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6/30/22: Tournament spectating, some donation items, more!
Hey Etherealians,

It's the day before release - and again, even though I've stated it so many times - I appreciate everyone for being a part of this small, dedicated community that has helped me leaps and bounds to get the server working properly and comfortable for you all to play. Today's update is rather minor in terms of content, but brings a lot of bugfixes as well.

You can now spectate a tournament in progress! To do so, click the purple portal that you would normally use to enter a tournament while a tournament is in progress; it will give you the option to do so. However, for the best viewing experience, use the command ::renderself so your player model doesn't overlap with the players you are spectating.

[Image: zgXCep9.jpg]

Some items have been added to the Donator enhancements store! They are as follows:

Custom title scroll - 200 points

[Image: 4ygvEiz.png]

Using this scroll will let you choose a new title to be placed before your name! You can set a 6-digit HTML color code and a 15-character text (spaces are allowed) to use as your title. Once used, the scroll is consumed. Please note that if there is a title deemed to be inappropriate, we will remove your title and request you to change it.

Bird Whisperer - 75 points, or a rare chance from looting a birdhouse

This perk will grant an increased chance at receiving birds' nests from birdhouses and decrease the time needed for a birdhouse to fill by 25%.

Pharmacist - 100 points

This perk will grant a 15% chance to double a potion while mixing potions.

Dragonstone armour from the Elven crystal chest now each gives 2% double drop rate per piece as well, to justify its rarity!

Birdhouses should now give a chance at birds' nests (up to 10!) depending on the birdhouse used, as well as guaranteed snape grass.

In other news:

- Ornamental pickaxes should now properly work at the Guardians chamber at COX.
- COX rewards are rebalanced; rare loots should now properly display to the party and announce to the server and on the Discord.
- Regular revitalisation potions should now be able to be used and created.
- The dark relic reward from COX can now be used to gain experience in the chosen skill.
- Crystal key chest rewards will now be announced on the Discord.
- Chronozon now has a proper death animation.
- The Lighthouse dungeon ladder should now work properly, and the lighthouse dagannoth dungeon has been added.
- Shayzien soldiers (tier 5) in the tent should now work properly to receive tier 5 Shayzien armour.
- Waterfiends have had their combat scripts adjusted to be more like OSRS.
- A crystal key chest has been added to the home bank, and a Mahogany tree to the Donator Island.
- The Fishing shop has had their feather and bait stocks adjusted.
- Server announcements now include who the most recent tournament winner is.
- Fixed an issue where Lizardman Shamans would not jump properly and its minions would inflict damage regardless of distance.
- Fixed an issue where trading post sales would display to the wrong players.
- Fixed an issue that gave an achievement popup everytime a Deviant spectre was slain.
- Fixed an issue where the Protect from Melee prayer would not properly nullify a Cave horror attack.
- Fixed an issue where webs would appear as cut but unwalkable to a player.
- Grace should now properly open up her shop when talked to.
- You should now be able to attack a player while you are in combat with a NPC in a Singles plus area.
- Keris should now properly deal 33% bonus damage and accuracy against Kalphites.
- Players should now properly receive their Veteran title and donator rank icons without having to relog.
- The quest tab should now properly show how many players are in a tournament. (But maybe not lobby...I should check this.)
- Opening magic notepaper packs while having multiple in the inventory should no longer consume all.
- You now have a chance to receive Crystal shards while training Herblore.
- The Ardougne cloak teleports should now work properly.
- The ZMI altar shortcut should now work peroply.
- Ancient shards should drop at twice the rate.
- Watermelon seeds should now plant properly.
- You can now properly purchase the Salve amulet (ei) recipe from the Slayer shop.
- Mithril bars should now only require 2 coal instead of 4.
- Examining noted items should now properly show its alch value.
- Exiting a tournament lobby should now properly remove the lobby players interface.
- Vet'ion projectiles should now be slower.
Great update!
Wow tons of fixes. Hell ya keep it up guys!
Awesome little update.

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