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Full Version: 12/27/2022: Construction diary, donator fountain, much more!
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Hey Etherealians,

Today's update brings probably the biggest diary yet (in terms of rewards) - the Construction achievement diary. Kit out your house to the max with the new rewards from this diary!

Construction Achievement Diary

[Image: hK8fQjG.png]

The Construction diary has been added, with new achievements from easy-elite. The main perk from this diary is the Frugal homeowner perk, giving a 5% chance per level to completely save materials needed to build anything. Some individual achievements also has benefits associated with them!

Bagged herbs - Can be used to create a Vine herbs patch in a garden, which you can pick from every 12 hours to receive a random assortment of herbs.

[Image: 8DeWjJc.jpg]

Super combat keg - Can be built in the kitchen to be able to drink from it to receive a divine super combat boost! Even visitors to your house can drink from this keg.

[Image: 0NEGnN8.png]

New portal chamber teleports - New portal chambers can be unlocked from one of the achievements; this includes a portal to Dreamland, and each Godwars boss (note that they will take you directly into the boss chamber, so be careful!) The Godwars portals can only be used within your own house, however.

[Image: PucIwPU.png]

Gregg's eastdoor - a new cosmetic weapon you can wear! 

[Image: OeW5PCH.png]

Gilded rejuvenation pool - The reward for completing all of the Construction achievements, you can create a Gilded rejuvenation pool that has the added effect of overcapping your Prayer when drank from. 

[Image: Bs9eDcU.png]

The last reward deserves its own section, however...

Gilded fountain

The main reward for completing all of the achievements up to Hard in the Construction diary is a Gilded fountain. This centrepiece space furniture can be interacted with to open a new interface to toggle passive buffs that require raw materials to activate!

[Image: b62I8jj.png]

[Image: IIjM0zb.png]

[Image: LinHHTF.png]

Each buff will cost 2,500 credits to activate for 1 hour - this buff will pause upon logout so you don't have to worry about maximizing your time while the buff is active. However, once credits are added, you cannot pause the timer besides logging out. Hopefully this increases demand for some raw materials as it gives some hefty PvM bonuses!

Donator fountain

Along with this is a new centrepiece item that can be purchased in the Donator Enhancements store, the Donator fountain for 200 Donator points. This fountain can be drank from every 24 hours to receive 5% triple drop rate chance, 5% experience boost, and 2 random buffs for 30 minutes. The random buffs can be:
- 50% increased chance for diamond, ruby, and dragonstone bolts to proc.

- Maul/godsword attack speed will become whip speed.
- Blood spells will heal for 100% of the damage dealt.
- Mining resources will be noted.
- Fishing resources will be noted.
- Woodcutting resources will be noted.
- Coal is not required while smelting.

Those were all I could really think of for the time being, but there will be more in the future.

Smiths outfit

[Image: 7f5ktti.png]

The Smiths outfit has been added to Rasolo's daily point store - granting a 35% Smithing experience boost when the full set is worn!
In other news:
- Added zenyte shards to the tortured gorilla drop table.
- Craw's bow (crystal) should require a normal bowfa now, not a corrupted one.
- Fixed the coordinates for the Crazy Archaeologist and Chaos Fanatic slayer ring teleport.
- Fixed an issue with Venenatis reducing damage when out of a multi area.
- Fixed an issue with a Shooting Star not responding when completely mined.
- Added Rellekka fish stalls to the daily task possibilities.
- Added a Crystal saw to Leenz's skilling point store for 250 points, allowing you to construct materials 3 levels higher.
- Fixed a typo in the Morytania achievement diary for the Super energy potion creating.
- Fixed an issue with players' points resetting when reaching the individual cap in CoX.
- Fixed an issue where the Arzinian Avatar of Magic would stop using its special attack.
- Added a 5 tick delay to using the Revenant cave's entrance/exit to prevent abusing it.
- Ancient shards and dark totem pieces can now be obtained in the Donator dungeon.
- The release all placeholders button should work properly now.
- The carpenter outfit has been added to the Magic wardrobe in your POH.
- Fixed an issue where the Taxidermist would not stuff a Vorkath head.
- Fixed an issue where the 45 def Zerk tournament would give a platelegs that requires 60 def.
- Rewrote some of Kree'arra's push/pull code to stop desync from happening.
- Onyx donators and up can now use the ::bank command instead of having to type ::b instead.
Amazing update !
my client stopped working. It loads to a black screen on a mac using the jar file.
If this happened recently (if you happened to reload your client within the first 5-10 minutes of the update), go to your cache folder (in C:/Users/yourname/.EtherealRSPS) and delete "ethereal.jar" and reload your client
its still not working. im on a mac so dont have c drive but delted the client and redownaled it.