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9/6/2022: Fall (or Halloween?) event, Crystal herbiboar, Slayer ring teleports, more!
Hey Etherealians,

Today's update brings a new farmable event for some nice items and bonuses!

Fall (or Halloween?) Event
An interesting stranger has arrived in Ethereal's home island - you can find him next to the Slayer masters to the east of home bank. He'll let you know that he's lost his precious bats - you can find them by participating in various activities such as PvM and skilling in Ethereal! You can exchange these stackable bat tokens via the Killer's shop. Interesting items include:

Pumpkin - 1 bat token - Heals 25 hitpoints per bite.
Pumpkin aura - 250 bat tokens - Can be activated for 1 hour every day to give a 5% accuracy and damage boost as well as a 10% experience and double drop rate boost.
Batwing bow recipe - 500 bat tokens - Can create a batwing bow which acts as a Crystal bow but with more ranged strength and accuracy, between the BoFa and Crystal bow.

[Image: sAvpFvS.png]

Bat tokens will be tradeable in an upcoming update!

Slayer Ring Teleports

[Image: MUEREDE.png]

Rubbing a slayer ring or slayer ring (eternal) will now give you the option to teleport to your Slayer task at the cost of one charge.

Crystal Herbiboar

[Image: C7a8Avr.jpg]

A new world event, the Crystal herbiboar, has been released! This event will spawn every 3 hours and will reward players with plentiful Farming and Herblore experience for participating, as well as a chance at a new perk - Crystal efficiency! This perk will increase damage and accuracy by 10% when a full set of Crystal armour is worn. You'll also get crystal shards, noted grimy herbs, and a chance at the already ingame Pharmacist perk.

In other news:

- The Seren's tome magic damage bonus has been buffed to 5% from 2%.
- Medium clue scrolls from Guards have been buffed immensely.
- Vorkath's zombified spawn should no longer spawn right next to the player.
- The Zuk fight in the Inferno should now be accessible.
- You can now gamble for a Jad pet while already having one to increase its level.
- Donator island has been added as a teleport in the teleport interface.
- You can now craft Silver jewelry.
- You can now cut dense essence blocks with a golden chisel.
- Cape perks should work as intended.

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