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12/17/2022: Presets, new interface for recipes, more!
Hey Etherealians,

Today's update brings probably the most anticipated update since release - presets. Every player will have access to two presets from the start, and each donator rank will receive one additional preset! No worries however - you can change your presets at any time. 


You'll notice a new button on the top right of the bank interface - you can now access the presets interface this way! 

[Image: so5NmSW.png]

Clicking it once will access the preset interface, and you can right click this button to quick-load your favorited preset as well. 

[Image: SRbsqXM.png]

This will open up the preset interface, where you will see all the presets you have on the left. You can click on each to access each preset, and right click it to open more options! You can:

[Image: E67tn3y.png]

Select preset - shows the equipment and inventory of the selected preset, where you can choose to load the preset or save the preset over it.
Load preset - loads the selected preset.
Add to favorites - favorites the selected preset, allowing you quick-load it from the bank interface.
Rename - renames the preset.

Please report any bugs regarding presets which might happen - but otherwise, hope you enjoy the QoL it brings!

New Recipe Interface

This update brings a new interface to our crafting recipes as well! 

[Image: WYDmfqU.png]

This helps give players a more visual representation on the recipe requirements and what you craft out of the recipe. I will be updating this in the near future to be able to examine the item to view its stats/special effects as well, so stay tuned for that! You can now examine recipes in shops as well to view the recipe.

[Image: PElYePN.jpg]

Blowpipe nerf

This is news that many probably would not like to hear, but is very much needed. The blowpipe accuracy and damage has been nerfed from its current extremely buffed state to something between pre-nerf blowpipe and post-nerf OSRS blowpipe. This was needed to bring other Ranged weapons into viability as well as other combat styles.

Runecrafting skilling outfit

The Runecrafting skilling outfit, the Raiments of the Eye, have been added to Rasolo's daily task store! Wearing the entire set will grant a total of 35% bonus Runecrafting experience, with each individual piece granting a small experience boost as well. The colossal pouch will be released when the Runecrafting achievment diary is released sometime later this week.

Arzinian donator rank

Due to the requests of some higher-tier donators, a new rank - the Arzinian donator rank - has been added. This rank is the new $2,500 rank - a rank that I expect very very few (if any) players to achieve and thus does not provide any insane benefits over the previous ranks but still some slight improvements of every aspect over the Ethereal rank. The most notable are these two perks:

Upon reaching the rank, the player will be granted the option to choose 3 items to be recolored and added to the cache.
Upon logging in the server will announce that they have logged in!
In other news:
- The range of the Sanguinesti staff has been increased to match other tridents.
- Fixed some issues with the Kree'arra final orb attack.
- Fixed some issues with being able to eat while getting pushed/pulled off at Kree'arra; there still may be some client desync that happens, which is still under investigation.
- Zaros items and Masori items will now provide protection against all Godwars followers; the Ancient staff will no longer provide this.
- Sergeant Steelwill's magic damage has been nerfed.
- General Graardor and K'ril Tsutsaroth will no longer use their Ranged/Magic attacks respectively when the player is out of range.
- Fixed an issue with disappearing Kyren fish.
- Kyren fish will now be noteable.
- Monsters that previously didn't have drops in the Wilderness GWD will now be able to drop Ecumenical keys.
- Added more hit sounds when the player gets hurt.
- Added the jingle when the player runs out of Prayer.
- You can no longer access the teleport interface while in a pest control game.
- Removed an extra space in the message you receive when receiving an enhanced crystal key.
- Buffed the rate in which you can catch Anglerfish to make it more comparable with sharks.
- Fixed an issue where the Bar Alchemiser perk would prevent the player from smithing.
Good QoL
Sadge blowpipe nerfs…

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