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6/11/2022: Superior Slayer, new Slayer items, more!
Hey Etherealians,

Sorry for the delay, been busy lately and was trying a bunch of different things before pushing out this update. Decided to settle with this. Hope you guys enjoy!

Slayer superiors are now available! You can unlock them by spending points on the Bigger and Badder Slayer unlock; after that, there'll be a set chance on spawning a Superior slayer monster! The chance will increase based on your Donator rank as well. 

Superior slayer monsters will grant a large amount of Slayer experience, as well as a chance at two new unique drops: The ferocious ring and a recipe for a Seren's tome.

[Image: Xy9jGcg.png]

The Seren's tome will be the new BIS magic damage tome, offering a small boost from a Mage's book with an additional magic damage bonus - albeit with a negative Prayer bonus. It will also offer a bonus exclusive to Slayer: when worn or in the inventory, both Krystallia and Nieve will offer you a choice of two different tasks instead of one!

[Image: wJFbxK2.png]

The Ferocious ring will grant increasing damage boosts to Slayer targets depending on the amount of your task left; the less left, the more damage you will do. Additionally, it will provide a 7% DDR bonus, aimed at being an intermediate between the Barronite ring and the Donator-only Row(i). 

[Image: D1k4Up9.png]

Also, examining the Crystal chest, Sq'irk tree, and Rares box will now give you a list on its drops!

[Image: nZjOJ3m.png]

In other news:

- Fixed some issues with recipes.
- Fixed an issue where the Sq'irk tree gives an unusable Bag full of gems.
- Fixed some item issues regarding the Celestial ring and Decorative armour.
- Added functionality for Wyson the Gardener to turn in mole parts.
- Fixed an issue where prestiging daily tasks were not working as intended.
- Pearl fishing and fly fishing rods should now work as intended.
- Singles plus in the Wilderness should now work as intended.
- Voting tickets should now be tradeable.
- Added seed packs to the skilling point store.

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