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11/16/2022: The Seventh - a new world boss!
Hey Etherealians,
Today's update brings some overall buffs to the cash flow as well as a new world boss - The Seventh. This update post also contains some updates that were applied on Tuesday earlier this week, just in written form! 

The Seventh

Deep beneath the Barrows Crypts lies a powerful entity - the seventh Barrows brother. Little is known about its appearance, its combat prowess, its size - but we know it is capable of taking the form of his brethren. The Seventh can be fought when the world event is triggered - either when 50 Barrows chests are opened, a random chance from spawning from a chest, or from an admin spawn. The server will be notified and players will be given 3 minutes to enter its lair - accessed by a ladder that will appear near the Barrows minigame teleport.

The fight is safe and all players in the area that deal at least one damage to The Seventh will be rewarded with loot! Loot ranges from coins, magic notepaper packs, deathtouched darts, Barrows pieces, and two new unique rewards:

[Image: UPOSqjQ.png]

Barrows enchantment - Use on a Barrows weapon to imbue it, giving it a different appearance, increasing its stats, and allowing you to use the Barrows set effect with one less piece - meaning you can use Guthans with a Slayer helmet for example!

Gravedigger (perk) - A perk that grants 10% boosted damage and accuracy against undead monsters - stacks with the Salve amulet!

Ring of splashing

A new ring, the Ring of splashing has been added to the Vote shop for 25 Vote tickets. This new ring grants a -250 Magic accuracy bonus, allowing the user to guarantee a splash no matter what armour they have on.

[Image: OX7DAGN.png]


There is now a toolbelt for added convenience! You still have to manually withdraw items out of the toolbelt to use them, but this should save a lot of bank space and adds convenience for UIMs; simply click the sigils icon in the equipment interface to access the toolbelt!

[Image: h6KAxff.png]

Skill of the Day

A new daily feature has been added, the Skill of the Day. Every 24 hours a new skill will be selected and displayed on the quest tab and ::timers interface, in which that skill will have a 20% experience boost applied to it, stacking with all other experience buffs!

[Image: lqWGLQG.png]

Individual Experience Locks

You can now lock experience for each individual skill by clicking the respective stat in the stat tab and by choosing the experience lock option!

[Image: yZfTsV0.png]

Overall Coin Buffs

There have been an overall buff to coins received in the following activities:

- Opening brimstone chests
- Daily tasks
- Slayer drops (you will receive more bags in general and upon completion)

In other news:
- Prayer flick timing has been adjusted for the Crystalline Hunllef, making it easier to flick as long as it is before the damage is applied.
- The Crystal effect and crystalline conflict perk should now properly apply whilst having a mixed set of both corrupted and regular crystal armour.
- Changed the default NPC text when the NPC isn't programmed to say anything.
- Added mystic robe sets to the Ironman magic armour store.
- Fixed some issues with TOB.
- Adding logs to the brazier in Wintertodt should now give XP during the animation rather than after.
- The ecosystem savior perk has been buffed to reduce the coal required to smelt a bar by half.
- Fixed some issues with the Scythe of vitur using more charges than intended.
- Fixed some issues with the Sanguinesti staff autocasting when not intended.
Amazing new update. Want to check out the new boss and it's enchantment as soon as we get it Big Grin
Klinkerloos - Maxed Veteran Ironman 
Rank #92 Overall
Klinkerlose - Easy Normal
Klinke - Normal 

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