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8/8/2022: Lost Grove, POH costume storage, more!
Hey Etherealians,

This week's update brings the highly anticipated POH Costume room storage - this will help loads for Ultimate Ironmen and players who simply want to save bank space. I possibly may have forgotten some outfits that I thought were unobtainable, so if anything's missing let me know. You can simply build the objects for the house and then the amount of each outfit you can store will scale per tier. 

[Image: KPpqFQv.png]

You can store items by just simply opening up the respective interface by clicking on the built object or by using the item on the object. Withdrawing and depositing will close the interface however due to needing to refresh, so hopefully we'll come with a better solution for that in the near future.

This update also brings a new Slayer area with two new monsters! This area is called the Lost Grove, inspired by RS3's equivalent. This area contains two new Slayer monsters: Lost spirits (requiring level 79 Slayer) and Lost guardians (requiring level 86 Slayer). You can access the area by choosing the Lost grove teleport in the Dungeons teleport section.

[Image: r6evZLO.jpg]

These Slayer monsters are fairly easy to kill - however, they will take reduced damage in the beginning of combat until you drain its defences using the Smite prayer. Wait until the monster says a relevant dialogue that shows its defences are down, and then you can switch to a normal prayer! These monsters will drop a variety of seeds, logs, planks, as well as the new Cinderbane gloves, an all-around set of gloves that gives a chance to poison the target given they are not immune and is a NPC

[Image: dc7CoSt.png]

This update also brings functionality to the Mage Bank shop - I definitely want to add more in the future, but I just added basically the default list for now. Remember, the main way of obtaining Mage Arena points is by killing Battle Mages in the Mage Arena.

[Image: g691pxC.png]

Elite void is also now obtainable via 500 Pest control points per piece - whilst also requiring that you buy the original set pieces prior first. I don't have any way of checking if you've purchased it before however; so you'll have to purchase a new piece for now. I'll enable double PC points periodically throughout the week to compensate for this!

A new item has been added to the Slayer-specific drop table - the Slayer VIP ticket. These can also be purchased for 100 Slayer points each or 5 Donator points each, and grants you the ability to choose between two different Slayer tasks from Nieve while one is in your inventory. Only the second option will consume a ticket!

[Image: 9Fs3ADb.png]

A new perk has been added to the Enhancements store for 100 Donator points - the Magical Reload perk. This will grant players the ability to automatically reload their nearby cannon when it runs out of cannonballs, as long as they have enough cannonballs in their inventory and are within 5 tiles of their cannon. Donators also now have an increased cannonball load for their cannon, with +5 cannonball load every 2 tiers. Note that the Runelite client has not been updated to identify how many cannonballs have been loaded if it's over 30, so please be patient with us to eventually update the client to show the correct amount.

Noterazzo in the Bandit camp in the Wilderness now hosts a General store that sells some prized possessions for PKers - as well as buys all items for their high alchemy price instead of their low alch price! This grants players an option to mass sell some items for higher risk; 

[Image: wQQ1qMK.jpg]

You can now use the command ::timers to access an interface that gives you upcoming times for Dreamland, Tournament, and the Shooting Star!

[Image: uuQcWyC.png]

You can now also enable loot in the chatbox for a specified minimum high-alch value threshold in the settings!

[Image: rn2prFV.png]

[Image: PJK1xCQ.png]

Finally, you will now receive Coins and a small experience boost for every Daily task you complete! The modifiers are as follows:

- Easy tasks: 150k and 25 * level experience
- Medium tasks: 250k and 35 * level experience
- Hard tasks: 500k and 50 * level experience

In other news:

- You can now change your password using the ::changepassword command.
- The inferno will now start at wave 50, with slightly increasing waves depending on Donator rank.
- Arzinian weapons now only require 60% special attack, and the Arzinian staff can now acts as a powered staff with unlimited charges.
- A title change scroll in the enhancements store now gives 3 title changes.
- Imbued god capes are now tradeable.
- All recipes are now tradeable, however their created items are now untradeable.
- The leaf-bladed battleaxe and its enriched counterpart should now attack 1 tick faster.
- Jad and Inferno Jads have had their prayer switch delay changed slightly to make it a little easier to prayer switch in time.
- Nightmare pillars have had their magic defense drastically reduced.
- Slightly increased the drop rates of rings from Dagannoth Kings.
- A magic shortbow (i) scroll has been added to the Tournament point shop for 15 Tournament points.
- Dreamland has had more bars and limpwurt roots added to their drop table.
- Fixed a bug that would null players attempting to choose a previous teleport before having teleported.
- Fixed the Unkah Desert Diary achievement.
- Fixed the Dareeyak teleport in the Ancient spellbook.
- Fixed some text errors with Morytania achievements.
- Kree'arra should now use its melee attack much less often.
- Demonic gorillas should no longer melee more than 3 times in a row through Prayer, or instantly switch attack style if it cannot Melee you.
- Damaged books should now count as sufficient God protection.
- Removed some duplicate NPCs in the Rogue's Den.
- Buffed Unsired drop rates.
- Greatly buffed the Seren's tome and Ferocious ring drop rates.
- Blood fury should retain charges on death and should only properly proc on Melee hits.
- Fixed the Divine magic potion giving too many magic levels.
- Flower patch yield has been increased based on your Farming level.
- Added the Lumberjack set bonus for experience. (35% for full set)
- You can now only login with a maximum of 3 accounts at a time.
- There is now a warning dialogue when attempting to ::empty items.
- Fixed an issue where some potions' timers would not show on Runelite.
- Added dyes and magic stones to the Construction supplies shop.
Excellent update, looking forward to more in the future!
Nice, this is very great!

Good stuff pal!
lets gooooo HUGE update! Love it ene! keep it up

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