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10/12/2022: The Gauntlet, Deathtouched darts, more!
Hey Etherealians,

Today's update brings another very anticipated piece of endgame content - The Gauntlet. The boss itself is very close to being accurate to OSRS, but due to the request of players we have our own spin on the Gauntlet minigame itself - in which you don't need to spend a lot of time to prep/setup.

To enter the Gauntlet, you need the normal requirements to access Prifddinas - that is 70 Agility, Construction, Farming, Herblore, Hunter, Mining, Smithing, and Woodcutting are all needed to access the teleport to the Gauntlet. You can also access the minigame by its portal in the western area of Prifddinas. Note that you cannot bring any items into the Gauntlet!

Once inside, you'll notice that all you need to do is kill the boss. To grab needed equipment, use the Tool storage in the center of the room to grab what you need. There's a catch however - certain items you may want will decrease your reward efficiency - that is, your chance at receiving a rare drop. This will reward players that only need the bare minimum to kill the Crystalline Hunllef but also help players that are learning the boss still have a chance at some good loot!

[Image: DlAT1Zh.png]
After a successful clear, you can claim the items in the nearby reward chest for 2 rolls at the drop table! It'll also state your efficiency score at the end. You can view all the possible loot as well as its rates by examining the reward chest - all rates are at a baseline 100% efficiency.

Gauntlet Rewards
With this brings new ways to receive Crystal shards, and a few new items!

Enhanced crystal weapon seed: Can be combined at a Singing bowl with 500 crystal shards to create a Bow of faerdhinen or a Blade of saeldor
Crystal of Hefin: Can be used to corrupt a Bow of faerdhinen or Blade of saeldor, recoloring it
Crystalline conflict (perk): Sacrifices the offensive abilities of crystal armour to reduce all incoming damage from monsters by 20%
Craw's bow (crystal) recipe: 

[Image: qkdFV3z.png]

[Image: ldcHOZt.png]

This creates the brand new Craw's bow (crystal), which retains the Wilderness damage and accuracy benefits of the Craw's bow but with the power of a Bow of faerdhinen! It also comes with a devastating special attack - Crystallize, which hits the target four times in quick, rapid-fire succession but with each hit only dealing up to 40% of your max hit.

You also have a chance at receiving two new pets - Youngllef and Corrupted youngllef! 

[Image: E28AZTK.png]

Youngllef provides a pet perk where the Blade of saeldor and Bow of faerdhinen both have a 2% chance per pet level to heal yourself by 100% of the damage inflicted. The pet has a base 1/500 drop rate.

[Image: mqvypiK.png]

The corrupted youngllef provides a pet perk where the Blade of saeldor and Bow of faerdhinen both have a 2% chance per pet level to deal 2x your max hit. The pet has a base 1/250 drop rate but only at 95% efficiency and higher.

Vote Cache

Some new items has been added to the Vote shop - The vote cache and deathtouched dart! Both will be available for 50 vote tickets each. The vote cache can also be given at a 1/5 chance per vote claim, as long as you have voted on at least four sites! Get your chance at some luck enhancers, $5 bonds, rares boxes, and general vote store merchandise from these caches - so get voting! The deathtouched dart will one-hit most monsters; a full list of where it will not work is as follows:

Corporeal beast, since it caps damage
Fight Caves

The vote cache also has a chance to give a brand-new point chest, which you can open for a random amount of points in a bunch of different point systems, such as daily task points, slayer points, mage arena points, pest control points, and more! You can also get a guaranteed point chest for completing 3 daily tasks for the day.

Slight donator benefit additions

It has come to my attention that a lot of players feel like the perks are not worth donating above a certain tier at the moment - but we realize that for the longevity of the server to get funding via advertisements, we need better incentives. With this, we have increased the drop rate cap back to 40% instead of the current 25% (easy mode players still keep the 10% DDR cap!) and have added a benefit of increasing pet drop rate percentage per rank - up to 25% increased rates for Ethereal rank donators. Onyx and Ethereal rank donators can also use the bank command at select areas. If you guys have any more suggestions, please give them to me!
In other news:
- White knights at Falador castle should no longer be aggressive.
- You can now deposit noted herbs in a Herb sack using the "Fill" option.
- Chronozon's base defences have been reduced greatly.
- Trying some fixes for bugged Dreamlands.
- Added the Myth's Guild dungeon; access it by using the statue in the Myth's Guild.
- Increased the rate at which Edward can find clues, as well as allowed it to work for Wilderness hunter.
Goooood work as always Big Grin

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