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6/26/2022: Vote boss, birdhouse runs, more!
Hey Etherealians,

I've finally finished taking the MCAT and feeling a bit more relieved that it's done with - now for the month of agonizing wait until I get my results. This also means I have more time to work on the server again! Today's update comes with a new vote boss - Chronozon.

[Image: uSTRvXq.png]

Chronozon can be spawned every 50 cumulative votes - after that, an announcement will be sent server-wide and Chronozon can be accessed using the command ::voteboss.

[Image: VQowYyo.png]

Chronozon is no cakewalk of an opponent however - it'll be up to the collaborative work of the server to take it down. It has a low max hit, but some interesting mechanics for everyone to take care of! Everyone who deals damage to Chronozon will be rewarded with loot. Note that deaths in the Chronozon arena are a safe death - meaning you won't lose any items.
Chronozon drops a variety of useful items, including a rare chance for some vote shop items, imbued god capes, as well as the new perk - Voting Rights. While activated, the perk gives a 20% increased chance to receive the bonus enhanced crystal key when voting.

This update also re-introduces birdhouses - along with a convenient teleport! To build a birdhouse, simply have a clockwork purchased from the Sawmill operator, the corresponding logs, a hammer, and a chisel to make a birdhouse. Simply use the crafted birdhouse into the empty birdhouse space in each location to set one up, and then fill it with 10 hops seeds or herb seeds!

[Image: OOamdmK.png]

[Image: Zt9LWDG.png]

Check on the birdhouse in around 50 minutes and you'll be rewarded with Hunter experience and some other rewards per birdhouse.

This update also introduces the functionality of 2 lunar spells - Plank make and Tan leather

[Image: wRV0uzM.png]

Also, we have a new client background, thanks to Kenzy!

[Image: TjjDpPC.png]

In other news:

- Added an overlay to show how much time before the tournament starts and the players in the lobby while in the Tournament lobby.
- Pest control boats have a longer delay before starting a game now.
- Fixed an issue that didn't display the achievement pop up when getting a new drop for the collection log or finishing an achievement.
- Changed LMS rewards from Survival tokens to Tournament points.
- Adjusted respawn times for many types of rocks outside of the home area - including a halved respawn time for the Rune rocks in Donator Island.
- Added server announcements for achieving level 120 in a skill as well as representing the player's experience mode when achieving it or level 99.
- Fixed the default deposit amounts in deposit boxes.
- Fixed an issue where unlocking superiors was free.
- Fixed an issue where it was near impossible to catch lower leveled fish when reaching a certain level.
- Adjusted the drop rates for ancient shard and totem base drops.
- Adjusted trading post advertisement prices from 1m/hr to 100k/hr.
- Added looting bag drops to more NPCs in the wilderness - should be every NPC actually
- Added undead druid as an undead monster
- Fixed some issues with flower poker.
- Fixed some errant NPC spawns, namely rogues being highwaymen and some aggressive monsters in the Relleka docks.
Awesome Smile
Looking forward for the vote boss, Great work!
Some more solid updates comin from the kid.
Vote boss was an awesome idea! Definitely encourages voting and players to work together for the boss! All of the small QOL changes always help as well, and are very appreciated!
oooh lets go just saw looting bag drops from other NPC's. Big Grin keep up the awesome updates

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