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7/18/2022 - New D&D: Dreamland, setting up GIM competition, and more!
Hey Etherealians,

Sorry for the wait - this was a bit of a passion project of mine and was a lot to work on. We'll have a lot of updates in this one, as well as GIM for the GIM competition starting tomorrow, Tuesday, July 19th at 10:00 AM PST.

Today's update introduces a new Distraction & Diversion that runs every four hours: Dreamland. Players will be notified in advance when the event is going to start, giving 3 minutes for players to gather at the location and enter the portal.

[Image: fj9TYsB.png]

Once inside, players will be greeted with an ethereal-like platform; the book in the middle can be activated when the event is officially started.

[Image: UZ3X4Br.png]

What comes next will be a surprise; it's up to the players to play through whatever awaits them!

Rewards from Dreamland include various supplies, herblore secondaries, a new weapon recipe, and a new perk.

Lunar staff (i) 

A new weapon exclusive to obtain from Dreamland, requiring its recipe. It gives decent magic stats, defence, and can autocast spells from both the modern and ancient spellbook. It also has a passive effect that has a 10% chance at nullifying a magic hit.

[Image: nhJTFhO.png]

Nightmare (perk)

A new perk that increases the damage Vengeance can deal by 25%.

You can now trade in Archaic emblems for either guaranteed blood money, or a chance at receive a new Wilderness casket. These caskets range between three tiers, and the chance at getting each depends on the tier of your archaic emblem.

[Image: IRHNUAM.png]

With this, Archaic emblems can now be obtained (or upgraded) from killing players in the wilderness at a low chance; however, killing your bounty target will guarantee an upgrade.

[Image: vuc4GGS.png]

Tool leprechauns now bring up a new interface when you talk to them - letting you teleport to various Farming patches across Ethereal.

Slayer tasks also have had their weights adjusted - it should be more in line with Duradel's task weights on OSRS. Let us know if you see a noticeable change!

In other news:

- Dagannoth kings spawn times have been adjusted to be more in line with Runelite's spawn timers
- Unsired drop rates have been slightly increased.
- A shop has been added to the top floor of the Myth's Guild that sells shield right halves.
- A tool leprechaun has been added to home island for convenience.
- Rolling out some more major tests to make sure the raids light and farming guild patches work now.
- A 3 minute timer before and after Chronozon spawns has been added to allow players time to get to the vote boss and collect loot.
- Chronozon will now drop a guaranteed 5-10 vote tickets upon kill.
- Fixed a bug where Dagannoth prime and supreme will hit players twice.
- You can now examine clues and their respective caskets to see potential loot.
- The COX recruitment board should no longer null.
- A COX party should now only disband when there are no more players left or if the leader specifically chooses to disband the party.
- You can now use a golden tinderbox at Wintertodt.
- The Ancient godsword special attack should now properly stack.
- Zaryte crossbow should now properly increase enchanted bolts' effectiveness by 10%.
- Magic shortbow special attack should now properly account for broad arrows against leaf-bladed vulnerable monsters.
- Magic shortbow scroll should now properly imbue a magic shortbow.
- Game message filtering and split private chat should now properly save.
- Superior slayer rare drop rates have been buffed.
- New players now have an option to skip the tutorial during the dialogue.
- Salve amulet (ei) should now properly increase damage to both forms of Vet'ion.
- Keris partisan from the Desert elite diary should now function properly.
- Nerfed the bonus coin drops while Thieving.
- Eternal gem should now be able to be used as a normal enchanted gem as well.
- Dragon harpoons can now be combined with a smouldering stone into an infernal harpoon, and its functionality has also been added.
- Players can now "check" their looting bag to see the items inside.
- Demonic gorilla kills should now properly show up in the collection log.
- Alchemical hydra kills should now have a killcounter associated with it.
- RDT drops should no longer show for everyone.
- Got rid of the Baker's stall in the ocean at home.
- You can now place a Dwarf cannon in various spots in the Wilderness, including the slayer dungeon.
- You can now retrieve pets from a menagerie.
- You can now catch and cut sacred eels in Zul'andra.
- You can now use a pestle and mortar on Crystal shards to create crystal dust for divine potions.
- Rolling out a possible change for box traps. Hard to test it on my own but hopefully this does the trick.
- Carpenter outfit should now give an experience bonus similar to the Angler outfit.

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