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8/16/2022: Godwars instances, instance spawn speed, skillcape overhaul, more!
Hey Etherealians,

The playerbase is slowly growing and this update focuses mainly on the players finally getting to the later stages of the game, as it gets more crowded we realized it's necessary to implement more changes to our instance system.

Instance Respawn Timers and Godwars Dungeon Instances
You're now able to set respawn timers to instanced areas. 

[Image: MXN9Dtp.png]

This consists of Fastest (2x faster than normal), Faster (1.5x faster than normal), or Normal. There is no extra cost for changing the respawn speed, but you cannot change the spawn speed once the instance is made! So be sure you're prepared for a faster respawn speed. The respawn speed is not reflected on the Runelite client as of now, so please be wary of that.

There are also instances applied to all 4 Godwars chambers; you can access these instances by right clicking the entrance and choosing the Instance option. Note that you are still required to have the killcount amount or an Ecumenical key/Infinite GWD key to enter an instance, but you can still create one without requiring it - but you cannot enter it without the killcount. Remember that you can pay for instances with coins in your bank, so you don't need to bring coins!

Skillcape overhaul

Many skillcape effects are pretty useless because of the ease of access for a lot of things in Ethereal. Therefore, we've decided to overhaul many of the skillcape active/passive benefits! Master capes will also inherit the normal benefits of its predecessor. I've organized them into a list here:

Attack skillcape: Removes the requirement of Warrior's guild tokens in the Warrior's Guild cyclops room.
Attack master cape: Gives a 5% chance to hit a second hit that deals half of the original, given the original hit was melee.
Strength skillcape: Now gives a +4 strength bonus but no longer gives defensive bonuses.
Strength master cape: Now gives a +8 strength bonus but no longer gives defensive bonuses.
Defence skillcape: Acts as a ring of life.
Defence master cape: Now grants +18 defensive bonuses in each stat.
Ranged skillcape: Acts as an Ava's accumulator.
Ranged master cape: Gives a 50% chance at saving Chinchompas.
Prayer skillcape: Acts as a holy wrench when equipped. (Prayer restoring pots will restore more)
Prayer master cape: Can be used every 6 hours to fully restore your Prayer outside of the Wilderness.
Magic skillcape: Can be used to swap spellbooks anywhere.
Magic master cape: Acts as a full set of Bloodbark gear when equipped, enhancing blood spells' healing effect.
Runecrafting skillcape: Can be used to teleport straight to the Abyss.
Runecrafting master cape: You will receive double experience at the Ourania altar as well as double the runes.
Construction skillcape: Can be used to teleport to any POH portal or straight to your house.
Construction master cape: When equipped, grants you access to create a Bank booth in your Portal garden of your home in any of the Big plant spaces.
Hitpoints skillcape: Health regenerates 2 times faster.
Hitpoints master cape: Food (excluding potions) will heal one point higher outside of the Wilderness.
Agility skillcape: Acts as a full set of graceful in the cape itself, granting a 35% agility experience boost.
Agility master cape: Run will not drain even in the Wilderness.
Herblore skillcape: Can be searched for a Pestle and mortar, and Bob Barter can make unfinished potions for you given that you have clean herbs and vials of water (noted or not).
Herblore master cape: You can now create 4-dose potions instead of 3.
Thieving skillcape: 10% higher chance at a successful pickpocket.
Thieving master cape: Stall loot grants 50% more coins.
Crafting skillcape: Unlimited teleports to the Crafting guild, needles will no longer break.
Crafting master cape: Thread is no longer required for crafting materials that require it.
Fletching skillcape: Can be searched for a Mithril grapple. You make 50% more arrows (with no added experience).
Fletching master cape: You make 50% more bolts (with no added experience).
Slayer skillcape: You have a 10% chance at being given a choice to repeat your last task.
Slayer master cape: This chance is increased to 25%.
Hunter skillcape: Implings are now a guaranteed catch.
Hunter master cape: All creatures are now a guaranteed catch.
Mining skillcape: You have a 5% chance to mine an extra ore.
Mining master cape: Amethyst will be mined 2x faster.
Smithing skillcape: The coal bag will now hold 36 coal instead of 27.
Smithing master cape: You can make 12 cannonballs instead of the normal 4 per steel bar.
Fishing skillcape: Provides infinite teleports to the Fishing Guild and Otto's Grotto.
Fishing master cape: Grants a 5% chance to fish double fish.
Cooking skillcape: Food will no longer burn.
Cooking master cape: Food will cook 33% faster.
Firemaking skillcape: Acts as warm clothing in Wintertodt.
Firemaking master cape: Adding logs to a bonfire will be 50% faster.
Woodcutting skillcape: Birds' nests will fall at an increased rate.
Woodcutting master cape: Trees will no longer fall when woodcutting.
Farming skillcape: You will receive 1-2 more yield than normal.
Farming master cape: You will receive 3-5 more yield than normal.

