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Full Version: 1/27/2023: Collection log rewards, bugfixes, QoL!
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Hey Etherealians,

Quite a massive content update today! I've noticed a lot of people haven't been bossing a lot lately, and I wanted to incentivize it a lot more. So with this, brings:

Collection Log Rewards

Collection logs for bosses now have rewards attached with them! You can see the rewards for each boss by clicking the Log Rewards button next to their respective killcount.

[Image: FpK5kW9.png]

This will bring up this interface, which shows what you get for completing the said log! Note that you can only claim these rewards once per account - to compensate, most of them are tradeable so you're free to collect logs on multiple accounts to get more! You can also examine the items in this interface to show what the recipe gives or what stats the item has.

[Image: oo7jpBV.png]

New rewards include:

Cryptic maul: An upgrade to the Elder maul, which gives stats equivalent to the Chaotic maul in pre-EoC RS! This is obtained via completing the Cryptic pharaoh log.

[Image: yYHCxqG.png]

Shadower sword: An upgrade to the Shadow sword, which gives stats equivalent to a stab version of an Abyssal tentacle, while retaining the former's magic and prayer-draining special attack as well as dealing an additional 5% damage and accuracy to shadow/demon monsters. Obtained via completing the Runebound behemoth log.

[Image: iv2sken.png]

Abyssal ward: A new best-in-slot ranged shield that gives great ranged attack and strength! This is obtained via completing the Abyssal sire log. Note that Unsired will list as unobtained in the collection log at the moment - however if you've actually received one before you should be able to claim the rewards still.

[Image: nuuocdb.png]

Smoke battlestaff (g): A new staff that provides an infinite source of air and fire runes, as well as increases damage and accuracy dealt with smoke spells by 15% as well as doubles the poison damage from them! This is obtained via completing the Thermonuclear Smoke Devil log. Note that the spellbook will not show you as having an infinite source of these runes but they will still work.

[Image: 8O0eZU6.png]

Corporeal thread: Can be used to imbue the amulet of torture and necklace of anguish into blood variants, each inheriting the amulet of blood fury effect with infinite charges as well as slightly increasing their stats! Obtained via completing the Corporeal beast collection log.

[Image: LXDCVru.png]

[Image: eMYfoPm.png]

Slayer helmet (serpentine): An upgrade to the enriched slayer helmet, will retain the boosts of the Slayer helmet with slightly increased stats and gains the Strength bonus and the venom-applying effect from the Serpentine helmet! Obtained via completing the Zulrah collection log.

[Image: fXgML0L.png]

Omnipotent boots: An upgrade to all 3 of the cerberus boots, combining the three boots and very slightly increasing their stats. Obtained via completing the Cerberus collection log.

[Image: Ex8joLG.png]

Auspicious ring: An upgrade to the Ring of wealth (i), granting 15% DDR and great all-around stats! Obtained via completing the Dagannoth Kings collection log.

[Image: DKLtpU2.png]

Vengeance-in-a-bottle: An inventory slot item that grants you free one-click access to the Vengeance spell without requiring runes. Obtained via completing the Skotizo collection log.

There are not only new items included with log rewards, but also new perks!

Fire and ice: Triples the damage dealt by dragonfire shields in non-PvP situations as well as removes the charge cost. Obtained via completing the Vorkath collection log.

[Image: emQeYc7.png]

Chitin-laced poison: Grants cannonballs a small chance to poison on hit. Obtained via completing the Kalphite Queen collection log.

[Image: ARA5iiI.png]

Three-pronged slayer: Gives Ranged attacks a 5% chance to strike an additional hit per attack on your Slayer target. Obtained via completing the Alchemical Hydra collection log.

[Image: FA3hwQs.png]

We've also added collection logs to all of our custom bosses in, so hope you have fun filling up those logs as well!

Seed Vault

By popular demand, a nice QoL object has been added for UIMs and full-bank-space players alike. The seed vault has been added, accessible in the Farming Guild. Placeholders and favorites has been omitted for the time being but I can assure you I will figure out how to add them in the near future.

[Image: Ld21kUE.png]

[Image: rO9iqXq.png]

Vyre and Elf pickpocketing

Vyres in Darkmeyer and Elves in Prifddinas can now be pickpocketed for experience and loot! Vyrewatch sentinels have been made non-aggressive to allow players to safely pickpocket these. You can get a blood shard as a rare chance from vyres as well as crystal shards from any pickpocketable elf in Priff!

Recipe viewing

You can now view all recipes to see what materials they require/what they make in a new interface!

[Image: gvCW0X1.png]

[Image: 3eqjWpK.png]
In other news:
The cryptic mace recipe has been made tradeable.
- Skotizo has had its health massively nerfed.
- Snakelings at Zulrah should be a little less accurate.
- Added some missing collection log items to boss drop tables.
- Added skilling pets and the elven crystal chest to the collection log.
- Fixed a wrong teleport destination for the Cryptic lair.
- The ring of slaying should instantly teleport the player to their destination if there is only one option.
- Removed some errant objects that were not intended.
- Kree'arra (elite) should now reset its attack count when re-appearing after orbs spawn.
- Fixed an issue where the wrong object was used to craft Ferocious gloves.
- The slayer staff should now be able to autocast magic dart.
- Fixed a wrong ID when crafting the divine spirit shield.
- It is now possible to withdraw coins from your death coffer.
- Fixed an issue that would cause slight lag when flipping through the collection log entries.
- Turning the winch at Cerberus will now give you an option to choose any of the three rooms.
- Runite rocks at the diamond donator mining area will now be permanent.
- Changing smith amounts in the smithing interface should no longer change it for everyone.
- Fixed an issue where smelting with a molten sphere pet with a full inventory would result in a lost bar.
Such a huge update! Got me pumped for the uim
Very awesome updates, thanks! Already got an avernic defender from a mystery cache.

I will say though, the visuals for Omnipotent boots and Slayer helmet (serpentine) are a miss for me but still might go for them eventually. Would really love to see these models updated when you get a chance.
Skotizo is very enjoyable to kill now with the changes Smile
Lovely update ! Makes you want to do to collection logs even more now
I can't help but notice the new perks with the perk interface, it looks way more presentable than a line of text of 'said perk'!