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12/20/2022: Runecrafting diary, item examines, more!
Hey Etherealians,

Smaller update this week, but expect 1-2 more updates over the next few days as I add more diaries as we get closer to our achievement shop! 

Runecrafting Achievement Diary

Our newest achievement diary should help out one of the skills many players really...dislike. However, I've given a lot of more fun achievements with this one, that way players have more fun going for these achievements! 

[Image: 6tLinnT.png]


New pet - Abyssal protector - Essence pouches will hold 50% more essence when the pet is out. Received from completing all of the Runecrafting achievements.

[Image: 73srldo.png]

Colossal pouch - A one inventory space pouch that can hold up to 40 essence. Created using an Abyssal needle from one of the elite achievements with every single pouch in the game.

Ring of the elements - A ring that you can rub (and equip) to teleport to any runic altar in the game. Received upon completion from one of the elite achievements.

Master combiner (perk) - Making combination runes will grant 15% more experience per level (max level 4) and will not require a binding necklace for 100% success rate. Received upon completion from several achievements.

Not so dense (perk) - Chiseling dense essence blocks will give 50% more fragments than usual.

Item Examines

[Image: m285LWZ.png]

Examining equippable items will now show a new interface to show its stats and any special effects the item might have! Note that I may have missed quite a few item effects, but I will add it as time goes on. I will also add a new interface to access all of the item info that is displayed here in the near future! This should help identify what custom items recipes may craft or are in stores.

Cure Plant

The lunar spell, cure plant has been added! You can cure diseased plants by using this spell on a diseased patch.

Chambers of Xeric and Theatre of Blood CM rewards

Due to Ethereal not having a challenge mode for these raids, the special items received as a reward from OSRS's challenge mode versions of these raids were omitted initially. They are now added! Get a chance at receiving a Twisted ancestral kit from CoX or a Holy ornament kit and Sanguine ornament kit from ToB!
In other news:
- Kyren fish (both cooked and raw) should now be tradeable.
- All elemental tiaras have been added to Bob's Skilling Supplies.
- Rune platebodies and platelegs should now be noted from the enhanced crystal key chest.
- The rejuvenation pool at home should now cure poison regardless of donator rank.
- The release placeholders button in the bank should now work properly.
- You can now autocast ice spells with an ice sickle granted you have previously autocasted a spell with a previous staff (similar to how you can autocast with an Arzinian staff)
- Added a new item, the Seifuku top to the AFK store for 100,000 AFK tokens.
- The Zaryte crossbow special attack should now be able to deal damage without an enchanted bolt.
- Fixed an issue with the Masori recipe cache giving out the actual equipment rather than the recipe.
Aqunyan's contributions:
- Fixed a dialogue issue when trying to withdraw items that would cause message bloat.
- Rewrote some logic with receiving ores so multiple benefits can stack.
Thats nice great job !
Yet another amazing update. Can't wait to start the runecrafting diaries !
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