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8/1/2022: Morytania diary, Vyrewatch sentinels, more!
Hey Etherealians,

Here's a new diary for you guys to enjoy - the Morytania diary! This diary comes with quite a few things to grind, and I made sure it's quite rewarding! As with all the city diaries, you can access it via the Achievement diary tab.

[Image: ntyqah4.png]

Notable rewards include: 
Completing all easy tasks grants you access to the city of Darkmeyer.
Completing all hard tasks nullifies the Prayer drain that normally happens under the Barrows crypts.

There are tons of other individual rewards you can get for completing certain tasks, so be on the lookout! There's two new perks and some other items that you can get from doing so!

The city of Darkmeyer is now accessible after completing all easy Morytania tasks - this allows players to kill Vyrewatch sentinels for the highly coveted Blood shard. This should work like OSRS, which when combined with an Amulet of fury give a 20% chance at healing the player for 30% of the damage inflicted. It will have 10,000 charges on creation, and when all charges are lost the Blood shard is kept but the Amulet of fury is consumed. Note the Lucky amulet of fury cannot be used to create the Amulet of blood fury.

I've also added quite a few things to Leenz's Skilling Shop. 

[Image: IADElvy.png]

First you can see that the Smouldering stone has been added to the shop for 500 Skilling points, and the respective drop has been removed from Cerberus' drop table. This inherently makes Cerberus' boot enchantments more common! There are also 3 new items - the Large water container, Golden chisel, and the Golden knife.

Large water container - 100 Skilling points, acts as an infinite watering can
Golden knife and golden chisel - 250 Skilling points each, increases the speed of actions that use these tools by 2x

Finally, you'll see that the Brimstone chest has new recipes to imbue Dagannoth king rings! Each recipe has a 1/50 chance of being rolled at, with an individual one being at a 1/265 rate accounting for possible chances at the dusk colored Mystic pieces and the Dragon hasta.

[Image: HRiTLJ0.png]

In other news:

- Players that are not the party leader should no longer freeze when only the Olm head is chosen.
- Graceful pieces should now give an agility experience boost, up to 35% when the full set is worn.
- Still exploring the issues with the trading post - please be patient if it breaks again. Know that no offers will actually be broken.
- Increased the drop rate of the Mud battlestaff from Dagannoth prime.
- Added two new luck enhancers to the Donator store for Vorkath and Corporeal beast. 
- Skotizo should properly drop items now.
- A fire cape has been added to the Donator store for 100 donator points.
- Ring of recoils has been added to the Melee store.
- Added Marble blocks and Magic notepaper packs to the Vote ticket store.
- Slightly buffed dark totem piece drop rates.
- Rune / pure essence should now be noted when mining it.
Nice stuff, excited to see everything! Good job Smile

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