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Full Version: 1/19/2023: Well of Goodwill, QoL, bugfixes!
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Hey Etherealians,

Today's update brings a nice gold sink to provide some server-wide boosts for every player - if you're feeling generous, contribute to the new Well of Goodwill!

Well of Goodwill

The well object at home now has a use! You can access the Well of Goodwill interface by clicking the well object at home, right to the east of the home bank.

[Image: vu7Wd4v.png]

This will bring up the new Well of Goodwill interface, which you can choose to donate to four different buffs! Each buff will cost a total of 100m per level to activate for 2 hours - for example, 100m for level 1, 200m for level 2, and 300m for level 3. At the max level, you just have to pay the same amount for it to add to the timer.

[Image: GLFpMcr.png]

The buffs are:

- Bonus experience: Grants 10% bonus experience per level, up to level 3.
- Double points: Grants 2x points at Pest Control, Wintertodt, Mage Arena, and skilling points.
- Superior spawn rate - Grants a 10% spawn rate increase to superior slayer monsters, up to level 3.
- DDR: Grants a 10% DDR boost per level, up to level 3 and removes the DDR cap for easy mode players while the buff is active.

Additionally, when 50m coins or more are donated at once, your name is broadcasted!

[Image: tW8TnnE.png]

All of these buffs also stack with current modifiers too!


After a lot of backporting to our client, lootbeams are now live! Thanks to the work of Advistane as well, ground item text will now have trading post integration - meaning it will display the average price of the item if it had been traded in the trading post! You can configure the lootbeam settings in the Ground Items plugin in the RuneLite client.

[Image: bzpdpQl.png]
In other news:
- The defence requirement for the enriched black mask has been removed.
- Desert scorpions should now be killable under a Scorpion slayer task.
- Greater nechryael spawns in the Kourend catacombs have been adjusted.
- The events page should now properly update when the server is restarted.
- Fixed some achievement name issues in the Construction achievement diary.
- The Alchemical hydra should now drop 2 items at once.
- It is no longer possible to use a multicannon at the Cryptic lair.
- Fixed an issue where Cave worms and Kyren fish were disappearing.
- Added placeholders for the Ancient godsword, Zaryte crossbow, Master skillcapes and hoods, Torva armour, and custom pets.
- The Serenity pet will now send overcap drop rate drops to the bank as well as ancient shards and dark totems.
- Arrows/bolts will no longer drop to the ground if an Ava's device is equipped.
- You can now correctly save the gnome agility course shortcut as a favorite teleport.
- Crystal tools now only require level 71 in their respective skill to use.
- Worked on a lot of networking on the backend to try to improve stability.
Most amazing
Love this. Well done!
Love it, keep the updates coming! Big Grin