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Dead Vibe's Application
Ingame name: Dead Vibes

Position Applying for: Server Support

Timezone : GMT+1 / BST (United Kingdom)

Days and Times where you are available: Monday - Friday 9am-5pm then 12pm-3am. Saturday Sundays I get on when i can Smile

Preferred language is English

Why should we choose you? I'm on everyday helping out everyone during my time zone as no staff currently play when I'm online. I've played runescape since 2005 and played rsps's since 2012 maybe even before. I know my stuff and I've learnt this server quickly. Hoping to join the team now as we get ready for the future of the server with the new advertisement and such. I would also like to host events for the Europeans players too as we miss a lot of the event hosted by others.

Just a little extra about myself, I'm Max and i work from home all day then have a second job where i go and empty lorries/wagons and other transports. I'm sure you've all met me and it's been a pleasure to spend the last few months so far on the server and can't wait to see where the server goes Smile

Thankyou for taking your time reading this and look forward to hearing from you guys in the future.

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