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6/20/2022: Desert diary, new achievements interface, bonfires, more!
Hey Etherealians,

Today brings a much needed update to make the new achievements more readable with a new, slick interface that will hold all of our future Achievement diaries as well as regular combat and skilling achievements! You can access it at the moment by clicking either the Ardougne or Desert diaries in the Achievement diary tab.

[Image: UQN9Pm4.png]

This will bring up this interface, which will tell you the title of the Achievement, a short description, and how many you have to complete. Right below each achievement will also show the rewards you get for completing the particular achievement. You can also click each achievement for a longer description in case you don't know what is needed!

Bonfires are now added, albeit without the hitpoint bonus (for now). This has been asked for a lot because people are too lazy to continuously click the logs + tinderbox. There are some minor graphical bugs with this at the moment, expect it to be fixed for next update. Simply right click a lit fire and click "add-logs" to contribute to the bonfire.

[Image: 4INaJeG.png]

There are also some new additions to the vote ticket and donator point store - namely the 25% and 50% bonus xp scrolls. The 25% xp scroll will grant 25% bonus exp for 1 hour for 10 vote points, while the 50% bonus xp scroll will grant 50% bonus xp for 2 hours!

You can also see that a new "Donation Enhancements Store" has been added to the Rewards manager.

[Image: kbxJZcc.png]

As of now, it mainly contains the new Luck enhancers - these items, when in the inventory, will grant a 25% drop rate boost to its respective boss (check which boss by examining the enhancer) in terms of its rare, unique drops. For example, the Bandos luck enhancer will grant a 25% drop rate boost only towards a Bandos chestplate, tassets, or hilt.

I hope to see you guys complete the new Achievement diary, and reap the rewards!

In other news:

- Added teleports for Taverley and the Wilderness Slayer Dungeon to the teleport interface.
- Added Prayer blessings to the hard and elite clue scroll tables.
- Pest control can now be accessed with only one player.
- Master skillcapes will only require 104m xp in the respective skill, not 200m.
- Fixed an issue where the xp counter would close itself upon opening other overlays.
- Fixed an issue where disabling and re-enabling the superior slayer reward would cost you points again.
- You can now combine god pages with its respective damaged book (found in the Magic store) to create a god book.
- Fixed an issue where you wouldn't be able to cook certain types of food.
- Fixed an issue where the tournament command would fail to interrupt any action you were doing.
- Priffdinas mine should now be accessible.

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