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8/26/2022: Pet perks, Starter achievements, more!
Hey Etherealians,

Apologize for the delay on this one - there was a lot of content in many different areas to apply these pet perks, causing a lot of unforseen things. Hope to deliver another piece of content on the regular update schedule (Tuesday/Thursday)!

Pet Perks
All pets will now have associated perks enabled when it is your pet. In addition to this, pets now have a maximum of 3 levels, but remember that this does not apply to all pets. Some will have maximum 1 level, some 2, some 3. To gain a level for your pet, you will need to receive a duplicate of it! The full list of pet perks can be seen here:
Additionally, upon reaching 200 million experience in a particular skill, you will receive the skilling pet guaranteed if you do not already own it. I will be opening up a channel on the Discord to provide these pets to any players who already have 200m experience.
[Image: SmXSsib.png]
Starter Achievements

I've added some basic starter achievements that players will be incentivized to complete when they start out. These achievements can be accessed via the Journal tab -> General Achievements button. Medium - Master achievements will be implemented in the near future - I just focused on starter achievements for now to help with the starter experience. Completing 7 of these tasks will award the player with a combat pet of choice!
[Image: WJduVTn.png]

Skilling Point Shop Addition

A fish barrel can now be purchased in Leenz's Skilling Shop for 250 Skilling points. When opened in your inventory, any caught fish will be stored automatically into the barrel. The fish inside the barrel can be deposited into your bank by choosing the "Empty" option while viewing the bank interface. You can also manually fill the barrel by clicking the "Fill" option. You can also combine the barrel with a Fish sack bought from the Aerial Fishing store to create an equippable version of the barrel.

[Image: KCCMqJo.png]

Projectile Delay Adjustments

I've further adjusted projectile delays to be more accurate when it comes to hitsplats - however, this does not mean prayer flicking is more optimal. However, I've further applied changes to both Jad and Inferno Jad for the hit to deal damage before the hit rather than the animation.

Veteran Cape

The Veteran cape has been added! If you are a Veteran, you can purchase one from Mac for a price of 1,000,000 coins - new starting Veterans can also obtain one as part of their starter kit. The veteran cape combines the defensive stats of a skillcape, magic attack of a god cape, ranged attack (and effect) of an Ava's accumulator, and strength bonus of a Fire cape! Hopefully this provides some more needed benefits for players choosing to go through the Veteran grind. Additionally, you can combine the cape with a Max cape to keep those stats with Max cape benefits. The cape itself offers the Dreamland teleport previously only available to Max cape wielders.

[Image: wlf44nR.png]
In other news:

 The weed cleaning task should now work.
- Elysian sigils should now announce as a broadcasted drop.
- Champions' Guild should now properly save as a teleport.
- Karambwanji should no longer give a chance for clue bottles.
- Sentinel polearm should now attack slightly faster.
- Increased hard clue scroll drop rate from hellhounds.
- Nightmare instances should now properly delete when a player dies or teleports out.
- Some skillcapes perks have been adjusted. The farming skillcape now has a chance to save seeds on plant, while the master farming skillcape has a chance to save a tree sapling. The Prayer master cape now only has a 10 minute cooldown. The Hunter skillcape now guarantees 1-3 extra birds' nests from birdhouses.
- POH storage should now properly count how many of each costume you have.
- Brimstone keys have been added to the Slayer point shop for 250 Slayer points each.
- Red topaz gems have been added to the Gem stall.
Legendary update as always <3 Pet automatically at 200m, saves alot of us from tedious stuff post 200m. tysm
love seeing good updates!
Baller update!
Very nice! Big Grin keepem coming!
Starter tasks are great. Good job

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