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8/8/2023: Skippy's Beach Party!
Hey Etherealians,

The spring event has finally come to a close and a new event has come in its place - Skippy's Beach Party!

Skippy's Beach Party

Skippy's Beach Party can be accessed by speaking to Skippy in the location where you normally find events, which is right east of the bank. He'll tell you that he tried to have a bangin' party with fun booths setup and lots of drinking, until some color-changing crabs started coming along! He'll take you to the island where he had his party setup.

[Image: CwnEEsS.jpg]

He'll give you a quick tour of the amenities he had setup: you'll find a Hook-a-duck booth for some AFK fishing and hunter experience, a beach table for some AFK crafting and fletching experience, and a beach range for some AFK cooking experience! All actions here also grant a chance at some new crab tokens, which are the main currency for this event.

Crab tokens are also received by killing the crabs around the area, but there's a catch with these crabs; they can only be damaged by their respective color combat style!

Red crabs are weak to melee.
Green crabs are weak to ranged.
Blue crabs are weak to magic.

All crabs will periodically shift colors (every 15 minutes), so make sure you come prepared with different combat styles for long-term grinding here! They'll have a guaranteed chance at dropping some crab tokens for Skippy's shop and a chance at some cosmetic items - the Crab helmet and Crab claw.

With that being said, let's take a look at Skippy's crab token shop!

[Image: Zsdmkg6.png]

We'll see the usual suspects of enhanced crystal keys and xp scrolls, but there's a few new things to see here!

Summer sq'irk - 100 tokens - Can be used with an overload (4) at level 98 Herblore to create a Sq'irk overload, granting slightly better stats than a normal overload!

Banana hat - 250 tokens - cosmetic hat item.

Hand fan - 250 tokens - cosmetic weapon that gives you a fanning motion when equipped.

Gnome child backpack - 500 tokens - cosmetic cape item.

Bob the cat slippers - 500 tokens - cosmetic boots item.

Jad slippers - 500 tokens - cosmetic boots item.

Beach sandy maul recipe - 2500 tokens - Can be used to create the new Beach sandy maul, a new maul that has a longsword attack speed and some strong stats! It also has a passive effect - giving it a 10% chance to deal a hit with 50% increased accuracy and draining the opponent's attack by 10%, stacking up to 5 times.

[Image: JUgwzGD.png]

Duck ring - 1500 tokens - A ring slot item that provides decent all-around stats, a 5% double drop rate bonus, and 2 passive effects: provides an infinite source of water runes, and water spells (not ice) will be twice as accurate and deal 50% more damage against NPCs.

[Image: tbVyORD.png]

Every 250 beach crab kills cumulative by the server will spawn the King beach crab as well - just simply pray Magic against it and you'll be fine; but make sure you bring multiple combat styles to take it down! Just like other event bosses, any contribution (at least 1 damage) will award you with a drop. Notable loot includes loads of crab tokens, the new exclusive cosmetic Gilded crab helmet, and a new pet, the pet beach crab! The pet beach crab has a pet perk of granting 30% increased experience in any of the beach AFK stalls.

[Image: BGcjd7Z.png]

Fossil Island Wyverns
Honestly, I didn't know that these didn't have a drop table or have a teleport associated with it. So I've added them! This will be a way to get granite longswords for the new beach sandy maul recipe as well as the wyvern visage for the Ancient wyvern shield!
[Image: u9LuzDi.png]
QoL and Other Content Changes
- You are now guaranteed a TOB ornament kit every 500 kills in the Theatre of Blood.
- The Cornelius pet perk and the Devotee perk will now stack together.
- Rocky's pet perk has been changed to also double thieving loot from pickpocketing and from stalls.
- You can now dye graceful black by using thick dye.
- Added cryptic pharaoh and elite GWD bosses to hiscores.
- The group ironman storage button has been moved a little bit.
[Image: BKim0tL.png]
In other news:
Fixed the protect values of osmumten's fang and sanguinesti staff.
- Slightly buffed the drop rate of occult necklaces from Smoke Devils.
- Rewrote some double drop rate code to account for bosses that drop multiple loot at a time.
- Group ironmen can now use each other's PvM instances.
- You can now use baker's stalls from outside home for the daily task.
- Fixed a text issue when incrementing KBD killcount.
- Your autocast with the wand of hearts should now save properly.
- Fixed a bug when using quick prayers with Zamorakian intervention.
- An armadyl stole has been added to the hard treasure trails exchange.
Awesome update as always Smile

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