The max cape will have all the benefits of the skillcapes combined (not master capes), as well as some new things!

[Image: cLI9iX0.png]

The max cape can teleport you directly to Nieve and an active Dreamland event! There's also 2 new max capes added - the Shadow max cape and the Veteran max cape. The veteran cape model is still pending, and will be released into the game very soon.

Enchantment stones
A new item has been added to the Donator Enhancements store. For 50 donator points a stone, you can add 15% success rate to a recipe! Just simply read a recipe with the required items and as many stones in your inventory, and it will prompt an input dialogue to let you choose how many stones. It will not let you use stones that will put it to over 100% to make sure you only need to use as many stones as necessary.
[Image: giphy.gif?cid=790b761171cddc9fb1744232ea...y.gif&ct=g]

Slayer's blessings

[Image: RiU489K.png]

To spice up the Brimstone key reward table, two new items have been added - Slayer's blessing (restoration) and Slayer's blessing (rune-saving). The former, when equipped will restore 10% of your hitpoints and prayer points upon killing your assigned Slayer task. The latter when equipped will have a 50% chance at saving the entire rune cost for a cast spell against your assigned Slayer task. Both can also be purchased in the Donation store for 200 and 100 donator points respectively.

Vigour (perk)
A new perk has been added to the Tournament Point shop and the Donation store for 200 Tournament points or 150 Donation points. This perk reduces your special attack cost by 10% of the original cost, example makes a 50% special attack weapon only cost 45% instead. Note that this perk will not activate in the Wilderness or in a tournament.

Bloodbark Armour

[Image: wUjkqEw.png]

Bloodbark armour is now craftable at level 81 Runecrafting! Blisterwood logs can be chopped at the Blisterwood tree at Darkmeyer with 95 Woodcutting, and each piece requires 20 Blisterwood logs, 1000-5000 blood runes (depending on piece), and its respective Splitbark armour piece to create. While wearing the entire set, Blood spells will heal 7.5% more health.

Arceuus spellbook

[Image: bmkWteP.png]

The Arceuus spellbook is now available, with all of its teleports and Reanimate spells functioning (combat spells and thralls will come with a later update). Please note that you can only use reanimate spells on ensouled heads near the Dark Altar in Arceuus.

Golden hammer and Golden pestle and mortar
Two new skilling point shop items have been added! The golden hammer for 750 Skilling points will increase smelting and smithing rate by 2 times, and the Golden pestle and mortar for 400 points will instantly grind any Herblore materials in your inventory! Other golden skilling items have had their examine texts adjusted to show the player what they do.

In other news:
- Players are no longer forced into the Help cc upon relog.
- We're testing a new client that lets us edit it with more functionality, so expect more client updates in the future! We've fixed some things with rank icons in clan chat and friends appearing on minimap properly, so if there are any unintended problems please let us know.
- You can now reclaim lost/broken dwarf cannons at Horvik at home.
- Nuclear smoke devils now should have correct hitpoints values.
- Shadow wyrms should now drop items.
- Fixed some Revenant cave spawns.
- A dragon defender has been added to the Blood money shop, and the shop can now be accessed by Ironmen. Ironmen can now also receive blood money from top 3 finishes in tournaments.
- Limestone and marble blocks are now purchasable in the Construction shop - albeit for a hefty price.
- Enhanced crystal keys have been added to Leenz's Skilling Point shop for 50 points each.
- Sq'irk trees can now be picked from every 12 hours instead of 24, as well as grants an Enhanced crystal key per pick.
- Buffed the rate of the Nightmare perk and Lunar staff (i) from Dreamland.
- Increased the amount of herbs received from Dreamland.
- The enriched slayer helmet now acts as a Mirror shield.
- A chat message has been added to Lost Grove creatures when they have been adequately smited.
- The Lumbridge Guide at home now will give you the option to switch to an easier experience mode.
- Buffed the Wilderness casket loot immensely.
- The Arzinian bow's damage has been slightly buffed to match the Toxic blowpipe better. (Blame Jagex for making the bp so overpowered)
- Slayer VIP tickets should no longer bug boss tasks.
- Double drops should no longer be sent as a nonfiltered message - so the game's filter should now accurately remove the message if the game is set to filtered.
- The toxic blowpipe should now accurately envenom enemies.
- Players can now set a suffix as their title.
- Certain settings should now save properly when using the search bar in the settings interface.
Fire! Incredible update man, love the work!
Good stuff pal! Excited for the updates.
Nice big update
HUGE update. Love the work ene! keep it up!!!

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