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9/28/2022: Elite bandos, Serenity pet, more!
Hey Etherealians,
The first elite GWD general - General Graardor (Elite)

[Image: o5eb03z.png]
Today's update brings a new piece of endgame content designed for a good item sink - General Graardor (elite). This high end boss can only be accessed after achieving 250 General Graardor killcount or receiving a rare scroll from killing its normal variant! You can then access the boss by right clicking the entrance to the normal General Graardor boss chamber and choosing an elite instance. Only 10 killcount will be required, since you can only kill one per trip. However, each successful kill will award 2 rolls at its drop table!
The rewards include a new perk, a chance at an Ancient godsword, and 3 new recipes to create the Torva platebody, Torva platelegs, and Torva full helm! Each drop is roughly at 1/100 kills, with the recipes being more common than the godsword or the perk. The perks and recipes can be seen here.
[Image: nnPtz6k.png]
[Image: CEZcyfb.png]
[Image: uVGBK4n.png]
[Image: z5FkItN.png]
With this, I'd like to set up a little challenge! The first player that can DM me a successful kill with their kill time screenshotted will receive a $5 bond, and the first player to achieve a kill in under 3 minutes will receive a $10 bond! 
New donator pet in the donator store - Serenity

[Image: z4h1Ab3.png]

There's a new pet added to the donator store - the Serenity pet for 250 Donator points. This pet will automatically send most loot received from NPC kills straight to the bank, but it doesn't include certain items such as like Slayer RDT drops and other bonus loot. Note that you can also examine the pet to toggle loot messages on and off, but you CANNOT filter out which items to send to bank.

[Image: ainb5OO.png]

[Image: Rv6V3WR.png]

Completionist cape
[Image: 8sVAsPu.png]

The completionist cape has been officially added! The cape can be purchased from Mac for 25 million gold and when the player has achieved 120 in all skills! Due to the time required to achieve it, the cape has been given very generous stats and will make it the BiS cape.

Demonic Offering spell

[Image: TBoh3hA.png]
The demonic offering spell has been added to the Arceuus spellbook - which offers up to 3 demonic ashes in your inventory in exchange for boosted Prayer experience (3 times the normal scatter experience) and restores your Prayer!

In other news:

- The rejuvenation pool should no longer restore boosted stats for Ruby and higher donators.
- Goldsmith gauntlets should now give boosted experience when the Golden touch perk or infernal axe procs and makes a bar.
- Imbued DKs rings should no longer revert on death.
- HP scaling should be much more generous in a Dreamland event that only has 1 player.
- Vote store icons and luck enhancers are now tradeable.

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