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6/15/2022: Ardougne diary, referral system, more! - Ene - 06-16-2022

What's up Etherealians,

Today's update brings the start of a new Achievement system - starting with a functional Ardougne Diary! I've taken inspiration on both OSRS's actual Ardougne diary tasks and some of my own - and this time everything should be functional rather than none of it saving.

To access the Ardougne diary, simply click on its respective button on the Achievements section, or talk to Two-Pints, located at home next to the Max Hit Dummy.

[Image: gEMlfWk.png]

Every achievement can be seen in the following interface, in which you can click on each achievement to see a more detailed description and more rewards! However, don't expect "tutorials" for each one of them - some might have you solve a little puzzle to figure out what to do!

[Image: kzP3A7e.png]

Completing an achievement will reward you with Achievement points and some extra rewards depending on the task - Achievemement points will be able to be spent in Two-Pints' shop in a future update.

[Image: 47RMyTr.png]

Expect a lot more achievements to expand on this system in the near future - these take quite a while to write so I wanted to at least get the basic system out for you guys to try.

We also have a new referral system out - rewarding first-time referral players with 3 crystal keys and a Double drop rate potion to get players started! Simply type the command ::refer and type in where you found us from - whether it be from a specific toplist or player! This kind of data factors greatly in our decisions for investing on advertising to help the server grow big. Please note that find ways to abuse this system will be punished.

Also, we have new graphics courtesy of KurdishRambo, aka Kenzy! You'll see the new graphics applied to the new client! We appreciate your amazing work!

[Image: XZCIsrL_d.jpg?maxwidth=520&shape=thumb&fidelity=high]

In other words:

- Prospector equipment can now be trimmed gold by Star fragments bought with Stardust.
- The celestial ring should now work as its OSRS counterpart - it has a 10% chance at doubling an ore while mining.
- Added a ::forums command to access the forums easily.
- Buffed the superior slayer spawn rate for all ranks and normal players.
- Fixed an issue that spammed a chat message when withdrawing stackable items.
- Fixed the range in the Cooking Guild.
- Fixed Ava's attractor not collecting ranged ammo.

RE: 6/15/2022: Ardougne diary, referral system, more! - Ledsy - 06-17-2022

All around awesome updates, even the little things in this one help tremendously. Superior slayer monsters were certainly lacking in spawn counts. The new logo looks awesome! Good job KurdishRambo!! The achievement update system is awesome progress and can't wait to see what new things get added. An Ethereal-Based achievement set based on custom bosses and other various things around the server would also be a cool possibility. The referral system is an awesome addition that should lead to a bigger community as well as providing a nice incentive! I like the idea of friends playing, should help boost some items that aren't as prevalent and hopefully lead to more group activities. More and more things are getting perfected and I love the updates! Can't wait for what's next!