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6/21/2022: Entity stacking, perk system, more!
Hey Etherealians,

Back again with another anticipated update: Entity stacking! This will introduce correct entity stacking that OSRS implements - meaning NPCs will be able to stack on each other given certain criteria - such as moving through a tile will open it up for more NPCs to stack upon each other. Here's an example of how it could work:

[Image: giphy.gif?cid=790b7611fdb6edb2f276b5e782...y.gif&ct=g]

I've also added a base system for Perks, which can be accessed in the Summary tab!

[Image: pLOl4Mo.png]

This will be a system where players can gain passive benefits by unlocking them through various means - you can view all of the perks and what each of them do, as well as enable/disable them by clicking the Perks button!

[Image: 9q2IDco.png]

For now, most of the perks I've added are donator-only; however, much more will be added in the future that will primarily be obtained without having to donate. Here are the perks that will be released with today's update:

Perks obtained through the enhancements store:

[Image: eNiCPbY.png]

Ava's spirit: Acts as an Ava's device when enabled, with a higher chance to retrieve ammunition.

Master detective: Clue scroll steps will only require half the amount of steps. Future emote clues will no longer need the required equipment if active.

Devotee: Prayer drain is halved outside of the Wilderness. Bone burying and ashes scattering will grant 50% more experience (this does not apply to using bones/ashes on an altar).

Perks obtained through regular means:

Superior scent: Superior slayer monsters will have a 20% increased chance of spawning. Obtained buy spending 500 Slayer points on the scroll.

Wintertodt now has rewards! You will receive a Supply crate (or several) based on your contribution to defeating it - you can open it for a chance at a Pyromancer piece or the coveted Tome of fire! I've also made it easier for groups of 3 or less people attempting to subdue the Wintertodt.

[Image: 5u6yAah.png]

In other news:

- Fixed spawn times for Armadyl, Zamorak, and Saradomin godwars generals.
- Adjusted the Slayer helm (i) recipe - it will now require a Seercull and Mud battlestaff rather than the DK rings.
- Increased the void knight HP when soloing Pest Control as well as reduced the amount of spawns.
- Autocast spells should now save correctly when switching weapons.
- You should now be able to unblock tasks for slots 4-6.
- Bonfires should no longer infinitely last.
- Death costs should now be based on high alchemy price rather than total level.
Another update more satisfaction.
Bravo Ene, bravo

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