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Full Version: 7/9/2022 - Bugfix patch
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Hey Etherealians,

Quite a short one here - this one's mostly just for bugfixes. The big update here is that Ironmen can now access tournaments - however they will only receive the Tournament point reward.

- Raids light should definitely work properly now.
- Possibly identified a source of the nulled NPCs - hopefully we shouldn't see it anymore, but if we do, then we were wrong.
- Added a lot of new tournament types, thanks to Dom.
- Random tools shouldn't disappear anymore.
- Venenatis shouldn't stack multiple magic hits anymore - it can still stack its melee/mage hit with a web attack though.
- Testing something to see what the birdhouse problem was - it was possibly due to it giving too many nests.
- Buffed drop rate of Unsired from the Abyssal sire.
- Removed some broken NPCs in Lletya.
- Added a teleport to BH target and BH sacks to the blood money store - the spell should now work properly.
- Trying a failsafe to prevent unintended ladders from working.
- Cerberus ghosts should now despawn once Cerberus dies.
- Arclight should now function properly against Cerberus.
- Slightly reduced the spawn rate of Death spawns from Nechryaels.
- Added functionality for the Ancient godsword and Zaryte crossbow for the PvP tournaments.
- Arzinian staff can now autocast ancient magicks.
- Herblore secondaries from Slayer have been increased.
- You should no longer gain Defence experience in a tournament.
Hot damn this is more like a full fleged patch. Awesome work!
Keepem comin!