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11/3/2022: Theatre of Blood - Verzik
Hey Etherealians,

Today's update brings the long awaited Raids 2 - with the fight mainly focused against Verzik Vitur! Party up with a team of up to 4 players and try and take her down for some incredible loot - with some you may be familiar with on OSRS, and some Ethereal unique rewards as well!

Theatre of Blood

The Theatre of Blood can be accessed by using the "Theatre of Blood" teleport in the minigames teleport menu. There, you can create a team using the noticeboard in the middle, in which you can either set your team to recruit other members or join another team. Please know that once the raid has been started, all players will automatically be teleported to the raid - so make sure all players are ready before starting!

[Image: GUgFIsy.png]

After slaying Verzik Vitur, a treasure room will open up - be sure to claim all your rewards from the chest before leaving the area!

[Image: q37ul1Y.png]

[Image: w4LqdyC.png]

Theatre of Blood Rewards

Part of the common loot will be the new Vial of blood - you can combine these with a cadantine and either a potato cactus or wine of zamorak to create a Bastion potion and Battle-mage potion! You'll also see some other cool common loot such as deathtouched darts, point chests, and other things from the Monumental chests for completing the Theatre of Blood.

For the rare loot, you'll get all the regular OSRS rare loot - avernic defender hilts, ghrazi rapiers, scythe of viturs, sanguinesti staves, and justiciar armour are all part of the bunch! Now for the Ethereal-specific rewards:

- Verzik's heart: A new imbued heart for melee, boosting Attack and Strength by more than a Super combat potion would
- Viggora's chainmace (blood) recipe - A recipe to create the new Viggora's chainmace (blood)! The recipe is here:

[Image: c72xRyN.png]

- Viggora's chainmace (blood) - A new upgrade to the Viggora's chainmace. It greatly increases its stats while retaining its Wilderness boosts against NPCs - as well as gives it a new special attack: Bear Down. Bear Down consumes 50% special attack energy to deal a hit with 100% increased accuracy, and if the hit is successful will inflict a bleed onto the opponent dealing 20 damage over 10 ticks as well as preventing the target from running during that time.

[Image: KMmzmQC.png]

[Image: 15BsREi.png]
Lil' zik pet - A new pet that can be obtained upon clearing the ToB - grants a 10% chance per level for a special attack to not use any special attack energy as long as the player is outside of PvP situations and the Wilderness.
[Image: jM7rRBe.png]
Crystal Seed Exchange
You now have the ability to exchange crystal seeds into shards using Amrod in Prifddinas! Simply trade him with as many seeds as you want to exchange and use the interface. Please note that you can only exchange all at once for the time being, so please do not bring any shards you do not wish to lose.
[Image: Oax2VCS.jpg]
Golden Glassblowing Pipe
A golden glassblowing pipe has been added to Leenz's skilling shop for 500 skilling points, allowing you to blow glass at twice the speed! 
Corrupted Crystal Armour
You can now corrupted crystal armour by using a Crystal of hefin on it, giving it a new red look as well as slightly increasing its stats! 
[Image: jf1BMO9.png]
Mystery caches
Due to recent requests and for a further need to help fund the server for marketing purposes (thanks Eggy for the big boost we've had recently, and we hope to continue working with him!), we've decided to introduce a mystery box - the Mystery cache. You can see it at the Donator store for 75 points each, in which you can examine it to see the potential loot. Common loot is guaranteed, with uncommon loot being at a 1/4 chance, rare loot at a 1/10 chance, and the legendary table at a 1/100 chance. If you have any further questions regarding the chances and this item, don't hesitate to ask a staff member!
[Image: xpkD4sX.png]
In other news:
Removed the defence requirement for all kinds of Black masks.
- Eternal gems and the crystal efficiency perk are now tradeable.
- Completing a Gauntlet with 95% or higher efficiency now increases your chance at a rare drop by a further 10%.
- The crystal efficiency perk should now work as intended.
- The Dark bow and Zenyte drop rates have been adjusted to become more common.
- Adjusted the rates in which you get prayer scrolls at CoX for other uniques to become more common.
- Adjusted the rate of points you should receive when choosing the Olm head only at CoX.
- Added vote caches to Chronozon's drop table.
- Added Hickton's arrowtip shop to Catherby.
- Added a rejuvenation pool to Edgeville.
- Added a gnome scarf to the AFK shop for 150,000 AFK shards.
- Fixed a bug where the slayer ring would not teleport to Commander Zilyana properly.
- Fixed a bug that would reward a player with multiple perks/recipes from the end of Dreamland.
- Hopefully fixed an issue that prevented players from completing the Gauntlet properly. If it freezes again, the chest should at least open guaranteed now.
- Fixed an issue where Vet'ion would not count towards a daily task.
- The ::timers command should now show the location of a shooting star or herbiboar.
- Fixed an issue where certain events posted to would not work.
- Added an ::events command to link to the aforementioned new events page.
- Fixed an issue where cleaning unnoted herbs via Zahur would not count towards the correct Desert achievement.
- Attempting to drop a clue scroll will now give you the option to delete the clue scroll to reset the current step.
Hopefully fixed an issue where recoils and vengeance would "null" a npc.
- Hopefully fixed an issue where you could potentially get nulled when pulling the Mage bank lever.
- Hopefully fixed an issue where ground items would not appear.
- Buffed the Gauntlet cape to become a BIS ranged cape but without the Ava's effect.
- Fixed an issue where the Slayer cape would sometimes cause a player to have a wilderness task even when not intended.
- The third age axe should now properly work as a hatchet.
- Fixed an issue where tornados would sometime spawn on a player during the Gauntlet.
nice thanks
hyped i was awake for it!! gonna run one as soon as server is live
Very nice update !
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