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11/29/2022: Donator zone revamp!
Hey Etherealians,

Today's update brings the long awaited donator zone revamp - bringing new benefits to players of varying Donator ranks!

Donator Zone Revamp

The donator zone is much larger than before! We now have several new amenities for players, depending on their donator rank.
First, you'll see a new permanent bonfire added, which will allow players to add logs to the fire for some nice Firemaking experience! Cooking food in this fire will also ensure your food will never burn. This is accessible to Sapphire rank donators.

[Image: 8sOSA2H.jpg]

Near the bonfire you'll see some new Beach penguins (not sure how that's possible) in a pen - these are nonaggressive, 200 hitpoint creatures with a small chance at dropping an Enhanced crystal key! Just a little something to farm while AFK or get some experience training in. These are accessible to Sapphire rank donators.

[Image: NgkAIfL.jpg]

Across from the pen you'll see a ladder leading down - this will take you to the Rune/Gem/Corrupted rock mine and Hunter area - the rune and gem rocks as well as the Hunter area with red chinchompas and black salamanders are accessible by Emerald donators while the Corrupted rock - a new type of rock that produces a stackable and smeltable ore, but while it never depletes, it has a 30% chance at ending your action upon a successful mine - is accessible to Diamond rank donators.

[Image: vr7ctN6.jpg]

You'll also see a small hardwood grove with a Teak and Mahogany tree - the special case with these is that chopping them will give you planks instead of logs! These are accessible to Sapphire rank donators.

[Image: E54tx3m.jpg]

Near the new building with bank booths is a Butler outside - he can be left-click pickpocketed for some coins, noted planks, and cannonballs with some nice experience! He is accessible to Ruby rank donators.

[Image: 45Fle3M.jpg]

Farther down you'll see a dense essence block for getting some essence chips as well as a ZMI altar nearby a bank - the ZMI altar is accessible to Emerald rank donators.

[Image: zs3Zxie.jpg]

Down in the northeast portion is a Chaos Altar outside of the Wilderness - this altar is accessible to Diamond rank donators.

[Image: G26bSc1.jpg]

Finally, you'll see another new fishing platform, containing Sacred eels, Infernal eels, and a more convenient Kyren fish location - the former two are accessible to all donators and the last one is accessible to Diamond rank donators!

[Image: 1vIQh7m.jpg]

Kyren fish has also been buffed to give an Anglerfish effect with this update! Remember the Kyren fish heals one more hitpoint than an Anglerfish, making it the BIS fish. Normal players can also fish them in the Desert Catacombs near the Desert scorpions.

Cannonballs (500 gold each), wrath runes (750 gold each), and Cave worms to fish Kyren fish with (1,500 gold each) have also been added to the Donator zone shop!

[Image: 3IQjLlu.png]
In other news:
An eternal slayer ring has been added to the Donation store for 200 Donator points.
- The deathtouched dart can now be used at Corporeal beast as long as it has over 1,000 hitpoints remaining.
- The Nechryael slayer ring teleport has been adjusted to go to the correct Slayer tower floor.
- Fixed an issue with pet certificates not removing from inventory properly.
- The Uni, Pengy, and Smokey can now be upgraded up to level 5 for a maximum 15% experience boost - make sure it has followed you at least once before buying more.
 The hide gear override is now accessible to all players.
- Unidentified minerals can now be received from the west amethyst mining area, and the rates of receiving them have been buffed as well.
- From last update: a HD minimap option can now be toggled by the Runelite setting "Minimap" and then checking the hd minimap box!
- Reduced the amount of times the captcha is required for the bank command.
- Fixed a text issue with the Dragon pickaxe special attack.
This must be one of the best updates yet! Omg, so amazing ! Loads of thanks for this !
Klinkerloos - Maxed Veteran Ironman 
Rank #92 Overall
Klinkerlose - Easy Normal
Klinke - Normal 

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