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Elite Bandos Guide
Elite Bandos is similar to regular Bandos except his minions will not be present and will spawn throughout the fight with some mechanics.

Blue Minion:
The blue minion will do a rectangular cleave in front of him.

Red Minion:
The red minion will cleave the half of the arena that it's on.

Green Minion:
The green minion will do a knock back a few tiles that will damage you if you hit a wall.

Elite Bandos will have mechanics when he goes below 80%, 60%, 40%, and 20% hp.

Mechanic 1:
When Elite Bandos goes below 80% hp, 3 blue minions will spawn to the south of the arena.
After they've all spawned they will do their cleaves in the order that they spawned. Simply dodge as necessary.

Mechanic 2:
When Elite Bandos goes below 60% hp, 2 red minions will spawn. They will then cleave the half of the arena
they are standing on in the order that they spawned. Simply stand on one side of the arena then dodge to the other.

Mechanic 3:
When Elite Bandos goes below 40% hp, 1 green minion will spawn then knock you back away from him. Make sure you're
a few tiles away from a wall when he does this to avoid taking damage.

Mechanic 4:
When Elite Bandos goes below 20% hp, he will shout "Anything... for the big high war god!!!!" then disappear. A green, blue,
and red minion will then spawn throughout the arena. This mechanic can be a little tricky. First, make sure you're on the side
of the arena that is safe from the red minion. Then find the safe spot from the blue minions aoe. Finally, make sure you're positioned to 
get knocked back into the safe spot by the green minions knockback.

There are no mechanics after this point, so simply finish off the kill and collect your loot!

Full Kill Video:

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