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7/1/2022: Hiscores and Exchange Post Integration!
Hey Etherealians,

Thanks to the combined hard work of Advistane and Oki, we've finally got hiscores implemented on both the site and the client - as well as the exchange post implementation on the site to show all recent trades using the ingame trading post! Check it out here:

Trading post:

In the case of hiscores, you can now look up people ingame by right clicking them and using the Lookup function! Note that the client hiscores may not be adjusted for everyone because every single player has to have logged in and out by today to have it updated in our database.

[Image: t8m9O7E.png]

This will open up the respective tab in the RuneLite client, in which we have tracked numerous things such as the player's stats, clue scroll completions, Wilderness kills, and boss kills!

[Image: E8kV1vd.png]

You can also access the hiscores using the respective link on the top, and can be accessed anytime by using the upper navbar on the home page. You can search any user this way, as well as filter them using the respective filters as well as show some things that the client doesn't track such as tournament wins!

[Image: dE0hswG.png]

[Image: 80yUytr.png]

The exchange post page will also show all recent trades done in the ingame trading post, and we will be implementing this to show in certain RuneLite features such as ground items and examine prices in the near future.

[Image: gBjAiLw.png]

Again, everyone should say thank you to the hard work of Advistane and Oki to get this feature working!
Great work!
:O lit
sick! lets gooo good work

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