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2/3/2023: Mini-valentine's event, Korasi's sword, bugfixes!
Hey Etherealians,

With the winter event done I've decided to do a new smaller event for February! This event will only last two weeks - meaning it will end on 2/17! 

Valentine's Mini-Event

Performing skilling actions or killing monsters has a chance at spawning an Impling of hearts - but better be quick, as it despawns after a minute! Simply click on it to claim a Valentine's mystery cache, giving some small loot but a small chance at one of three new event-exclusive items!

[Image: GcBnOCJ.png]

The new items are as follows:

Shield of hearts - Combines the stats of the Dragonfire shields together, as well as acts as a Dragonfire shield.

[Image: vcLwDhC.png]

Wand of hearts - Gives stats between a Master wand and a Kodai wand, as well as is able to autocast ancients.

[Image: ZWRaHXL.png]

Bow of hearts - A reskinned version of the Batwing bow, and shoots hearts per shot!

[Image: igolrc8.png]

You can examine the Valentine's mystery cache to see what's inside. You can also receive Valentine's mystery caches from voting!

In addition to this, all the Valentine's themed items have temporarily been added to the Mystery cache for the event at a 1/20 chance! 

Korasi's Sword

Korasi's sword has been added to Justine's tournament point shop for 250 tournament points to incentivize more players doing tournaments! The item inherits the stats of the Voidwalker from OSRS, including its special attack, Disrupt - dealing magic damage between 50-150% of the user's maximum melee hit at the cost of 50% special attack energy.

[Image: PvKIUiI.png]

Revenant Cave Entry Fee

To combat some recent unrest about the potential abusability of the revenant caves as well as recent players wanting more of an incentive to PK, a 10m gold fee has been added to the Revenant Caves. Note that this fee will only be required once until you die inside the Revenant caves to a player, in which that player can loot that fee that you paid for. You also are not required to bring this fee with you - it will be removed from your bank upon confirmation that you can pay the fee.

[Image: DmXsAGk.png]

In other news:
- Added an additional examine to the left and right-tipped judgement perks that both cannot be activated at the same time.
- Added a check to make sure Kree'arra (Elite) is alive before it does the push/pull mechanic.
- The shadow behemoth will now only halve damage inflicted during its darkness phase.
- Kree'arra (elite) can now be deathtouched darted.
- The use-quickly option in bank booths can now be used to load your last selected preset. 
- The Woodcutting master cape will now automatically bank birds' nests.
- Fixed a bug where teleporting out of the tournament lobby will lock your account.
- Added some text clarity to show that entering a tournament requires no stats or items.

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