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Beginners guide to Ethereal
The Ethereal Beginners Guide:
An in depth analysis of the server

Getting around Home
When you first join Ethereal after completing our tutorial, you will be spawned at our home location. Our unique home offers many different types of skilling and combat training resources. Lets look around!
[Image: UzA6X1l.png]
Account security
To the west of the bank you can find the NPCs which will allow you to secure your account using several methods. I highly suggest setting up some form of pin or 2fa.
[Image: PADyeST.png]

Occult altar, Rejuv pool, Max hit dummy
Directly in front of the home teleport location you can find an ornate pool to restore stats, the occult altar to swap to whichever spellbook you would like, and the max hit dummy.
[Image: h0GCN2r.png]
Locating and Understanding our Shops
There are several shops all around our home area which you can use in order to buy things you may need to progress. In the photos below I will have each NPC marked as well as the shop they are holding. They are mostly located to the west of home.
[Image: bdpObny.png]
[Image: 2nTACwt.png]
[Image: MAbj65i.png]
[Image: EzuB00x.png]
Home Skilling Areas
Our unique home offers different training features so that you can train your skills but stay at home to interact with the community.
[Image: 9zjdVW2.png]
[Image: tXhJB7h.png]
[Image: gFd9Ouq.png]
Slayer Masters
Slayer masters are found east of home and can give you a task depending on the difficulty chosen.
[Image: Kf7pJtq.png]
The AFK Tree
This tree can be cut for 1 afk shard/game tick. While cutting this tree you will not be logged out or moved. Farm your AFK shards and spend them in the shop next to the tree.
[Image: GsYDzmK.png]

The Donation and Vote Stores
If you have donated or have been voting regularly to support Ethereal, these stores are the ones you want to visit. See the rewards below.
[Image: c8Ian4B.png]
[Image: hqVWVJi.png]
[Image: ROn0Xn5.png]
Reclaiming items upon death
In the instance you die, your items are sent to death's storage. You must pay a gold fee in order to reclaim your items. You may desposit gold into your coffer by using the chest to the right.
[Image: Ufwtn97.png]
Daily Tasks
There are daily tasks you can complete for rewards ingame. The more tasks completed, the more reward points you'll accumulate. Below is the store you can use to spend those points.
[Image: 6Jc4lcb.png]
If I missed anything or if you have something you'd like added to the guide please let me know.



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