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10/18/22: Overcap drop table overhaul, QoL and bugfixes - Ene - 10-19-2022

Hey Etherealians,
Mostly a bugfix and QoL patch today. Today's update brings some much-needed revamps to the overcap drop table to make it feel more rewarding, and a lot more QoL improvements and bugfixes!

Overcap Drop Table Revamp

The overcap drop table (the table that can be accessed when the player's DDR is currently over 25%) has been revamped to include much higher quantities of supplies, coins, food, and chances at luck enhancers, point chests, and more! This will incentivize players to try and hit the overcap drop table more by maximizing their DDR chance. 

Improvements to luck-based drops

A lot of luck-based drops (rare skilling table, etc.) are what seems to be fun to a lot of players, so we've buffed some tables as well as:
- Increased enhanced crystal key rate from skilling by over 5 times
- Added wilderness supply keys to regular PvP kills rather than only hotspot kills

New donator benefits

- Ruby donators can now store a total of 250 herbs in their herb sack.
- Pickpocketing and stall thieving will now grant more coins per donator tier.

Crystal reverting

[Image: u6bC6rj.png]

Crystal items can now be reverted back to their seed form by using the Revert option - note that this will not refund any of the shards, however!

Golden needle

[Image: q8JXfhp.png]

A golden needle has been added to Leenz's skilling shop for 750 points! This needle can craft leather 1 tick faster than a regular needle, and also lessens the leather requirement by 1 - as long as the item to be crafted requires 2 or more leathers.
In other news:
An annoying message shouldn't spam the player anymore when attempting to barrage/chin a pet.
- Completion of the Gauntlet should now heal the player's health and prayer points.
- Lower tiered staves in the Gauntlet should no longer deal more damage.
- Fixed an issue where Gauntlet's tile attack dealt damage to players even when they weren't standing in it.
- Ultimate ironmen can now withdraw from their Fish barrel by using the "Check" option.
- Gauntlet kills should now be tracked on the website hiscores.
- Retribution has now been disabled for all tournament formats.
- The option to move the pick-up option for pets should now work properly.
- Tomes of fire should now be tradeable as long as it is uncharged.
- Ice gloves have been added to Leenz's skilling point shop for 75 points.
- Saradomin brews and super restores have been added to the BM shop for 5 blood money each, and ecumenical keys for 750 blood money.

Also, we have a new donation page thanks to Advistane!

[Image: zB4Qtdr.png]

RE: 10/18/22: Overcap drop table overhaul, QoL and bugfixes - Her - 10-19-2022

Great work as always Smile

RE: 10/18/22: Overcap drop table overhaul, QoL and bugfixes - Korasi - 10-19-2022


RE: 10/18/22: Overcap drop table overhaul, QoL and bugfixes - WowM8 - 10-19-2022

Awesome!! Thanks!