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11/22/2022: Smithing diary, small QoL, more!
Hey Etherealians,
Today's update brings a new long-awaited skilling diary, the Smithing diary. There isn't a whole lot with this update, so expect another update fairly soon!

Smithing Achievement Diary

[Image: RtjO05M.png]

A new achievement diary has been released! You can access it by clicking the Smithing skill and choosing "View achievements". Hope this keeps y'all busy for a while and I hope the rewards are worth it! Rewards include:

Magical Smelter (perk): Gives a 5% chance per level to receive an extra bar sent to your bank while smelting, or sent to your inventory if your bank is full. (Max level of 6)

Bar Alchemiser (perk): Reduces the amount of bars required to smith an item by 1, if the bars required in the first place are 2 or more.

Goldsmith gauntlets (i): New melee tank gloves that give Barrows melee offensive stats but much more melee-oriented defensive stats.

[Image: TM6ffMX.png]

Fishing Explosives

You can now purchase Fishing explosives from a Slayer master to instantly awaken the Kraken boss!

Shadow Veil

A new Arceuus spell has been added from OSRS - Shadow Veil. It will grant a 15% chance to evade capture from pickpocketing NPCs while active - it has a 30 second cooldown in between casts, and will last 0.6 seconds * your current Magic level. 

[Image: KKiuuhc.png]

New AFK Shop Items

Two new items have been added to the AFK shop for 100k tokens each - A mouse toy and reinforced goggles.
In other news:
- Infernal ashes should now be tradeable.
- The Brimstone chest should now correctly give two separate instances of loot per key.
- Dragon bones, cannonballs, and runite bars have been added to the Brimstone chest loot table.
- The Gauntlet reward chest drop rates have been buffed.
- ToB noted items should no longer show up as bank notes when looted.
- The Seventh should now spawn more frequently from opening Barrows chests.
- Anti-venom immunity length has been extended.
- Sacred eels should now properly loop through the entire inventory after one action.
- Zahur should now clean herbs as intended from before.
Amazing, I love how we talk to the staff in-game and or through Discord with suggestions and questions about certain things that they always get implemented so fast.
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