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1/11/2023: Cryptic lair, new perk interface, much more QoL! - Ene - 01-12-2023

Hey Etherealians,

Today's update brings a new midgame oriented dungeon - the Cryptic Lair. This dungeon is host to two new monsters - the Cryptic bearer and the Cryptic pharaoh, each requiring level 74 Slayer to kill.

Cryptic Lair

[Image: 6rjfvmc.jpg]

The new dungeon, the Cryptic lair, can be accessed through the Dungeons category in the teleport interface. You'll be greeted with the first new monster immediately: the Cryptic bearer. Beware however, as these monsters have a slight chance to hit through prayer and can only be injured by Ice spells! 

Notable rewards from Cryptic bearers are:

Cryptic armour pieces at a 1/750 rate: 

[Image: USM9nHW.png]

This new armour set provides some great offensive stats at the cost of defensive stats - but also boosts melee damage by 15% and accuracy by 20% when the entire set is equipped!

Cryptic head - a new cosmetic headpiece thanks to the modeling efforts of Custard!

[Image: lVKMXvo.png]

At the end of the lair you'll see a barrier that prevents access unless you have a Cryptic creatures Slayer task. This is the lair of the Cryptic pharaoh, a new Slayer boss that has some unique mechanics associated w/ it - but shouldn't be too hard for the more experienced players! Notable drops from the Cryptic pharaoh include:

Cryptic mace recipe - Another type of upgrade for the Barronite mace, this mace provides slightly higher stats than the Barronite mace (i) and a 5% higher chance at proccing its special effect. When paired with the full Cryptic set, also provides a 10% chance at dealing a second hit!

[Image: nHUn45R.png]

[Image: mJ2rG8D.png]

Lightbearer - Same effect as OSRS, the lightbearer doubles special attack energy gain while equipped.

[Image: jT0aJYq.png]

This is our first attempt at a new set with recolored assets from different kinds of items, so please give us your feedback!

New perk interface

Our new perk interface is now accessible within the "Perks" button in your Journal tab! The new interface will give more in-depth descriptions of each perk, be easier to navigate and toggle perks on/off, as well as show players where each perk is obtained! Credit to Speane for the design!

[Image: S86w4TR.png]

Herb sack

The herb sack can now be opened to automatically store grimy herbs that are picked up or harvested!

[Image: I4w3Xwn.png]
In other news:
- Barronite maces have been added to the melee and ironman melee stores.
- The home island should now properly appear on the world map!
- Task weights for Ethereal-specific Slayer monsters have been slightly increased to widen variety.
- Boss slayer tasks now require a minimum of 10 to prevent easy point farming.
- Fishing explosives should now properly work on the Kraken in instances.
- You should no longer be damaged by Verzik's pool attack while dead.
- Moss giants in the Kourend catacombs should now count for your daily task.
- Brimstone keys are now a guaranteed drop from a superior Slayer monster.
- Monsters that are not normally aggressive in the donator dungeon will now be aggressive when the option to make NPCs aggressive is toggled.
- Your cannon should no longer target monsters that are not your slayer task in the donator dungeon.
- You must be in combat within the last 10 seconds for the Magical reload perk to work.
- The price checker button in the equipment interface will now direct the player to ::exchange.
- Pyromancer outfit pieces, tome of fire, and the bruma torch have all had their drop rates buffed.
- It is no longer possible to obtain duplicate pyromancer pieces until you have one full set - however this is not retroactive so you have to get one of each piece first.
- Fixed a bug that prevented a divine spirit shield from being smithed.
- You can now store a gilded scimitar in the elite treasure box.
- Planted spirit trees should now properly teleport to the Etceteria spirit tree patch.
- Fixed a bug that did not display task amounts when a Seren's tome or Slayer VIP ticket were used.
- Fixed a bug that did not allow you to toggle transparent side panels.

RE: 1/11/2023: Cryptic lair, new perk interface, much more QoL! - Klinkerloos - 01-12-2023

Amazing updates and new content yet again ! Looking forward to what that Pharaoh will be !