninja strike - tons of miscellaneous stuff!
Hey Etherealians,

Today's update is our first ninja strike -  basically a term used to point that there'll be a lot of miscellaneous changes to the game but not a huge content update or anything.
Boss HP Bars
Boss HP bars have been implemented for certain bosses! This includes:

- Cryptic Pharaoh
- Elite GWD bosses
- Runebound behemoth
- Vorkath
- Zulrah

[Image: XNpfE6S.png]

Masori assembler max cape
The Masori assembler max cape has been added, allowing you to combine your max cape with the masori assembler.
Kruk's Dungeon
Kruk's dungeon has been added to Training teleports!

[Image: DUbERVJ.png]

Voting Incentives

Additional voting incentives have been added! Voting on at least 3 sites now gives you a choice between a PvM or skilling buff for 30 minutes. The random buffs are as follows:

- All previous donator fountain buffs
- Crossbow buff - Halves the attack ticks when using a crossbow.
Air/Water/Earth/Fire spells buff - Increases damage and accuracy by 50% when using the respective spell against NPCs.
- Double gold buff - All NPC coin drops will be doubled.

In addition to one of these random buffs, you'll also get 5% triple drop rate and 10% increased experience during the buff duration.

Chronozon's drop table has also been slightly changed, offering $5 and $25 bonds (at a very rare chance) in the drop table!

Farming Additions

Snape grass, dragonfruit, mahogany, and teak trees are now all plantable! There has been a Fossil Island teleport added to the Tool Lep as well for this.

[Image: y2Rq2y2.jpg]

Rogue's Chest Revamp

The rogue's chest in the wilderness has been slightly revamped, offering new rewards such as increased coin amounts, other loot, and blighted sacks! You can now examine the rogue's chest to see all the new loot. 
In other news:

- Added the Nechryaels in the Catacombs of Kourend as a potential Slayer ring teleport.
- Server masses will now all follow the style of the Corporeal beast and drop to a random killer rather than the one that did the most damage, as well as grants an additional roll on the drop table.
- Fixed an issue where the smoke dungeon smoke would not fill up the entire screen on resizable.
- It is now possible to use a deathtouched dart on the Alchemical Hydra.
- Abyssal sire collection log loot will now be tracked properly when obtained from the Font of Consumption.
- Dusk mystic pieces will now be tracked properly.
- Fixed a bug where dragonfire shields could not be activated for their special attack.
- The shield of hearts can now be used for protection against wyverns.
- Increased the rate of receiving valentine's related items.
- The crystal pickaxe should now properly have a special attack.
- Arzinian avatars will now have their killcount tracked.
Fixed a bug where a perk would work against players when not intended.
- Fixed a bug where continuously spawning a pet would add it to your collection log.
- Wintertodt supply crates are now stackable.
Fixed a bug where the golden prospector outfit would not give the prospector experience bonus.
- Buffed the donator fountain experience buff to 10%, up from 5%.
- Fixed an issue where teleblock blighted sacks would not work.
- Made the Saradomin's light default to activated so you won't be annoyed by Kril's darkness.
Great stuff as always, lots of nice QOL updates!
I've been waiting to grow my teak trees.
Thanks for all the great updates1

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