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7/27/2022: Donator dungeon, early-mid game progression QoL, more!
Hey Etherealians,

One day late on this one - apologies. Today's update is pretty big, hoping to streamline a lot of the early-mid game progression players are feeling like the game is lacking, as well as implementing the long-awaited Donator dungeon.

The brand-new Donator dungeon can be accessed in Donator Island (command ::di or ::dz for donators), using the ladder near the Rune and gold rocks.

[Image: ZuI9IIZ.png]

Once clicked, you'll be prompted whether you want all monsters that normally would be aggressive to be tolerant of you or not.

[Image: EC1R9eJ.png]

Inside you'll find a conveniently placed rejuvenation pool and Nieve as well, as well as a plethora of monsters old and new that are conveniently placed in a multicombat area for you to use a cannon in or barrage (if you dare for some NPCs). Note that you can only attack monsters in this dungeon if they are assigned as a Slayer task, with the exception of Barrows brothers. To compensate for this, you are given a 5% damage and accuracy boost within the dungeon. Here's a diagram of the dungeon:

[Image: vLcPL9z.png]

[Image: T1luVve.png]

Note the several new monsters - enriched monsters. These monsters are stronger variants of their normal versions, each with a new, unique recipe that lets you enhance their normal drop. The enhanced items are as follows:

Enriched slayer helmet - Slayer helmet with slightly increased offensive and defensive stats. Create by using a recipe to create an enriched black mask and then combine with a Slayer helmet (i). Obtain via the new enriched Cave horrors.

[Image: 4EAJHXY.png]

Enriched leaf-bladed battleaxe - Leaf-bladed battleaxe with slightly increased offensive stats as well as being able to deal 10% increased damage against leaf-vulnerable monsters. Obtain via the new enriched Kurasks.

[Image: piBcBce.png]

Enriched abyssal whip - Abyssal tentacle stats - however, lasts forever. Obtain via the new enriched Abyssal demons.

[Image: laDxorT.png]

Enriched boots of brimstone - Combines the stats of a pair of Dragon boots, Infinity boots, and and +1 to the brimstone boots. Has the same floor burn resistance effect as brimstone boots. Obtain via the new enriched Drakes.

[Image: QYtHtZF.png]

Enriched gloves of brimstone - Combines the stats of a pair of Barrows gloves, infinity boots with slightly higher magic, and a new BIS ranged attack bonus of +14. Obtain via the new enriched Drakes.

[Image: tZ28dsw.png]

Note that the recipes for all of these items do not have a high success rate - they are 25% for each item. This is meant to be a nice item sink to obtain more powerful items or more balanced since it combines stats of multiple items.

Also in the dungeon you'll see the Barrows brothers outside of their crypts - each brother has a 1/75 chance at dropping a random piece from their set. To compensate for this, the Barrows minigame have had their rates slightly buffed and a new perk has been added as a rare chance from looting a Barrows chest: One with the Brothers. This perk increases the effectiveness of Barrows set effects in non-PvP situations by 25%.

[Image: 0gT77sr.png]

Another big component of this update will enhance the new player experience and hope to boost them in the early-mid game. Every new player (and current player upon logging in) will receive a new Starter lockbox, which can be opened once per day for 4 days to receive an untradeable, undegradable variant of a midgame item.

[Image: Xy7KexI.png]

[Image: LyoRx37.png]

We're aware of the effect this can have on the economy for these specific items - however, recipes for those specific items will still only accept the regular, tradeable variant as well as players will most definitely have needs for multiple of these items for PvP, etc.

Enhanced crystal keys and Slayer tasks have had their rewards boosted in terms of coin amounts - the guaranteed coin rates from the keys have been greatly increased and Slayer tasks now have chances to drop coin pouches depending on your Slayer and combat level. Thieving skilling bonus drops have also been reverted to their pre-nerf amounts. Slayer tasks also now have a chance to drop Brimstone keys which can be used to open the chest next to Nieve at the home area.

The Occult altar at home now lets you use bones on it at a 50% experience bonus (still less than wildy chaos altar and way less than a POH gilded altar), but still a bonus nonetheless.

[Image: 1UrOXqH.png]

Chambers of Xeric now allows you to choose between the full length raid for maximum points of the head only.

[Image: IHT5B3H.png]

Finally, a new game mode has been created: Easy mode. This provides 100x experience in both combat and skilling but is capped at a double drop rate of 10%, with no overcap chance. 

I've also changed drop rates for several key items, such as Black masks, Arzinian weapons, Dragon warhammer, Spirit shields and sigils, and a lot of others. Hopefully this helps mid and endgame PvM.

In other news:

- Added a Karambwan and Karambwanji fishing spot to the southeast corner of donator island.
- Liliwen the Lletya farmer has been added back.
- Added bolts and arrows to the Ironman Ranged Store as well as bow strings, glassblowing pipes, and molten glass to the General/Ironman stores.
- Giant Mole and Zulrah should now be obtainable as boss tasks.
- You now have a rare chance to receive the Master detective perk from completing a clue scroll.
- The server should now broadcast when a player maxes.
- Increased the rates of marble blocks and gold leaves from clues.
- Jad's magic attack should apply the damage slower now, but I'm not sure if this will affect the prayer changing to be fast enough. Will need to take a larger look.
- Divine potions can now be made all with one click.
- Divine super attack potions can now be consumed.
- Slightly nerfed the Zulrah ranged damage in its Magic form.
- Wyrm superior should no longer turn into a regular Wyrm.
-  Dreamland should guarantee at least the second platform.
- Slightly buffed daily task points across the board.
- Dragon axe, harpoon, and pickaxe (or) should now have their special attacks.
- ::refer should now give a 50% bonus experience scroll for 2 hours.
- Wyrms should now be able to move around.
- The Pyramid plunder teleport has been changed to a Sophanem teleport.
- The vote ticket lottery has been removed as it was not implemented but would still send a chat message.
- Hopefully alchemical hydra kills should now be logged on hiscores.
- Zuriel's staff can now autocast ancients.
- Bank settings should now properly save, and you can now fill the bank with placeholders.
- Numerous placeholders have been added for custom items.
- Kourend catacombs should now restore prayer when the bonecrusher buries bones.
- You can now get skilling points from Wintertodt/Shooting Stars.
- Attempting again to try and fix the box trap situation.
- You can now smelt bars with an open coal bag as well instead of only a closed coal bag.
- Amethyst mining rate has been increased.
- Added a :: shops and ::train command for easier access.
- Tournaments should now change to a different kind if it is not filled.

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