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1/3/2022: Medium achievements, more bank space, and more!
Hey Etherealians,

Another update today that aims to help ease players more into the mid-late game. 

Medium General Acheivements

Starter achievements have finally been expanded to include the Medium tier of achievements now! These achievements can be accessed in the General achievements button in the Journal page, then clicking Medium achievements.

[Image: 70PaC0G.png]

Notable unique rewards include:

Bank slots - Two of the medium achievements will award +50 bank spaces each! Note that a new benefit for donators have also been added, which is +100 bank spaces!

Barronite mace (i) recipe
- A new recipe to create the Barronite mace (i), an upgraded version of the current Barronite mace. This mace will have its stats buffed to slightly better than a Dragon scimitar, as well as gains a passive that gives it a 10% chance to deal a hit with 100% increased accuracy and 50% increased damage, as well as restoring hitpoints and prayer by a flat 5. This will be a decent early game weapon that doesn't have any requirements to wield and will help new players learn how recipes work!

[Image: liaIg9n.png]

[Image: WX8fcjk.png]

Passive 0.5% triple drop rate - One medium achievement will permanently give the player 0.5% triple drop rate, giving a 0.5% chance upon a monster kill for it to drop 3 items on its drop table!

Fancy/Fighting boots - You can now retrieve a pair of fighting or fancy boots from the Cradle of Life at the end of the Stronghold of Security - just a little fun thing I added that also fulfills a medium achievement.

[Image: bAUxObY.png]

New Brimstone chest rewards

2 new rewards have been added to the Brimstone chest: a luck enhancer (Arzinian) and the perk, Arzinian aimer. The luck enhancer is more potent than the other luck enhancers, boosting the drop rate for an arzinian weapon by 100%! The perk enhances Arzinian weaponry to ensure its special attack will always hit at least half of its max hit. 

[Image: p6uWlAi.png]

More options added to the teleport button

It is now possible to teleport directly to home and donator island using the teleport button below your minimap!
[Image: g0A9Vjl.png]

In other news:
- While I work to completely fix pest control portals when it comes to ranging/maging them, a small half-fix has been applied, allowing you to range/mage them initially but you have to constantly run away from melee range. I'll keep looking into this.
- Fixed a bug which made it so you couldn't complete a particular hard Construction achievement.
- Fixed a bug which the Abyssal protector's pet perk did not work correctly.
- Ores received from the Motherlode Mine will now be noted.
- Masori will now work with the Crystalline efficiency perk.
- Added the effect of the bonecrusher necklace.
- The Serenity pet will now pick up Slayer bonus drops.
- Fixed an issue that prevented you from being able to uncharge a dragonfire shield.
- Fixed an issue that disassembled a corrupted Crystal helmet into the wrong pieces.
- Fixed an issue that prevented an Ardougne achievement from being completed if strawberries were planted in the south patch instead of the north.
- Fixed an issue that prevented a master Morytania achievement from being completed.
- You will receive a message upon login that will tell you the current skill for the day.
Great update Ene! I like seeing new content that helps newer players, well done!
Awesome updates! Can't wait to have stuff to spend achievement points on!

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