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12/10/2022: Elite kree'arra, Winter event, and much more! - Ene - 12-11-2022

Hey Etherealians,

Quite a big update - if not the biggest one in quite a long time. This update brings a new anticipated endgame boss - Kree'arra (elite) - as well as a new holiday event, the Winter event!

Kree'arra (elite)

[Image: wug8445.png]

Kree'arra (elite) has arrived, boasting some extremely powerful mechanics that will prove to be a challenge! To fight Kree'arra (elite), you will need either 250 Kree'arra killcount or have read an Elite armadyl scroll, which is dropped by Kree'arra at a 1/150 chance and is tradeable. Once these requirements are fulfilled, gather the necessary killcount that you would need to normally access the Kree'arra chamber, right click the door, and choose the Instance option to fight the elite version.

There are many mechanics to trek through, but I won't be giving you much information about them yet! That's for you guys to figure out, and I can assure you that you will be rewarded handsomely! Rewards include:

Masori gear - the new BiS ranged armour set, each piece giving a Ranged strength bonus! They can be crafted via Masori recipes found as a drop from Kree'arra (elite) - each recipe will require level 90 crafting and their respective Armadyl piece, starting at a 20% chance to craft at the base Donator rank.

[Image: Zp1g4Qd.png]

[Image: fZqz7Db.png]

Zaryte crossbow - previously only usable in PvP tournaments, this crossbow will increase the effectiveness of enchanted bolts by 10% and guarantee a proc with its special attack! The recipe will require level 90 fletching and an Armadyl crossbow and a Vorkath's head per attempt.

[Image: mOgIL0m.png]

[Image: KrJBN8F.png]

Masori's assembler - the new 2nd BiS (only beaten by comp cape) ranged cape, granting the Ava's device effect and provides great stats for its slot.

[Image: n9Twa6y.png]

Left-tipped judgement (perk) - Decreases your accuracy by 20% but increases your damage by 20% in PvM situations.

Right-tipped judgement (perk) - Increases your accuracy by 20% but decreases your damage by 10% in PvM situations.

Hope you guys find the fight fun!

Winter Event

Winter is here, and Ethereal's home area has been revamped to reflect this!

[Image: cuHKSG9.jpg]

You'll notice that where the Killer previously was now stands a new lost adventurer - Astea Frostweb. She stands for everything snowy and frozen; yet she's lost her magic. Help her by finding snow tokens around Ethereal to purchase some event-exclusive items in her shop! This event acts very similar to the Fall event previously, but with some added benefits!

[Image: S2Au9SK.png]

You can still obtain Snow tokens the same way you did Bat tokens with the last event, but you now also obtain them via:
- Voting
- Pest Control
- Tournaments

Also, whilst slaying monsters and skilling, you may come across a Christmas buff. These provide temporary buffs to your character to kind of distract you and spice up the typical grind! These buffs include:

- 10% experience bonus for 10 minutes
- Double snow tokens gained for 10 minutes
- Noted resources from mining and woodcutting for 10 minutes
- Noted resources from Fishing and food will never be burnt for 10 minutes
- Bars smelted will not require coal for 10 minutes
- 10% chance to deal double damage per hit for the next 5 minutes
- Prayer points will not drain for 5 minutes
- Consumables will heal 10% more hitpoints for 10 minutes

Let's take a look at Astea's shop, shall we?

[Image: T3GXORH.png]

You'll recognize some familiar items, such as enhanced crystal keys, overloads, and point caches; so let's list the new items.

Ice sickle

The new exclusive recipe for this event creates the new Ice sickle. The ice sickle is a new magic staff that provides infinite water runes when held, and acts as a trident that provides a slightly higher max hit than a toxic trident without requiring resources! Ice spells casted using the staff also have their accuracy and damage increased by 25%. The Sanguinesti staff has been slightly buffed to compensate for this powercreep; magic has been far too underutilized. There are plans for the sickle to change the hit effect of Ice spells as well, so stay tuned!

[Image: zG5KGb0.png]

[Image: nFDqaW9.png]

Christmas aura

Very similar aura to the pumpkin aura - and yes, it stacks. However, rather than a DDR boost and flat damage boost that its predecessor had, this aura reduces damage taken by 10% and provides a 5% chance to deal an extra hit with every hit!

Snowman ring

Yes, it's a recolored easter ring. I'm not that creative, okay? But at least this ring turns you into a snowman!

[Image: DUI6A1R.png]

Once again, I thank all of you players for sticking around with us despite the lower playerbase recently - I hope you all have a great holiday season!

With this, we're starting a donation promotion for the holiday season - every bond purchase $25 and over will grant mystery caches and cosmetic keepsake keys proportionate to the amount donated! Here's a total list:

$25 bond - + 1 mystery cache and 5 cosmetic keepsake keys
$50 bond - + 3 mystery caches and 10 cosmetic keepsake keys
$100 bond - + 7 mystery caches and 25 cosmetic keepsake keys

In other news:
- Cosmetic keepsake keys are now tradeable.
- Fixed an incorrect teleport location for the Crazy Archaeologist via the Slayer ring.
- Fixed an issue where the Trading post would not sort by age correctly, often displaying offers from a long time ago at the top.
- Fixed an issue where cleaning herbs at Zahur would result in incorrect herb amounts.
- Added Zahur to the donator zone to access her more easily.
- Verzik's ball attack now checks if the player is indeed alive before sending the ball towards the player.
- The Batwing bow now shoots a more appropriate bat-themed graphic.
- Crystal axes, harpoons, and pickaxes should now inherit its dragon predecessor's special attacks.
 - Gem rocks in the donor dungeon will no longer deplete.
- Ruby donators and higher can now receive noted gems at a 90% chance from gem rocks.
- You can now make divine bastion and battlemage potions with crystal dust.
- Buffed the dark core pet rate to 1/250.
- Sacred eels should now properly give cooking experience when cut.
- Slightly adjusted mystery cache rates to be more forgiving.
- Kyren fish should now give proper adjusted fishing and cooking experience.
- Shooting stars now last 30 minutes instead of 15.
- The collection log should now properly track gauntlet clears and fight cave clears.

RE: 12/10/2022: Elite kree'arra, Winter event, and much more! - Korasi - 12-11-2022


Thank you Smile